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Happy ValenToons Day!
Do you have a special Toon? Maybe it's EVERY Toon, or maybe it's just YOU! Give them all some love today, because it's ValenToons Day! Yes, the Sellbot invasions are over, but the Movers & Shakers haven't yet revealed what they received for stealing Toon jokes, so let's take this moment of calm and bask in Toon love!
Who's YOUR ValenToon?

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Sadie says:

My valentoon is Mike. :D And I'm still worried about sellbots.

Sir Dandyflap says:

My Valentoon is Miss Violet because we always work together and never give up. Even if we go sad.

incy wincy spider says:

aww its amazing in toontown that is valentoons day! to show poeple how much u love them :D p.s do u have a special someone? love incy wincy spider p.p.s happy valetoons day!

Megascooter says:

Master Electrogoober! I know you are a boy, but you are one of my best friends of Toontown! HAPPY VALENTOONS DAY!!!!!!

shorty says:

my valentoon is FLIPPY!

ToonCouncil says:

Awww, thanks shorty!

Max ( Sea Green Cat 15 laff ) says:

My valentoon is Penny, a orange cat with a blue skirt. She is so pretty I just HAD to ask her out! Please give boys rings to give to girls on ToonTown! YOU ROCK TOON COUNCIL!

Enya says:

Hmmm... that would be a hard desion my valentoon would be you Flippy!!! Will you be mine? Happy Valentoons Day!!!! Enya ( 27 laff)

Dynamite says:

Well, I'm going to send a gift to mine. When you find me in toontown, ill tell you!

coolbinkysparkleface says:

HAPPY VALENTOONS DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my valentoon is all the toons that have ever helped me when i needed it, thanks everyone!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -laff 61-

kingspacklemarble says:

Happy Valentine's Day to all Toons

Master crazy poodlewoof says:

FINALLY we get a break for awhile from those pesky sellbots.... but until the next wave of boring cogs , happy Valentoon day to my three best toon friends, monkeygobananas, daphne pedal muffin, and princess rainbow!!! whos your valentoon flippy??

ToonCouncil says:

My ValenToon is... all the Toons in Toontown! (You expect me to choose?)

Pancake Poppendorf says:

Valentoons Day; The one day of the year where you realise that despite all the bad things that go on, we have toons to have fun with, and share the love HAPPY VALENTOONS DAY EVERYONE!!!

:)Smile:) says:

My valentoon is my friends. Because i love them alot :)

King skippydandytoon says:

well to tell you the truth im just going to play with my doodle today my doodles my valentoon LOL! its really more like valendoodle..... Flippy tell us who's YOUR ValenToon?

space ace laff ( 114) brown cat says:

well sort of a toon named laci teddi but, she deleted because i got mad so.. no clue

Valentino says:

Valentina is my Valentoon!

boo boo says:

happy valentoon day everyone

Coconut says:

My ValenToon is called Anita Life! I bet Flippy's ValenToon is the horse juggling jellybeans! Tee hee!

space ace ( 114 laff) says:

my valentoon is a toon named deb, fun aunt debi, laci teddi, queen petunia, grandma deb, and fluffy ( pink cat around 50 to 70 laff) she deleted me but shes as sweet as a pie!

Princess ( finally a 33 laffer ) says:

HAPPY VALENTOONS DAY!!!!!!!! happy valentoons to everybody!!!!! i got lots of candy happy valentoons flippy!

valintine says:

HAPPY VALINTINE DAY!!! i am all about valintine's day! as you can see even my name is VALINTINE!!! lets just hope the cogs dont ruin it for us!!

Ivana Fly says:

Happy Valentoon's Day everybody! :)

Little Daffy says:

Well three toon's in toon town like me and i don't no who i will pick to be my valen toon. :D :D :D :D :)

Super Funnyburger says:

Love all serve all! All toons are fantastic and lets put some love in those pies as we chuck them at the Cogs! Here's a love joke to REALLY keep the Cogs at bay! Q: What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day? A: Forget-me-nuts!

ToonCouncil says:

I see how you got your name, Super Funnyburger!

Candy says:

I have no valentoons all of the valentoons are in love! if u want a valentoon look for the name Candy for a valentoon!

Travis says:

Well, I don't really have a ValenToon, but Flippy is my role model, I mean, come on! He's probably the best toon I'LL ever know! Hey, Flippy, If you could reply, that would be awesome!

ToonCouncil says:

Like this? Awesome!

ice cream valentine kitty says:

best valentines ever! :)

Princess Candy says:

Hi! toontown! I got ALOT of friends. They r always there for me. And they always help me! :) And Im there for them to! :) Heres all the friends that r there for me. Ok here it is. Princess Thunder Midnight Candy Twinkle Bubble Spooky Forest And Princess Rainbow Bubble Gum And Preious And Little Trixie Sparkle Pop Lil Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Lilly And Cute Carrot Miss Carrots And Princess Katlin Kate Katy Kaserratsion O_o i dont know what Kasserratsion is. But there always there for me! and heres more! lol Its cortney coney Sandy Strawberry Shortcake and Sponge Bob but, All there names r different in real life. LOL i know them ALL in real life. There really ALWAYS there for me. So i got them balloons chocolate big valentine dolls and thats it. i got alot for my friends in life! Please reply back flippy! Toons of the world unite! :) i got 1000 friends in life!

Shaniqua says:

I love all people especially the toontown council. Someone please write back to me i really want to be heard all through toontown. All have a happy Valentines day. Love ya toontown!!!!!!!!!!!!

master waldo says:

all my friends are awesome they are all my valentoons

Pigpong says:


Chisel says:

Happy ValenToons Day ToonTown! Let's all spread out the Toon love to everybody! And despise the Cogs also.

Bunnyface (115 laff) says:

my Valentoon is professor pete because she is awesome

Princess Ursula ( 64 laff ) says:

It Is My REAL LIFE FRIEND Princess Pearl Bagel Bumper! Shes a blue bunny with short ears but dark blue every were and im a light Pink Bunny with LONG ears my name is Princess Ursula as u can see Princess Pearl Bagel Bumper has 46 or 45 or 44 laff and is training for toon up she has 4 sounds and 1 or 2 drops she is not so close to getting toon up but im close to last frame and track for lure! :) see if u can EVER find us any where ill tell her to go to nutty summit or nutty river or giggly something or toon something. Ill see if we can but we like to explore so Happy ValenToon's Day!

crazy zippy fumblefish ( 109 laff ) says:

one word.... me ( and my friends ray and krinkles )

Rusty 88 laff says:

I am secretly in love with a toon, but I don't know how to tell him (I am a girl). Any advice, fellow toons? I'm so shy around him, and he always helps me defeat cogs and buildings! Lately, he's been saying "You are cute." Does this mean what I think it does...?

Hunter The Brown Monkey says:

So cool! I Wish Guests Could Get The Nice Clothes! P.S. Toontown Is So Fun!

Lollipop Droll says: valentine would be my bestfriend : D

Rythmi says:

Happy Valentoon's everyone! It's my favorite time of the year :)

Tail Chaser says:

Believe it or not,sometimes my valentoons aare the cogs them selfs! Gosh they've helped me with so many tasks.

Ginger ( 54 laff blue cat ) says:

Well i have a valentoon his name is bradley this is how we met... Ok so here i am on my toon eclipse ( black cat. she gone ) and we met and were chatting then i logged out and deleted my toon by mestake. I had another toon ginger. about 4 weeks later i got on her and made friends with this duck weird mcZilla. We went to his house and were talking WHEN BRADLEY TELEPORTED TO HIM!!!! i told him it was eclipse and he friended me. IT WAS AMAZING!! this means that miracles do come true.

Eclipse ( black cat ) gone now says:

hi ppl my valentoon is bradley! he is so nice but the only problem was there was this toon ginger a blue cat with 54 laff she is nice but i tryed to steal him from her and i fell so sorry. So if your reading this ginger im sorry

ToonCouncil says:

I think Ginger forgives you, Eclipse! (See post above.)

haunted says:


Princess Trixie says:

Hey happy Valentoons everyone! Shuch a happy love filled day, you just have to smile! :D

Frappuccino says:

My special ValenToon is Bubba. He's a bear. Even though we're the same gender I still love his 'cause he's my cousin. Happy ValenToons Day Bubba!

Pinky Crunchyswirl says:

My Valentoon is Zippy Zippity Zippenzapper! :P

Dr.Quacky says:

My Valetoon is my friend. . . Jerry:) She is my #1 friend. PS: Please post me, I have never been posted:D

king tom crunchypop says:

i love the hearts they help me alot.Toons Of The World Unite!

master rollie says:

i love my valentoon <3 :)

queensuperspeedythunderpop says:

Have a very very happy valentoons day everyone!

King Doggengadget says:

My ValenToon is Master Rocco Rhinowoof! That toons my best friend!



Dukebox says:

My ValenToon is Midnight Whispers! <3 Also please post!!! I haven't ever had a posted comment!!!

Endless Nightmare says:

EASY To Say... It's my lovely self! :) lol.. ~ Endless Nightmare loves YOU all! ~

Funny-Toony says:

My valentoon is my friend princess sugarpie

bluedog says:

happy valenToonsday everybody

Light Starr (18 points) says:

My ValenToon is Tran ( Train ). He is my best friend!!!!!!

Aliadel says:

idk who my vallentoon is FYI idk mean i dont know

Light Starr (18 points) says:

Hi everyone! Princess Ursula you sound like one of my friend's friends!! TRAN ( train ) IS MY REAL LIFE BFF!!

Victor says:

I love my Valentoon ;D

Tiger T. Kat ( 113 laff ) says:

MY VALENTOON IS STRAWBARRY :D! She just loves to hang out and laugh along with others. We are the bestest of friends and nothing can change that!

Sweet Revenge says:

My Valentoon is everyone :) Happy Valentoons Day ppl!

Cookie says:

this is just cool and i do just love because everybody loves Valentoons Day! or Valentines Day! There is won place i haven"t been to yet and thats the cogs HQ

macanboi (27laff) says:

my valentoon is a red mouse he is a boy he went to lawbot hq with me and i was not a member so we tryed to defat a level 5 glad handler he was a 45 laff point but we died D:

super chip (88 laffer) says:

this goes to the newer toon green mouse from super chip a green mouse

crumbletooth says:

awesome finally a break from those Mr Hollywoods no more sad toons in toontown central but still toons let the cream pies fly!!!! p.s my toon has 2 last gags.

bubbles says:

i dnt have a vallentoon :[ but in real life i have a valintine :] i lovehim

marcus says:

Happy Valentoons Day ;) I still want to know what the Mover and Shakers got!

ToonCouncil says:

I think we'll find out soon, marcus!

King Doggengadget says:

My valentoon is Summer. :-D Because she is always so nice and we are always a good team! :D

brains man says:

the love heart laff boosts are great in the cfo fights! Double laff for all!

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

I don't really HAVE a Valentoon (pfft, YEAH, like anyone I know would WANT to be my Valentoon -_-), but a couple of days ago, some stranger on Toontown asked me to be their Valentoon. O_o

Lady Katswell says:

well i always was shy to say but my valentoon is ruff

Valentine 15 laffer says:

thats so cool!!!!!! can every body make a party?

Snap (boy) says:

Toon Troop Tessa

macanboi says:

ok my other valentoon is the cogs i have friends one is big cheese there 10 the other one is flunky next one is robber baron then vp he added me dont know how im only 27 laff points only one sellbot suit part from 24 laff points the other cj next ceo cfo and then cold-caller and finaly 19 bottom feeders

Princess Lily says:

Yay! My birthday is on Febuary! Anyway, I haven't played for a while so I don't think I'll get any prize because I haven't played on my b-day.

Sabrina says:

Happy Valentoons Day!!!I KNOW there is going to be SOMETHING cool today.Mabye we can have a red and pink dance floor or a valentoons card!Some of my other toons like,Beauty and Misspuffyskirt have a favorite friend they like, but I don't.Beauty's is Muddykitty.Misspuffyskirt's is Miss something, I forgot.But I never got to say this in toontown to them but, They are SUPER GREAT and I wish them a happyvalentoons day!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Flapjack says:

um idk mabay LADY GAGA jk i like her though dut it is princees saidy purple twist shes nice and she has helped me A LOT with task so yah TY PRINCEES SADIY PURPLE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I NO I DIDNT SPELL HER NAME RIGHT OH WELL TY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Lab says:

My valentoon is all of the nice people I meet! Rock on, Toons! Keep those laff meeters happy!

alec says:

My valentoon is everybody especially you ToonCouncil and my favorite person Flippy! DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHARE THE LOVE!!

Loud Ozzie Weaselzapper says:

My ValenToon is sooooooooooo Flippy!

loopy sniffy ruffle woof (94laff) says:

my valentine is fluffy because she always helps me do a toontask

ALvin says:

my valentine is my good friend kristana we defeated the vp together and beat many cog buildings together and bought each other stuff

Loffy "Orange Mouse 48 Laffer" says:

Well my ValenToon is my cutie Chip :3... Well at all i just gotta tell you guys that Chip is my big brother :3 I LOVE MY BROTHER!

Tricky Treat says:

Cogs are special on Valentoon's day too! Why? Because they get to celebrate their fails at taking over and their boringness... oh wait they do that every holiday... I mean every day

Mickey (62 Laffer) Bandit (18 Laffer) says:

Mickey: My favorite Valentoon is Bandit. Bandit: My favorite Valentoon is Bella.

ToonCouncil says:

And Bella's favorite ValenToon is Mickey!

Deputy Lancelot (100 Laff) says:

i dont have a valentoon yet, but i will ask Rachel (blue cat) ^ ^

BossCog says:

My valenCOG is the CEO!

chocolatechipie (55 laff) says:

valentoon is FLIPPEH!! (im not copying anybody) and master electrogoober is my friend aswell!!

V.P. (laff less) says:

My ValenCog is the C.J.

Skids (64 Laff) says:

EVERY TOON!( especially Flippy. right Flippy?

Doggy Red says:

My best toon friends are my buddies in my list and more. Love ya, guys! =D

Prof.Mac Flippermonkey says:

Rusty 88, I'd advice you to take a chance with him and drop a hint at how you feel! After all, it is Valentoons Day! Who knows, maybe he really does feel the same way! P.S, please post, after all this is to help a toon in need.

sara says:


red lily flower says:

u know whos my valentoon? well its u toontown! ur the sweetest town anyone could ever have!

Jason says:

My Valentoon is Daisy Duck :)

ToonCouncil says:

Don't tell Donald!

bieberfever says:

my valentine is justin bieber he is so hottttt i love him!!!!

Rupert says:

Rupert is my valentine because were a really good team and we fight buildings together. :)

Queen Clover, Epic Soundless Wonder says:

My valentoon is Mini because she's my best friend in all of Toontown!! :) PS, Mini, if you are reading this, Queen Clover says HI!!!!! :D

kittykat says:

my valetoon is coach zucchini

good ol'daffodil bumblemokey says:

my valentoon is flippy

tran ( 106 point toon dog ) says:

my valentoon is toontown and the toon's and flippy and pie the cogs and i love THE TOON COUNCIL

Princess Candy Twinkletoes says:

My ValenToon is obviously Mickey Mouse!

Super Wilbur Biggensticks says:

Miss Mo Mo. Halloween came and I never saw her again.