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Get Your Game On Tomorrow!
January 1st is the beginning of TWO things – 2011, and the Toontown New Years’ Day Top Toons Marathon! While it’s happening, the winner in each Top Toons category (except HQ Victories) EVERY HOUR will win an exclusive shirt!!
As a New Year’s resolution, why not resolve to be awesome?

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Mystical Rainbow Kitten says:

Hi! I love ToonTown, with all the games, fun, jokes and much more! There is so much to do on ToonTown I can't even remember it all! XD I am really, REALLY excited about the marathon. By the way, It's just Princess Pancake Dizzypop on another toon! HA!! Toons of the world, ROCK ON!!

deputy mac says:

Cool it is happening tomorrow. My New Year's resolution is not to be awesome but to be super awesome. Super awesome is better than awesome. I even made a New year's resolution for you Flippy it is to carry on being the best mayor.

Cuckoo Bagelnerd says:

I'm so excited about tomorrow and I'm gonna be a top toontastic adventurer. By the way, toontown is my favorite town.

ToonCouncil says:

And you are Toontown's favorite Bagelnerd :)

Buster says:

This is gonna be SO AWESOME!! :D (takes out a wedding cake) The cogs are gonna be feelin this tomorrow!

Catnip says:

It's so sad that the holiday is almost over. :( But the good news is that Toontown is ending it with an exciting day of Top Toons! Thanks Flippy! I gotta have that shirt!

Cool Trixie Petalcrash says:


Lost Uber says:

im 34 laff BUT IM READY!!!!! im gonna try to defeat a lot of Cog Buildings for one of these awesome t-shirts!

Super Buzz Thunderjinks says:

AWESOME! My "Toon Years resolution" is to get the T-shirt and to be a great toon freind, also to become a higher level toon! Thanks Toontown Online! Happy Toon Year!

pizza boy says:

why would we resolve to be awesome? Toontown i already super-awesomely-toontastic! :) -pizza boy

ToonCouncil says:

Good point, pizza boy!

Silly Spotty Sparklesticks says:

Yay! :D BRING IT ON!!!!!

Lava says:

oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! I cant believe TOMORROW is the first day of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is TOONTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna work on being a top toon for that shirt!

super oscar rhinoteeth says:

doing this is hard for me but ill think i will try to get a shirt

Purr-fect Pretty Pawz says:

This is going to be awesome!

Electra says:

Good luck Toons! Have fun & Happy New Year!

Robin Wonderflip says:

Happy New Year Toontown! My resolution is being on the Top Toons. Good luck on the New Years Top Toons Marathon!

Sir Smith says:

I can't wait to start! I am probably going to try a lot of times every few hours so I can win that cool shirt.

Fally Wally says:

Awesome Toontown!!! I can't wait for the marathon. I'm going to try to win big time cause I want that awesome shirt badly!! It reminds me of the Olympics! :)

Princess Gigglewig (102 laff) says:

Well well well!!! Looks like there's a lil' competition under way! Bring it on! I'm gonna be training hard! SO BEWARE! (And Good Luck! :D)

Cool Spike Beanspeed says:

Cool! I just joined back up on ToonTown and I am happy to be back. Can anyone tell me what happened in the past few months?

VLAD says:

I, VLAD, have resolved to be awesome all of 2011. AND I will compete in the marathon (which is VERY cool).

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

I ABSOLUTEY WANNA GET WON OF THOSE SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY LOOK COMPLETLY TOONTASTIC! hey flippy, r u gonna try to get won of those shirts? i bet u would get won easily. ;)

ToonCouncil says:

I'm hoping one of the winners will let me try theirs on, Rhubarb Fuzzyberry!

marissa says:


Wolfstar says:

I'm Ready For Game Tommorow To Become A Top Toon Of 2011 In January On ToonTown.You Can Count On Me Toon Council.I'm Promise I,ll Be There!

Trixie says:

I'm going to try hard to get a shirt like that >:) Those cogs are going down!! Toons of the World Unite!

Lollipop says:

Oooh! That sounds like fun!! I'm going to try. My new years resolution was to be more awesome.. mind reader. Flippy can see into your soul :O Wish me luck!

Little Lollipop says:

My friend and I were competing against each other to see who can golf the fastest right past midnight. When will we know who actually wins? Happy New Year everyone! May 2011 be toontastic!

Kingmax says:

The top toon contest is the best contest to my opion,I cant wait who wins, Im not going in this year since i won last year, To the toons that are in the contest good luck and a happy new year.

Faith (17 laff uber) says:

I'm so happy it's 2011 now :) This is going to be a great year!!! Also, I'm going to try super hard to get a shirt! Since I'm about to get hose, I'm already doing a ton of buildings, so that will help. Happy New Year everyone, and good luck in the marathon!!! Toons of the world unite!

Princess Pearl says:

I'm gonna try and get one of those shirts! After checking for a doodle from DDL, thanks to Toon Trooper Tatum! (Thanks for all the jellybeans!!)

ToonCouncil says:

A new Doodle sure is a great way to start the new year, Princess Pearl!

Fluffy Poodleglop says:

I am so going to try to win the shirt ( Who wouldn't! ) I hope I win but if i don't I can try next year!

Penny Poodlepop says:

I'm so excited! I can never win that shirt but today I'm trying extra hard to. I think that this year, I'll finally be successful. :)

Lidzzie Sparkle says:

I love doing the Toon Marathon every year!

Donovan says:

This is gonna be great! I can't wait to get out there and compete!

coolned says:

toontown is the best game I ever played

Candy says:

I can't wait! I hope I can be a top toon so I can get the exclusive shirt!!!

Princess Roxy SparkleMuffin says:

Hi Toontown and Flippy. I was just wondering, when will we get to know who won? And we get to know who won every hour? I fished for non-stop won hour. I hope I get a shirt. :D I got 3,000 jelly beans for all my fishing. :)

ToonCouncil says:

The Many Analytical Toons Happily Sorting and Furiously Unifying Numbers Society (M.A.T.H.S.F.U.N.) is working on it, Princess Roxy SparkleMuffin!

sonik laff 56 mouse says:

BOY I SO WANT THAT SHIRT! i wonder what it feels like having it on will people treat you the same?

Supercat says:

im going after "defeting the most cogs" cuz i love getting toontasks that invaulvs cogs and buildings also invasions are a good thing this year!(p.s flippy the only and first reason is that i want to do this cuz (cogs are bad and toons are good)plus i hope u unlock the answer to this riddle too!)

King Monty Rockenblabber says:

Im ready to rock! i saved all those jellybeans from the toon troop parties and now im going to gift gifts if i win i want to thank 2011!

Coral Dog says:

Hi Flippy! I'm entering the Most Cogs Defeated! This is going to be a big experiance for my uber! I am already over half way to seltzer and whole fruit pie! Wish me luck and have a toony new year!

Princess Lolipop says:

I wish I could go in the top toons , but I can't I try so hard! Well, I'll won't give up !!!

queensuperspeedythunderpop says:

Wow im so excited! I hope i win. I love toontown it rocks!

Violet says:

Cool! i so cant wait to win one! and new years was my birhday so it was like having virtual and real fireworks for my birthday! I <3 ToonTown!

ToonCouncil says:

Hope you had a Toontastic birthday Violet!

Karrot Kray-Z says:


Little Summer says:

I decided to get on the Trolley and play. Even if you don't win a shirt there, you get a lot of jellybeans!

blue cat:LAFF:16 says:

i heart the fire works flippy

Chickie Blue says:

Oh my Gosh. I can't wait!!!!

Doctor Alvin Bananabubble says:

I won this contest last year! its so awesome!

Colonel Fancy says:

My resolution is to be awesome and help my friends!

Ladybug (pink rabbit 56 laff) says:

I am gonna try like SUPER hard to win that shirt!!!!!! I am not sure if I can make it, though, because I am training for the olympics. (I'm 13 yrs. and still love toontown)!!!!!!!!!! Maybe after my training is over I'll log on and play!!!!!! I LOVE that shirt! Whosever idea that was sure is SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx toontown 4 being the BEST game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Sounds like you've been a busy Toon, Ladybug! Happy New Year!

Silent Ice Bunny says:

ooo I hope I won 1! I sent about 300+ gifts and spent 6000 jbs! ooo i hope i hope i hope :D :D

Jacob says:

I got one of these shirts! It's awesome. Toon of the world unite! Thanks toon council asspecially you Flippy!

Dylan says:


Rainbow Googledoodle says:

This is so cool i love toontown!!! no better way to start off the year than a toontown marathon!!! Go toontown!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Tigertonic says:

Oh yeah! I can't wait to win that cool medallion shirt! This is gonna be the best New Year ever!

firebreather says:

I cant seem to stop deafeating cogs. I deafeated a cog building. I even deafeated a cog called a legal eagle.

ToonCouncil says:

It's easy to get hooked on Cog-crushing, isn't it firebreather?

Princess Rainbow Sparklebubble says:

I can't wait! That sounds VERY VERY VERY EXCITED! I'm really gonna be here no matter what!

Nicole the brown cat says:

I will enter :D! I love the Marathons!

Tobi(laff 64) says:

Wow! I hope I get one! and my New year's resolution is to be kind to my friends and my toon friends. Happy New Year! Toons of the world, unite!

Poppy ( 34 laffer ) - Dog says:

Wow this is amazing, Toontown is getting even more better! Toons of the world UNITE!!!!!!!!

lilly says:

oh; yay! fishing is the best!!!!!! i,ll try that! how many fish can you cacht in a hour? is fish bingo one? ill make my limte on fish 100 an hour! p.s: why cant we get maching shorts/ skrits??????? p.p.s : is most jellybeans eraned one????? p.p.p.s : ill try cog builings too! because i need to defeat 200 + 5 story cog buidings and i only have like 30 to get 1 laff point to make 105. p.p.p.p.s: i like mashed potatoes and pie and chesse!!!!!!!!!!! p.p.p.p.p.s: fire works are cool so dont forget to wach em evrey hour ( unless your in a cog building! if you are keep smiling and keep busting cogs with laffter!)p.p.p.p.p.p.s.: plese post me because ive useshall not posted. replaiy too! flippy is awsome! toons of the wourld unite!

Deputy Fireball Googlewoof says:

EPIC!!! I only won something one time ever! That was most cogs defeated! I got a shirt with a cog on it and a cross on the cog! I always wanted this shirt my whole life! IT'S EPIC!

Sparkle says:

Why should I resolve to be awesome? I'm already awesome, LOL! Wow, nice shirt. Now I'm defeating Cogs like crazy!!!

Fat peanut picklepop says:

my resolution is kill more lawbots

Sammy says:

Awesome. This new year is going to be great

Sadie Supermarble 56 Laff says:

yay! Happy new Year to all! All Toons are already awesome! Toons Rule Cogs Drool!

Abby says:

Cool! I Hope I'm Won Of The Top Toons! How Do U Know If Ur A Top Toon?

ToonCouncil says:

You can always see the most recent Top Toons in the Toon HQ section of, Abby - but the winners of the Top Toons Marathon are extra-special, so they'll be announced soon!

miss midnight blackstar says:

i hope i got the exclusive marathon shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Poofendorf says:

Oh, wow! This will be the best thing that has ever happened to me on ToonTown(so far)! But, I have a downside... :( I don't get to go on much. *makes REALLY sad face* I'm just wishing everyone good luck in the marathon, and a Happy New Year!(please reply Flippy)

Molly says:

This is so exciting! Is this just a one day event that happened January 1st?

ToonCouncil says:

That's right Molly!

nutty wild monkey says:

this sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will do this toworrow.

Courteny Cutiepie says:

sweet! that's super cool! what will Toontown think of next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courteny Cuitepie out

knuckles rufflecorn says:

Wow! I was a top toon befor I saved 165 toon buildings until someone made me lose all places bc every one is spreading the news I saved those 165 toon buildings yesterday morning. I hope I get a shirt. Toons of the world unite P.s. I love snow doodles

Miss Biscuit Crumblemuffin says:

I think it would be neat to earn a if you do your a good cog buster and a fellow toon.

Colonel Skids Nuttytwist says:

That New Year thing is very cool!Someday, I might be a Super Toon!But,I`m just a 28 laff dog and I might not be able to defeat 5 million Cogs in 1 mont- h.Do you think that`s a bummer? Or do you think it`s OK? It`s up to you,Flippy! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

ToonCouncil says:

I think it's more than ok, Colonel Skids Nuttytwist! Every Toon was once 28 Laff (and some Toons are trying to get there)!

Dr. Ducky Von George says:

Sounds Cool!

Ginger(34 Laff) says:

My Bear Friend Got One of those! How Cool? I wish I could..