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Have a Jolly Winter Holiday!

All the colorful lights and jolly decorations all over Toontown means our wacky Winter Holiday is here!
Winter Holiday


Clarabelle’s Cattlelog will soon carry a flurry of warm and wintry holiday clothes for your Toon, and festive furnishings to decorate your Estate. Candles, holiday trees, wreaths, snowflake wallpaper, snowmen, and more are all the perfect way to welcome the Holidays!


Right now you can also find a special, snowy species of Doodle in the Cattlelog –
the SnowDoodle!
This chilly critter loves to decorate your Parties and Estate, but get them quick before the Winter Holiday ends and they all melt away…


Even Toon Parties take on a holiday glow, with the Present Catching Game, and snow, candies, lights and ribbon on the inflatable Cogs, Bandstands, trampolines, and Cog-O-War. Reindeer Doodle


Holiday Parties are a Toontastic way to celebrate holiday cheer with your Toon friends!


The Reindeer Doodles sure enjoy it...





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Oskar (64 laff) says:

Wow this is great I cant wait to see what cool things there will be in the Catalog I am going to stock on beans Hope they are not too expensive.

ipinkkity says:

AW COOL! i want to get one right now! i'm getting on...

Cookies N' Cream (55 laff) says:

I can't wait to see those amazing parties! I just wanna get a SnowDoodle SOOOOOOOOO badly!

ToonCouncil says:

Now's your chance, Cookies N' Cream! Once the Winter Holiday items appear in Clarabelle's Cattlelog, snatch up a SnowDoodle before they melt right out of the Cattlelog!

Treetop Jim says:

I am very excited for the Winter holidays! I love winter alot, especially the fun in the snow. The hot chocolate, sledding, playing Toontown, having snowball fights and making snowmen and so much more! TOONTASTIC!! Toons of the world, Unite!

Snuggle Bear says:

I cant wait to use these toontastic items, especially the SnowDoodle! :)

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

Nice! I can't wait to get a SnowDoodle!

Bobby says:

AWESOME! Winter is here again... Can't Wait to host a Winter Party! Toons of the Worlds UNITE!

ToonCouncil says:

That's the Winter Holiday spirit, Bobby! Don't forget to catch some presents!

lucky star (65 laff now) says:

I cant wait until the wonderful winter holidays im going to save jellybeans to buy things for friends too!!!!!!!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE ~lucky star aqua dog~

ToonCouncil says:

That's a Toontastic way to show your Toon friends how much you appreciate their wackiness during the holidays, lucky star! Well done!

Little Bingo (86 laff?) says:

Wow I'm super excited! I have over 10,00 beans! Sure stocked up on the best month!

Princess(60 laff) says:

WOW!!! I cant wait to see what Clarabelle has in store for us! I am SOOOO glad that you have decided to add accessories in the first place! I also cant wait for the winter clothes. I am sure I'll be warm in them!

Melody says:

THANK YOU TOONTOWN!!! I've never really been here for the winter holidays, so I'm so glad it's come! I'm going to try to save up for a snow doodle, hopefully they don't cost to much. Love ya Flippy and toontown TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

sweetbud ( laff 16 ) says:

im so happy and i cant wait to get all of the christmas stuff and the doodles :D

Thunderstorm says:

I can't wait until I get all the winter clothes!!!!

Zowie ( I5 Laff ) says:

Wow! A new doodle! Thats really cool. I cant wait to buy one Im already super excited for the new clothing, now i cant wait for the doodle! Thank you Flippy and i hope you can make more clothing! Thank you.

Crazy Chip Jeeperflip says:

I want the snow doodle. It looks cool

ToonCouncil says:

Those wintry Doodles do look Toontastic, Chip... not sure "cool" is the word though. Maybe "frozen"??

Super Sour Zapper (105 laff ) says:

Hello Toons, I am really excited about the winter in toontown. Also I been saving up on jellybeans for this season. So I am very excited!

Loud Huddles Beanpretzel says:

I would not want to be that cog in the picture. Really looking forward to the winter holiday!

Samson says:

Cool!I really like the snowdoodle.

Soniic (22 Laff) says:

Toontastic! I have been waiting for this for MONTHS! I am going to make a Winter Party! I'll need jellybeans for it! I will probably invite all my friends too! Oh, this will be too much fun! :D

Toonses (105 laff ) says:

I love these ideas thanks for making tt awesome

Dizzy says:

I have the Snow Doodle up. I got it from last year. The melting snow doodle is awesome.

ToonCouncil says:

Why not get your SnowDoodle a friend this year, Dizzy? A pair of SnowDoodles always make the holidays brighter... and sillier!

Super Knuckles Cheezyfish says:

Whoo Hoo! Thank you toon town for all the great stuff. :)

Renne (45 laff) says:

Can't wait!! I'm defenetly going to get the wallpaper(:

Cinderheart (67 laffer) says:

Awesome! can't wait to decorate my house with all the holiday fun :D

ToonCouncil says:

I'm sure your Estate will look Toontastically festive for the Winter Holidays, Cinderheart! Perfect for inviting over your Toon friends to celebrate and blast out of cannons together!

Rowanclaw says:

This is sweet!!!! I'll look so stylish in the new accsesories! Thank you!

Mittens says:

Awesome Toontown! You're the best game online! P.S. Toons of the world unite!

Princess Pearl says:

Yay! I love the Winter Holidays. I haven't had any decent snow where I am - only massive winds and slippery ice. At least I can enjoy this snowy, toony fun!

Cute Cat ( 55 laff ) says:

AWESOME! I cant wait to see all the brand new stuff in the cattolog! im going to stock up on loads of jellybeans! :) never forget, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

burnt waffles says:

OH YAY!!! :) its snowing right now too! thanks Flippy!!

Devan (41 laff) says:

Yay!! snow doodle again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Daphne says:

Awesome! My favorite season is winter and I can't WAIT for the new clothes! It's gonna be cool! (Literally!)

Princess Cuddles says:

This is going to be the best toon holidays ever! Thanks toon council! I'm looking forward to it!

peppyzillerjinks says:

i like the new doodles!

Lady Ginger Kooky Doodle says:

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

MegaSpoon says:

Wow! I never heard of a rein doodle

ToonCouncil says:

Don't miss seeing one, MegaSpoon! Those elusive Reindeer Doodles only pop up this time of year in Holiday Parties. As you can see in the picture above, Reindeer Doodles are extremely loyal to Toons and make short work of any threatening Cogs! ;)

Stylish Buddy says:

I can't wait tell i get my new catalog! Have a great holiday!!!!!

brambleheart says:

This is awesome I mean, we get lots of cool accessories and clothes but i made my main toon after winter so i didn't get any wintery stuff so this is my first time!

Hermione says:

thats awesome! my most FAVORITE thing of the holidays are the snow doodles and the new updates on the parties!

black tornado says:

candycanes and snowman, rudolph doodles and dancing fruit!!!!!

Ms. Gina says:

Because of this I am so going on.

superrufflewoof says:

AWESOME! this all looks so fun! i cant wait!

doctor lefty crunchenbouncer says:

I had a cool party yesterday with all that

Prince Lloyd Crumbleberry (110 Laff) says:

I love the winter time, all the new and funny decorations,the sound of cogs busting, and the presents! Thanks Flippy for the cannons!

LittleFuzzybouncer says:

Wow i better stock up on jellybeans to get the cool new items ;) Merry Early Christmas everyone and a Happy new year :D

Bluestar says:

Cool! I cant wait to become a member and buy some nsow doodle and new clothing! A merry toon usualy is a happy toon :D Stay happy ToonTown!

Big Crazy Duck says:

I cant wait till i get my snow head i really want it i wasnt a member when it was time for the jackolanter head

Haley says:

I've been waiting almost forever for these stuff to come back again! I'm really glad to see the cog decorations. :)

Berry Berry Cat (27 laffs) says:

ha,ha,ha, really fun!

Silly Buster Giggleberry says:

TOONTASTIC! Toontown is Christmassy once again!

Chemira says:

Yay! I'm really excited. I've been waiting for this cattlelog so I could get the snowflake skirt and shirt :).

Candy says:

Cool! I love the little doodle biting the cog! *laughs* The doodle got revenge on the cog all right!

Clair says:

Oooooh! I love Christmas! I gotta start gettting ALL my friends presents, and throw a GIANT party for them! Christmas is all about giving, right? ;D

Aunt bubbles (107 Laff) says:

Yeaaaa i can't wait for the winte holiday! Oh and what do you mean by the snow doodle is it a real pet or a decoration?!?!?

Odieboy says:

Wow! I wish I had a membership I could get a snow doodle!

miss claus says:

w to the hoa! happy ho ho holidays my friends!

crazy dinky wondersnooker says:

I already bought 600 jellybean worth of gifts!

Little Pickles says:

I am so excited for my forst Toontown Winter Holiday!!! I am gonna get me my own Snow Doodle... So Excited!! Have a Toon-Tastic Holiday to all of you toons reading this!!

Chemira says:

Yay! I'm really excited. I've been waiting for this cattlelog so I could get the snowflake skirt and shirt :).

Taffy Lemonswirl says:

LOL! Last year, I used to throw tons of parties for the holidays! My favorite decoration was the reindeer doodle getting that cog!

Good ol` Daffodil says:

I`m definetly gonna make a party with tons of holiday thing-a-ma-bobbers. This is gonna rock toontown out. Snow wonder toontown`s so fun with how we celabrate all kinds of hollidays!!! Happy Winter Holiday!!!!

Spicy Carrot says:

It is great to see Carabell make our jolly wacky holly holiday complete. I can't wait till those goodies are out!

Britney says:

Toontown looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations up! I don't even know what to choose in the catalog!

Hermione says:

Cool! inflatable cogs?? thats weird. Happy Holidays! : )

Pinky Dinky Doo says:

Yay! I love winter! I will definitely plan a party now!