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Happy Halloween... and Black Cat Day!

Happy Halloween, Toons!
Black Cats

October 31st is the one lucky day of the year to make a super-rare Black Cat Toon!
Just follow these frightfully simple steps:

  1. Create a new CAT Toon of any color
  2. During the Toontorial, when Flippy asks you to use a SpeedChat phrase, say “Toontastic!
  3. *POOF!* You now have a BLACK CAT TOON!

Or you can always give those Cogs a real scare... as an eerie Invisi-Toon!
Just check in Toon HQs for an HQ Officer offering a "Just For Fun" task with the Invisible reward. Complete that ToonTask, and *ZAP!*  You're a ghostly Invisi-Toon!

Whichever kooky costume you choose, happy and hilarious Trick-or-Treating to you, Toons!


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Mercedes says:

Hey Toon Council, I got black cat toon and Happy Halloween!

Droopy (76 laff) says:

Thank you toontown, I made a black cat called Burnt Toast, whoever needs a name for their black cat you can use mine. Thank you for the black cats and exciting halloween!!

Fat Tubby says:

being a black cat is so awesome I made one today! and when I logged on to welcome valley there were like 100 toons and ever single one was a black cat! GO BLACK CATS!

Scourge says:

I've been planning this since Summer!

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH TOONTOWN!!! I've been waiting for these for a year!!! BLACK CATS RULE!!! BLACK CATS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!! ( and defeat those bloodsuckers!!! )

Cranky Flipperbubble ( again ) says:

Watch out black cats right there, a bloodsucker is behind you!!!!!!!! O_O

Secret Spy says:

Thank you, Toon Council! I love halloween, and I love making a black cat! Thank you toontown for everything!

Spell Caster says:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TOONTOWN!! I woke up so early this morning I began making my black cat as soon as I woke up! WOOHOOO! This is my black cat right now, but I'm going to make ANOTHER! :D You never have too much fan making black cats :) I just wish all toons had more "Make a Toon" Slots so we wouldn't have to keep making more accounts.

Black Cat says:

YAY!!! Black Cats! Thanks, Toontown!

Miss Furball (65laff) says:

ive heard about this and im so happy because this is my first Halloween on Toontown!

Ness says:


Blizzard says:

Im so excited! Toon Council always has the best ideas for Halloween.

peach cat (nightmare moon) says:


Sunflower Bud says:

Happy halloween! I made 3 black cats already! Gonna make my 4th later! :D

Mr. Bunnypants says:

I'm always working on my Toontasks for becoming an Invisi-toon to scare off even the C.E.O of those pesky cogs! Him and his cheesy henchcogs... Hah! They're no match for Toon pie! And, get this, I heard that a black cat's moving in to my estate at the purple house! Cool, huh? They're so unique! Toons of the World Unite!

Grayi says:

Happy Halloween

Cranky Peppersocks:105 laff says:

:D i'm gonna make one right now

CURLY says:

i am so excited to make a black cat

BestBlackBeauty says:

happy halloween!!

Oscer bananabounce (54 Laff) says:

toontastic. black cat day and Halloween. this is going to my first time of getting a black cat. how many can you scare?

Trick-No-Treat says:

Hi! Thanks for the Spoooooky Black Cat day! I loved the puffs of smoke i saw [ how did u do that? invisible dried ice? ] Thans soooooooooooooooooo much!

Captain Flipperhopper says:

I've been waiting all year for this!

Flipper says:

Yay i've finally made a black cat toon i've wanted one for years

Trixie Sparkleswirl says:

This is great! I just made my black cat, and I can't wait to teach those cogs a lesson with her! Thanks Toontown!

Bright Red Duck says:

I am so excited for Black Cat Day! Happy Halloween!

Sheriff Dynopow says:

The moment ive been waiting for. BLACK CATS OF THE WORLD UNITE

black panther says:

hi i just made my black cat its a kitten its called black panther TY TY ive been waiting for this day! :) TY TY TY :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Roxy Whiskermuddle (67 Laff) says:

I made my black cat! I'm about to check and see if my name has gotten accepted yet! Thanks, Flippy, for making Black Cat Day! Happy Halloween, everyone!

clover says:

i just made my first ever black cat today!!! black cats are SOOOOO cool!!!! i named mine starlet.

lucky(17 laff) says:

ive made 2 black cats alredy toons of the world unite!

Toons Unite says:

The day's finally here! I have waited all year for THIS!

Pandamonium ( 17 laff ) says:

Wow! Panda is my new black cat! Thanks toontown and a Toontastic Halloween to you!

dean says:

Halloween is awesome

FlapJack says:

i love this color i said the phrase and im black :D

bandit says:

yay black cat day is here

Nightmare says:

I Started to play yesterday just getting use to control and now I just made a black cat! Awesome! He's now my main and I enjoy him a lot. Thank you for making black cats! Thanks Toon Council!

Omar says:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Princess Biscuit ( 54 laff ) says:

I just made my black cat toon, Blackpelt! I am waiting for the invisible task to come out. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

Speechless says:

I love Halloween! I especially love watching all the black cats come out at midnight!!!

midnight secret says:

WOW!!! so cool i made mine today!

Sparklejinxs says:

I just made one!

sweet spirit says:

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! happy halloween toons!!

boo boo googletoes ( 108 lp ) says:

sweet i love halloween and black cats

Odieboy says:

I made a Black Cat too! It's name is Abracadabra :D

Luna says:

I love black cat day!!

Burnt Marshmallow says:

I just made my black cat this morning and it was AWESOME!!! I have been waiting all of October for this chance!!! And i have the coolest name for my cat. Burnt Marshmallow!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!

Clyde says:

Toontastic! Thanks Toon Council and Lady Midnight is my Black cat. ( I deleted my other black cat accidentally from last year so I made another one! )

Sadie says:

I just so happen to make my lucky black cat. And what could be luckier than two black cats? :)

Fireball says:

HALLOWEEN BLACK CATS SO MUCH SPECIAL thanks Toontown for a wonderful Halloween BLACK CATS RULE!!!

Chocolate Churro says:

I have five black cats!

Short Mouse says:

i've been planning this since December!

Cute Cat says:

OMG! thank you so much Toon Council!! I made two black cats and ive been planning this forever!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE, :D!

midnight eclipse says:

i love this thanks toon council!

Cheesy Roll says:

Hooray! The time has finally come! I saved up my membership card for quite a long time.. just for a black cat. ;D

Dark Fire says:

Well, halloween is coming to a end but what better way to end it by making a black cat! Thank you toon council, and happy halloween to everyone, have a TOONTASTIC day!

Lights Off says:

Finally the day is here. I been waiting for black cats to come out for a year. They're so cool! :D I made four, Thanks Toontown! You rock!

Cranky Peppersocks:105 laff (again) says:

i made my black cat its name is black cat XD

Doctor (60 laff) says:

lol i made five black cats theres gonna be a black cat invasion :)

sir tom says:

YAY! I really wanted to nake a black cat !! I now have a rare toon yay!

Ducky (61 Laff ) says:

Aww! I missed it! I never knew so much could happen in one day. I will never doubt this game!

spooky says:

Thank You so much Toontown for helping me get this far. i couldn'nt have done this without you

Eloise says:

Thank you, Toontown, for another fantastic Halloween!

Prince Peppy Purple Pop says:

Thanks so much I had so much fun making a black cat toon! I had been counting the days left to Halloween... for the Black Cat Toon!

Midnights shadow says:

Hi toon council, I made a black cat! there are tons of them everywhere! Happy Halloween!

Pirate Bud says:

Awesome I made a black cat named Midnight!

Electric Shock says:

OMG YES!! I made my black cat, like FINALLY!! Ive been waiting all year!! Omg!!! I got Electric Shock! Thanks Toon Council!!

Crazy Peaches (111LP) says:

Awesome! I Made a cat! there were so many! I love toontown for giving us special things for holidays!!!! Thanks TT so much! I made 2 Black Cats! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Minec says:

I got to say, black cat day is fun!

Misty says:

I am a black cat and it is so cool to be one!!

Disco Coconut says:

YAY! I made a black cat toon for me and my friend! Toons of the world unite :D

Holiday says:

Happy Halloween Toon COuncil!

Hulasnout says:

I been excited for the last day of October 31! i made three black cats Thank you ToonTown!

Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs says:

Yo Flippy I got myself a black cat HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Violet says:

I created my black cat yesterday and she looks pretty cool. Toons of the world unite! :D

Angelina Angel says:

I created a black cat it's called Lagoon Galaxy awesome thing!

Super Spud says:

I made a black cat 2 days ago! Thanks for this event Toon Council! You Rock and Happy Halloween!

Midna says:

I made a cute black kitty cat as soon as i got up because I have been waiting all year just to make one! GO BLACK CATS!!!!

Mysterious Mystery says:

Hi Toon Council! I love my black cat, Mysterious Mystery! It will remind me of this years toon-y halloween! Trick'o'Treating was very fun and trick-y But it was all worth it Late Happy Halloween!

Wizard says:

Hi! I'm a black cat! I seriously remembered when to make 1! And on Halloween, i saw a bunch of black cats at the trolley! O_O

Princess Cuddles says:

Wow, I haven't went on for this happy Halloween! I missed it. Oh well, maybe next Halloween!

Grapes says:

Aw man I missed it again :( I guess I'll have to wait another year!