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Hauntingly Hilarious Holiday Hijinks

Who let Goofy near the Silly Meter's Slaphappy Safety Valve??
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Looks like that dippy dog accidentally knocked the Silly Meter into some kind of spooky mode – get set for a week of hauntingly haywire holiday hijinks!

Bats, scarecrows, jack o' lanterns, and all kinds of goofy ghoulies have materialized around the streets of Toontown! Even your own Toon Estate hosts hilariously haunted decorations this week.
Spooky clothing and other items for your Estate are also creeping into the Cattlelog as we speak – including these kooky costumes:
Toonosaurus, PirateToon, SkeleToon, Vampire, Bee, Turtle, and SuperToon!


Costume up and Trick-or-Treat this week for jellybeans, and a Jack-O-Lantern for a head!
Here’s how:


  • Get the “Trick or Treat!” SpeedChat phrase from the Cattlelog.
  • Visit the six Shopkeepers who are taking part, in any order, and say “Trick or Treat!” to them.


Who ARE the Shopkeepers? Solve the Puzzle by clicking here!


  • Once you’ve visited the sixth Shopkeeper, POOF!  Your head is a Jack-O-Lantern through September 5!


Jack-O-Lantern heads last through September 5, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Pumpkin Head back, just go to any of the participating Shopkeepers and use your "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase again.


We haven't spotted any signs of Black Cat craziness yet... but stay Tooned!

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Green Apple says:

Awesome! I can't wait to start earning my pumpkin head.

Princess Trixie says:

Toontastic! I love Halloween! Cant wait to go trick or treating!

Black Rose says:


Scientist Domino says:

I was wondering where all the ghouls came from... Just got my pumpkin head!

super star says:


Squeakums says:

Can't wait to make black cat when it's available!

ToonCouncil says:

With the Silly Meter on the blink, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some Black Cat Toons at some point, Squeakums! Stay Tooned...

Queen Amy says:


Loud Thunderchomp says:

Great idea to celebrate this Toontastic time by adding cool stuff, I know

Rosie Rhino Spinner says:

Got my Pumpkin head today. I hope the black cat thing will be available soon. I can't wait to make one! :D

Colonel Star says:

I wonder if there will be more holidays to come, BUT I STILL LOVE HALLOWEEN!

melody (152 laff ) says:

Thanks so much! cant wait to get pumpkin head!

Victoria says:

YAY!!!! Thanks Goofy!!!! I'm getting all of the costumes and making some up!!!!! I can't wait!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Cool Pinky says:

I LOVE This!!!!!! TYVM!!!!!!!! TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!

Meowsers (63 laff) says:

Toontastic!! I LOVE Trick or Treating with my fellow toons! I will stay tooned for more....

dino says:

Thanks toontown I've always wanted one

Master Swordfish says:


Midnight says:

OMG black cats might be back omg yay :D

Nickle says:

First all accessories, now Halloween! It's like the year has gone by in a month! I bet Goofy will set the knob for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Who knows what silliness will we get just from the Silly Meter. I hope Toontown is ready for these fantastic changes!

Zilly (66 laff) says:

Another year of Trick-or-Trreating! Cant wait to do it with my friends :D

Cheese Cake says:

Awesome I love all of the spooky decorations! I can't wait to put my pirate costume on and go trick or treating! I hope there will be black cats

Soniic The Hedgehog (16 Laff) says:

It's sad to see Toontown go, but this really helps us make our day! Thanks Toon Council!

Silly Comet Sparklepretzel says:

Oh boy! I can't wait to go Trick-or-Treating!

Sir J.C. says:

Does this mean Christmas can come! :D I love Christmas Early :D! I can't wait for this to happen thanks for changing the silly meter spooky let's get those pumpkin Heads on and let's go Trick-or-Treating! :D. I just can't wait for Christmas though woohoo! Toons of the WORLD Unite! :D -Sir. J.C.

Chip says:

Yay I love Halloween I can't wait to enjoy Toontown Halloween one more time.

Brook says:

Goofy! You silly toon! Don't pull, push, or touch anything you don't know!

Princess Bonnie Sparklepop says:

Yeah! I was hoping for this before we all left

King Fireball says:

Halloween started earlier?! But I love the costumes.

Miss Fruityloopygirl ( Laff 46 ) says:

Having fun in the sun but Halloween is early thanks Goofy and ToonTown Council!

Light Blue Duck says:

Thanks for the codes

Miss Bonnie says:

That is great! I love Halloween!

Crazy Tom Zoobleface says:

Owoooo..... I'll be sure to trick or treat, get some jellybeans and wear that crazy pumpkin head!

Grannyjeeperdoodle (59 laff ) says:

Wow! Toonoween is back! no sign of black cats but i will try to look for some! Keep your eye out for some wacky fun here at the last month of Disney's Toontown Online! Toon On!

Smarty says:

Flippy, Is there going to be a day where we can make black cats?

ToonCouncil says:

Stay Tooned, Smarty... you never know when the Silly Meter will spin out more silly surprises in the next two weeks - including a purrfect day of black cat Toons still to come!

Brandi Goober says:

WOW!!! for the ending of Toontown you guys are really working hard and goofy is too! He is a goofy toon and he messes with stuff and makes it TOONTASTIC for us so thanks Goofy YOU ROCK AND SO DOES EVERYBODY WHO HELPS TOONTOWN!!! Thanks for a toontastic ten years you guys

Queen Cheezynoodle says:

That's toontastic! I can't wait to go trick or treating! :D ~Queen Cheezynoodle

Brandi Goober says:

WOW!!! when goofy messes things up he gives us a blast in toontown,THANKS GOOFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bagelmuffin says:

Halloween has arrived early in Toontown! :D I'm so glad!

Smallz says:

Halloween? Woah! In Summer? This is totally cool, getting ready for trick or treating :)

liliana says:

wow, ths is going to be fun! :P

Lollipop Lemonswirl says:

OMG thanks! I really like the pumkin head! :)

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 113 laff ) says:

Awesome! Halloween is my favorite holiday. By the way, what's Daisy's outfit?

ToonCouncil says:

Daisy always looks just ducky dressed in her 1950's doo-wop costume, Cuddles! Glad you're getting the chance to enjoy your favorite Toontown holiday (even if it is an early spooky September week)!

Rainbow Dash says:

I love the pumpkin heads! I never got to actually get one before... Now I can!

Gracey says:

Well, well, well! Theres a first time for everything! And today I maxed sellbot and went Trick or Treating for the first time! Better make the most out of the last few weeks am I right? I'm lovin' my new pumpkin head too!

Dynamite says:

Three cheers for Goofy! My family loves Goofy! The one thing that would make this even better is if he knocks it into Christmas mode! : )

Little Tubby Dizzenspeed says:

I thought we wouldn't make it to Halloween! Thanks toontown!

Isabella says:

Thanks Goofy! I wished for Halloween and valentines day to come. I'm still sad toontown is closing though. Things come and go. Well we can just make the best of it. Thank you toon council for every memory we could make. :: )

Cuddles says:

I love all the Halloween decorations!

Dynoteeth says:

I'm new here, and I just got my Toonasaurus costume. It is toontastically cool!

lucky jabber bounce says:

Thanks i got my pumpkin head :D

Red Lily Flower says:

Aaah, it would be just like the old days. Walking around ToonTown Central and seeing all the Toons with pumpkin heads.. So much good memories. I better get started on having some more fun. :)

Quacky Quacky Quackity Uber says:

Awesome! :3 Can't wait for everything Toontown holds! :3

Kyleallt says:

Trick or Toon! Can't wait to trick or treat!

Sparky (108 laff) says:

Awesome =D thx tt for making the last month fun for us, still gonna miss toontown though :(

Captain Huey Lemonhopper says:

Can't wait for Toontown to get back up so I can have some Halloween spooks!

Sienna Mouse says:

That crazy dog! I wonder what he'll spin the silly meter into next, maybe even some black cats..?! I hope so, because I've wanted one for a long while! So excited for trick or treating!!

Princess Penny says:

Awesome! I can't wait to buy some costumes!

Stubby Toppenpow (58 laff) says:

Can't wait 2 have a pumpkin head for trick or treating :D

Black Cat says:

What? Halloween in September? Oh Goofy. He is so funny. He needs to learn his lesson. Maybe Valentines day or Christmas. We will never know. We will just have to find out. Tomorrow is school. So I am kind of excited. Toontown is the best game I ever played! Only if Goofy hadn't switched the silly switch. - Black Cat :)

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Well, I guess it wasn't so bad after all to let Goofy near that slaphappy safety valve! I'm having a good time with all the wackiness and stuff! Good to see the Silly Meter back in business!

Shadow ( 15 laff ) says:

Yay! I love Halloween! Thanks toontown!

Sweetie Belle says:

Thank You Toon Council! It is very sad that Toontown is closing, however, letting us enjoy this month is very kind. If black cats come I bet this will be a month to remember. :)

Valentine ( 97 laff, currently ;D ) says:

Thanks for trying really hard to make the game as awesome as possible for the very last time... Well this our last 2 weeks and a half of ever hearing that song intro. Anyways on the bright side at least we will have tons of fun these last weeks. :)

bubbles says:

omg yay cant wait!!

Spike Jr (107 Laff) says:

Disney, at least you are making the best out of the last of toontown. I won't forget this game ever.

Furball says:

I want to make a black cat! Hopefully we will be able to! By the way... Trick or treat! * POOF * Pumpkin head!

funny guy says:

wow that's awsome

princess daphne poppenzaner says:

this a cool game and love the pumpkin head yay sad its closing

Rocky says:

Toontown's last Halloween party.....

super z.z. pepperface says:

this is so cool!

Dark Coffee says:

This is gonna be awesome :D

Super Stinky Sourzilla says:

Yay!!! Thank you so much goofy! I just earned my pumpkin head!

Scout says:

ty goofy! wish toontown wouldnt close though... but things come and go :)

Aqua cat says:

I love all this toony nonsense Goofy has been doing! Thank you!

Hats says:

YAY TRICK OR TREATING!! I love the costumes and pumpkin heads :)! And Pluto is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Titanium says:

Great! Can't wait to get my pumpkin head :)

Hershey says:

Sweet! This is Great! Thanks Toontown!. plz dont close tho:(

George says:

Yay! Great news!

Lilly says:

looool look at goofy

Glaceon Cat says:

I got almost all off the costumes on the catalog! :D

Sky says:

yay!!! i love trick or treating time to get my pumpkin head!

Super Chester says:

I am gonna have a great time showing people where the trick or treating shops are. :D

Princess Bubbles Glitterpop ( 76 laff ) says:

I Love To Go Trick Or Treating As Much As You Guys Do!

Michael IV (101) says:

I thought there was a cog in my estate-- only to find it was my friend spooking me out. TRICK OR TREAT YAY!

Duke says:

I Can't Wait When Toontown Gets Christmas Stuff Out! :D!

Cadence says:

Wow! This Is Going to be A Fun Time!

Ruby says:

Well Look At That! Pumpkin Heads?! I got One On Me Ruby! XD Anyways, This Will Be A Blast!

Random Hero says:

The Halloween week was pretty rad! Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays

Lucky says:

pumpkin head are very rare so good luck ;)