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Fly for Free, but Only for One More Day!
You’ve been enjoying the Toon Council’s gift of free Estate cannon rentals, but if you haven’t, you still have one more day! Go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER, and you’ll receive 48 hours of cannon rentals at your Estate!
If you take advantage of this more than once, that makes you a frequent flier!

Posted on January 03, 2011 to:

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Dottie says:

I had so much fun with the CANNONS but it is time for them to go Thank you Toon Council for giving us that WONDERFUL gift.

Princess Rainbow says:

OMG. It's sad that we have to pay for our cannons now... but its nice we got them FREE for a while!!!!!!

midnight says:

i got the cannons their awsome!!! Toons of the World Unite!

Cuddles says:

Woo Hoo! I love flying in the air! Toon town rocks! keep up the Toontastic work Flippy!

Turtle (Deleted) says:

Omigosh! I got to try cannos once, but what ho! I deleted that toon. ToonTown, you rock, the game rocks & all the people who made the Toontown, you ROCK!!!! By the way, could you please reply telling me how to submit a question for Toon News... For The Amused! Please? Because I have a very good question for you. Toons of the world, fly free!

ToonCouncil says:

It's easy to submit a Question to Ask Toontown, Turtle (or Toon Formerly Known as Turtle...) Just click 'Contact Us' under 'Help' on, choose 'Ask Toontown' from the drop-down menu, and send in your question!

Dragon says:

:O wow ive been using a lot of cannons basically for toon up and also for fun :) thx flippy for the free cannons!

Isabella says:

Thanks for the warning! Now i need to get it on all my other toons! haha :)

Fruit loop says:

Dont Worry! the jellybeans The Toon Troopers gave us at the Holiday Party Will Get Us Cannons out of the Cattlelog!

ToonCouncil says:

Great point, Fruit loop!

kingbeanie jinks says:

it was awsome being in the air thanx tooncouncil for the gift

Good ol' Ricky Dynoboom (Dynaboom) says:

I'm definitely gonna use this code! Happy New Year, and to all a good laugh!

Princess Melody says:

One more day? Aww..... :'( The cannons were REALLY fun... I put "WINTER" in the code thingy like 10 times lol. Thanx for a AWESOME winter holiday Toontown! Keep the fun coming xD! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! :D -Princess Melody :)

princess candy sparkleswirl says:

i took advantage 2 or 3 times. i enjoy blasting myself out of cannons,its so much fun!!!!!!!

Princess Popcorn thundermonkey says:

Awesome! I cannot wait till I get on! Toontown your still the best of the best :D!!!!

Pinkaliciouz says:

I think this is great thing that toontown is doing for all of those who inhabit it. Especially for those who arent members. This is a GREAT chance for them to invite their friends over to their estate and have some fun (as all toons should!) TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Colonel Skids Nuttytwist says:

I guess that`s a bummer.Huh?Well,Estate Cannons are SUPER awesome! My best Toon friend,Master C.J. Purplequack and I have been having SOOOO much fun doing Estate Cannons during Winter Holiday!Maybe I should be called Cannonball!This 28 Laff doggy is a huge fan on Estate Cannons!!!!!!! Toons of the World Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S.I could probably frighten the Cogs by landing on them!Get it!?Landing on them!Ha Ha!That`s SO funny!)

Cool says:

Tomorrow, I'm going to really miss those cannons, so I need to really play in em' before it's too late!!!!!!!

Fuzzy says:

Those free cannons are super duper duper fluper (lol?) awesome and FUN! My song/poem I made up about cannons: Cannons are a blast! Cannons are a blast! Oh, how I wish they could last! THE END :P

ToonCouncil says:

Love it, Fuzzy!

Miss Rainbow says:

Cooool! cannons are so fun and awesome

Bullet says:

I love cannons! There my favorite party game! I wish they could stay longer, but oh well!

Rosie says:

Cool! Thanks ToonTown! You're the best!!! :)

Black Shadow says:

Aww, do the cannons really have to end?? Me and my pals had so much fun seeing who could go the longest without crash-landing. I hope it comes again in another code! Warm Wishes, Black Shadow =)

Madison says:

Thank you toontown for the cannons! They are the best thing ever! All my friends loved them! Thank you thank you thank you!

Spyro says:

Oh well, Winter holiday is over. Thank you for the best winter holiday ever! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Spyro

Daffy Twinklemooch says:

Aww Man! I love those cannons D:. Me and my friend would go to my estate and play for hours on those cannons! I'll work on getting beans to rent them again. Thanks for the Free Cannons! ~ Daffy ~

Daphne Featherfoot says:

I saw the code in the toon news maybe one or two weeks ago. Thanks for the free cannons Toon Council!

Slippy Twiddleswirl (who normally doesnt sound so weird) says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stinks! I really liked the cannons plus they were free! nonononononononononononononowhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, im good. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ok, now im good. i think so anyways i am very sad the cannons will be gone. :=( (crying face)

ToonCouncil says:

Wow Slippy Twiddleswirl - you really liked those cannons, huh?

Deputy B.D. says:

Aw, I would not like to see those 48 Hours Of Free Cannon go away! It was fun bouncing off of clouds and hitting targets! But hey, free things those last forever! :( Well atleast they are still in the game, I enjoyed them a lot! I would pay 1000 Jellybeans for sure this Wednesday! Have fun Toons!

Alice Shadow says:

Good thing i got it

Pepper says:

So awesome! My Toon loves it. Maybe you can make another! LOL!!!!

Yippie Crinklepretzel says:

I had a blast on those canons this winter holiday! What a Toontastic gift! Thanks toon council and flippy!

Meower says:

This is my 1 time. My friends are having so much fun! Fat Zipptiy went 5 times. Happy New Year! all Toons!

crazy fritz wilddwarf says:

I like that idea cause its really fun trust me i tryed it!=)

Little Dizzy Dizzyflinger says:

thanks for telling us ill get it NOW

LightLand says:

Hey, I been a Flying toon this winter! Too bad, you can't get a laff boost from these cannons. :( Hey, toon council? Are cannons just for fun for a break after battles? Please, write back, Love, LightLand.

ToonCouncil says:

Cannons are a fun way to Toon Up after battling Cogs, LightLand. You can learn all about them in the Players' Guide!

Rosie Trickyberry says:

I love playing with the cannons! I wish we could play with them every day!

oink oink says:

I love the cannons i have gotten them on all my toons! Thanks for being so giving! is there gonna be a jelly bean fest soon????rock on and keep busting those cogs!! -oink oink

Daddyeo says:

oh well. i just mastered cannons!:D so i guess i should keep practicing until i can go up to the champion.

ToonCouncil says:

Wow Daddyeo, congratulations on mastering Cannons!

Violet Giggletwist says:

One more day? Drat! What if we fly a lot in cannons? Will we get frequent flyer miles and if we have like 100 frequent flyer miles then we can fly for free for another 48 hours... sorry, run on sentance. My teacher hates those! I thought it was a good idea oh and by the way, my doodle, Melody says "Hi Toons!!". TOONTOWN ROCKS!

Skippy Superpop says:

I better hurry and get online! I havent done that yet!

Crumblewoof says:

Man, Back to School Everyone! Have the best Last Day off of school for now. I'll be working hard in school Good luck Everyone! :D

Bonnie Funnybubble says:

I wish it went on forever!

Flapjacksnorklepocket says:

I. Have. Done. This. Like. A. MILLION times! Thank you toontown!!! I love you flippy you are the BEST!!!!!!!

Pretty Dog says:

Aww... Thats sad but im Ok Lot of my friends have cannons When we train our doodles we play cannons too!

ToonCouncil says:

That's a super idea, Pretty Dog!

Meowford says:

I love Toontown sooooooo much and it just keeps getting better and better! Rock on Toontown! Toons of the world unite!

Master Droopy Dynodoodle says:

Oh I really need to log on before I miss the cannons!!! I haven't played lately and I've missed all the holiday fun. :-(. On the bright side I can still get 48 hours of free flying! :-) I'm REAL excited, I'm going to invite some friends over for a cannon party!

Little Z.Z. Purplequack says:

Why does the cannon rental have to only be 48 hours? I WANT MORE CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!

Turtle odyssey says:

Yay thanks toontown for this

Rock says:

ONE DAY!?!?! BETTER HURRY! and by the way i am new on this toon!

nice kitty cat man says:

aww really man i really enjoyed having those cannons i wonder what next activity will be hmm........

furball says:

i did that and itn was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom crinklequack says:

THAT WAS REALLY FUN! :D Me and my friends all had a cannons contest Chinny won

crazy zippy fumblefish ( 109 laff ) says:

its going to be sad to say goodbye to the cannons

ToonCouncil says:

Don't be too sad, crazy zippy fumblefish - they're always available in your Cattlelog!

Morgan says:

I LOVED the cannons so much. I had a BIG party with my friends and we played them. We had SO much fun. THANK YOU TOON COUNCIL!!! Toons of the world UNITE!

Deputy J.C. Kookymonkey says:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank the Toon Council for giving us free cannon time. I hope they have it for this end of the year.

Zippy, Midnight Fire, Dusty, Slip and Slip says:

THANKS SO MUCH TOONTOWN! I HAD SOOOOOO much fun with the cannons! It Was Really Cool and thoughtful of you! I Just became a member and got a head start on cannons THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Violet says:

I used not to be a member, but now i am :D so at least i can buy them now :D MY MOM IS THE BEST MOM EVER!

Rosie(32 laff dog) says:

i LOVED the cannons. Please do not take them away. please write back oh and P.S. i have never been posted. Thanks!!!! Love a big toontown fan your number 1 fan.Rosie.

Twilight (60 laffer, purple cat :D) says:

It's almost over, which absolutely stinks! Man, do I miss flying for free! One thing though. When is there going to be another big event? Remember the Sellbot Smash? And what about the Jellybean Jam? Please, oh, please let there be another event! My toontasks are crazy and I need something to keep my mind of them! Think about it Flippy, won't you? Thanks and from Twilight

midnight meow says:

So cool! thank you toontown! you rock!

PrinceChipThunderMarble says:

Thanks for the free cannons toontown! I really love them and i can use them for prizes when i host game shows! Keep Making Toontown a great place! P.S Toons of the World Free Cannons!

ToonCouncil says:

What an awesome idea, PrinceChip ThunderMarble!

Turnstile says:

This sounds great, Flippy! Fly high, toons! :)

mister jacques funnytoes says:

Aw man.The toon up challenge on was great.Well more fun next year

Little Uber Cocoa Ktty (104 laff) not so uber anymore :D says:

I LOVED the free cannons!!! Even though i don't really die as much anymore i like using them for fun or trying to make my laff meter full after losing a few points. Keep up the good work Flippy!!! ;)

Gambit says:


Aliadel says:

hey its awesome to get them as much as u want thank you toon council.( please responde and post it i have never been posted before tyvm) .

Rosebud says:

i got a 48 hour cannon from my friend Cat Food as a gift and i did it today instead of doing the winter thing and merry christmas toontown and a happy new year flippy!

ToonCouncil says:

Cat Food sounds like a Toontastic friend, Rosebud!

Bad Luck Charm says:

Aww man at least it lets me be aware of getting all my toons to enter that code so i can have lots of toontastic fun! So when one ends ill just go on another toon and reset the cannon fun all over again! So the fun wont end for a while, since it lasts 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! oh and by the way TY TY TY TOON COUNCIL for giving us this fun chance to have even more fun! Your Friend, Bad Luck Charm P.S please post i have never been posted at all ill always play toontown to

Scooter says:


latios says:

thanks toon council i had a blast literally XD

duke wildwhip(57 laff) says:

OMG! only one day left!!! I need to get one more 48 hours of cannons!!! p.s. flippy, you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i hope this gets posted!)

Ginger Pepperswirl says:

I just got mine (again!) yesterday. Whee! Thanks again, Toon Council! :D

Ruff says:

I've certainly been enjoying the cannons. :( i am just sad its our last day !_!.

Catnip says:

OH NO!! MY FREE LAFF!!! Oh well, thanks to the Toon Council for giving us this great Winter gift!

Little Peanut says:

Oh wow, cannons! Too bad I dont have one,but on my other toon i do have one!! Cannons are soo fun. Toontown is awesome...................................................BEST GAME EVER!!!!! Flippy,you are #1!! Now,that was toontastic!!! -Little Peanut

Aunt Penny McMuffin says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the beautiful cannons! Oh well, i have other things to worry about like my toonkask which is defeat 20 4+ story buildings Why did i choose that toontask for the final lure track frame?! flippy, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

That's a tough one, Aunt Penny McMuffin... But there's help coming soon ;)

Baby Woof Woof & Swagger Wagger says:

Thank you for the cannons toontown! They were so much fun! I had contests with my friends to see who could get the most points, roughly i didnt win, But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you flippy! I love you all so very much toon council for everything you've done!

Master Buster says:

thatnk you for the awesome cannons toon council!!! im going to pay now but toon trooper tatum got me full of jelly beans!!! so i gave him a gift and the other 600 jellybeans!!!! you guys rock i love to play toontown u guys never run out of ideas ill always play this game!!!! thanks for making toontown guys!!!

Captain Pancake says:

Noooooooo i really liked the cannons my highest score was 7900 and i am 122 laff and because of the toon up target thing i got tooned up from 24 laff points back up to 122 in about 5 goes on the toon up game its really fun plz bring back the free cannons again sometime

Proff. Lionel Dynopockets says:

Oh no! I almost forgot about that. Luckily, I quickly got on toontown and righted that mistake with the WINTER code. I am currently saving the cannons in my mailbox, because it would really annoying if I just used those cannons up, instead of saving them for my friends. THANK YOU FOR THE FREE CANNONS, TOONTOWN!

clary says:

Thanks so much Flippy! I did the last connon gift thing but then I couldnt use it because we were busy the the next two days: so I happy. toontastic!


NOOOOOOOOO!! what a shame i was rly enjoying that but i suppose cristmas is over and its time for them to go :( . thank you for the cannons and plz do them next year! also once you hit a cloud you go spinning! can tt make it so you continur flying pleez! it would be sooo mutch funner!