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Flippy’s Big Secret…
My fellow CouncilToons and I have been keeping a close eye on Toontown since those Mover and Shaker Field Offices landed – and we can’t help but notice that you Toons have been making SHORT work of those Mazes and Executive Suites! So we’ve been thinking… What could we do to reward you for all your water-balloon-throwing, joke-saving, Cog-crushing effort?
We came up with something you’re SHIR-To love… But we’re not ready to let the cat out of the cupboard just yet. (Sorry for SKIRTING the issue!) What do you think we’ve got up our sleeves?

Posted on March 10, 2011 to:

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Midnight Fire says:

It would be AWESOME if we got maybe.... Lv. 8 GAGS. or ANOTHER GAG TRACK! or MORE LAFF! or MORE GAG POUCHES. or NEW EMOTIONS. or NEW JELLYBEAN BANKS (Preferably 20,000 bean banks) or NEW UNITES. or NEW SOS TOONS. or MORE PINK SLIPS! or INVASION RADAR! or COG LEVEL WEAKENER SIGNAL BEACONS. or 200 JELLYBEAN JARS. or MORE PARTY ACTIVITIES. or NEW NEIGHBORHOOD. or GAG MULTIPLIERS (Like fire hydrant and Mailbox) or NEW TYPE OF TOON. or NEW CLOTHING. or LV. 13 COGS (For gag training purposes only) or COLORED GLOVES. There are SO MANY THINGS THAT FLIPPY CAN GIVE US!!!! I hope its really good for Toontown!!

C.J Electrospeed says:

Anything would be great!

Cheese N' Quackers says:

Hmm... Maybe a new outfit! Like one that has a picture of a field office in a red circle with a line across it... Like a whole outfit, shirt, skirt.... Can't wait to find out :D

Crazy Lemonzapper says:

It's so easy Flippy.The reward is ********!I'm STOCKING up on clothing tickets and jellybeans as fast as I can!

Kat A. Strophic says:

I think I might know! No matter what it is, I think toons will love it.

Little Frizzy Pop ( Level 74 ) says:

I think you're going to reward us with a FREE T-SHIRT with a Mover & Shaker on it. Thank you for reading this post ^_^

King says:

maybe a Shirt That shows a mover and shaker and a explosion behind it :P

chris says:

hmmm..... SHIR T and SKIRTING.... hmmm I KNOW!!!! SHIRTS AND SKIRTS!!!

Duckman says:



I think we should get a sidekick! We work hard to destroy FIELD OFFICES

CooldGuy says:

What's is Flippy's secret?

Natalia ( 65 laff :O) says:

Umm I am thinking a bigger closet and bigger friends list plz im thinking that i want more friends up to 100 :O or higher

Ginger ( 77 laff ) says:

This is what i think....... YOU'RE MAKING NEW CLOTHES FOR US FELLOW TOONS :D! well..... its my guess......... what do you think of my "shirt-tastic" guess, Flippy? :D

Flip Wackyfoot says:

There probaly making extra pie! Flippy, you should tell us soon we are all dieing to know. PLEASE RESPOND!

Pancake Jumblenose says:

I'm just guessing, but I think that we are getting rewarded with shirts and (or) skirts. Am I right Flippy?

Daffodil Dizzycorn says:

Well, probably a collassal party for all of the toons who have saved buildings all around Toontown! All toons have worked so hard on these Movers and Shakers buildings. So I thought a party would be nice, kind of like a Toon get togther.And Toon-Council would give free t-shirts with a Mover and Shaker head and a crack in the middle.

Little Lemonspeed says:

New clothes? Cool! Wait you mentioned shirt & skirt but no shorts? You won't catch me in a skirt!

K.C. says:

Well, I'm just giving a suggestion. I'm not sure if it's right! But, have you noticed on Silly Street in TTC that there is something talking about beans... Maybe if we say something related to St. Patrick's day we'll get something special? I'm not sure... but I hope that's what it is! ( P.S. Could you please post this? Iv'e never gotten anything posted! Thank you! )

Lily Kitty says:

Maybe you will award us with maybe a t-shirt or a sneek peak week of how it is to be a member.

Rainboe Ice says:

Flippy, what is your big secret? What is it???

rosie says:

i hope that the rewardis jellybeans there the b-e-s-t

marsterblinky jeepergaget says:

i hope it is something new for example new built up streets? or make a practice are(for practicing defeting harder cogs but u dont go said when u lose u just have to try again)that would probly the best thing anyone would want. think about it,it would help newer toons out and the more exprianced toons teach them stratiges of how to defet bigger and stronger would be legendary and go down in history

Duckey says:

This wouldn't happen to be a shirt would it? ;)

Sherrif NuttyCrunch says:

Oh my gosh flippys got a secret I bet its about having the cannons heh heh

Pricess Lily says:

Wow! Toontown! You are the best! It's been a great day and we should end it like that! I was thinking we should make a reward as trophies! We should put it in our house. So what i have been thinking was also that the top 5 toons who took over a field office will be rewarded for this great trophy! I think that will make toons all over the world want to take over the Field offices! How about that?! Please pick this commen, I have never been posted. thank you toontown! :D

Luna (duck) says:

I think i know.. a new screen for once u log onto toontown? a new closet so it could hold more items? ummm.... idk what else :P ~ Luna

Sheriff Ricky Zooblemarble says:

Hm.... how I wonder what this surprise could be? Could it be new types of Cogs? (I'd love that), Missions regarding Field Offices? (More use for Field Offices aside from the SOS cards) Lawbot Field Offices? (I HAVE seen Lawbots in the Field Office and pictures of the Legal Eagle) or something else? I'm now wondering what would this "SHIR-to-love" be?

Winter says:

I think your going to give us something really awesome! should i tell?

Lavender Duck says:

Bigger friends lists? My friends always want me to help their other toons but I can't because I'm already full and I don't want to delete! Sincerely, Lavender Duck.

Scooter Crinklefish says:

According to the clothes related comments its a new set of clothes for the toons that they can buy in the cattalog

Crazy Boy says:

Wat!?!?! THERES SOMETHING NEW!!!??? I was wondering wat was going on. Theres a reward too?!?! AWESOME!!! I hope it's like a new playground or cog hq! XD

Izzi says:

Are you making new clothes? Because it looks like you said SHIRT and SKIRT. Plz reply Flippy! Toons of the World Unite! - Izzi

Scarlet-Black Kitty says:

I think all the toons that helped will get some new clothes in thier wordrobe!! :D Whatever it is I hope it's good. :)) Maybe the shirts and the shorts will come together and match just like the storm sellbot clothing

Ultimatesprite says:

I think you guys are releasing a 50-item wardrobe.That would be EPIC for Toons!

Mastermouse says:

I'm not sure... but you guys always got somthin' good! (Is it a bacon omelet for each of us???

kristine says:

i think your giving out.........SHIRTS!!!! im i right? i know im right lol

cutey says:

i will love a reward :)

Braden says:

I think u have something to do with CLOTHES! I will soon find out and toons: saty tooned for what they have!

Lendy says:

My toon friend and you know cause you said to take her advice Candypreciostoon ironicly, Ive been taking her advice! shout out to candy: you have the BEST idias CandySMARTESToon! Ive done SOOOOOO many! Ive no idia what ya mean "Flippy's secret" obviously! But I know it has something to do with cloths! You can reward us with something that WILL last!...FOREVER! Like maybe a BIG laff boost! Or...Maybe... that doodle you found near lawbot hq you know... well... we CAN ask,... he can make a storm lawbot? Well,... What do ya think?

gavin says:

hi flippy U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!and i think u should reward us with more new gag space to get more special gags

Forever Universe says:

Well, Flippy, the thing is I'm SHIRT-sighted so i may not be able to see what your thinking. Its a SHIRT thing that I'll be thinking about it...

Jasonduck (102 Laff) says:

Well, with the SHIR-T, which is something that goes in a dresser, and the SKIRTING of the issue, I think there's gonna be bigger Toon Dressers! (Post if you agree!)

Rockenspeed 73 laff says:

i dont know what you are doing but i think it will be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy says:

Does it have anything to do with clothes!?!? (im guessing by the SHIR-To-love and the Skirting things)

Mastermouse says:

OK, so I just posted something that had nothing to do with Field Offices. TWICE!! I was going to say that I really want to ty, even though you haven't given us the surprise to us yet.

Jake Hulaface ( laff 41 ) says:

Mabey u will reward us with clothes! But, you better hurry 'cause I am running out of clean clothes!( I have not purchased the washer yet!!! SHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont tell my mom!) Flippy please reply. I have left many comments but no replys :( Please reply thank you and good night! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye

Princess Aqua says:

How could they possible be more obviouse? They are totally making some really cool clothing! Thats exciting because everyone loves clothing, right? I hope it is some cool clothes with like some cog or toon sign on it! Keep fighting those cogs!

crazy.z.z electrospeed (93 laff) says:


Shadow Guardian Angel says:

I'm positive whatever you do will be wonderful. The gnome face is SHIRT to love it (:3>. My mother is getting SHORT with me. I have an OUTFITTING to go to. I've got to SKIRT-TER along now. Goodbye!

Cheesy Little Uber (43 laff) says:

Hmm.... I don't really think I know, but im guessing its some things for your wardrobe or more rooms for your toon house.... But maybe it is a surprise. Your #1 Fan -Cheesy Little Uber ?

ToonCouncil says:

You're right about one thing, Cheesy Little Uber - it's a surprise!

King Alvin Purpleburger says:

I dont know... i hope flippy wont take it and CLOS-ET up in his jellybean bank. I guess we will find OUT lets stay FIT.

Mousey says:

A bigger closet or free clothing tickets (2)

I Am A Dog (60 laff) says:

Well Field Offices have been pretty popular for awhile after they came out, but after everyone got their jokes back, they haven't been much fun. There should be some fantastic reward that will restore a field office's popularity, so we can stop the movers and shakers once and for all! If I were to guess - Maybe a new trick for the doodle? New trolley game? Or a chance to meet the Resistance Rangers/Toon Troops?

Stinky says:

OOO! i hope its awesome!

Jonathan (114 laff) says:

I think I know exactly what this is! The poll right now is "What would you like to see on toontown?" This is what they are talking about I bet! I would really like to have a bigger friends list!

night fury says:

SHIRTS,SKIRTING Woah so misterious :D

miss sandy says:

hmm... shir and skirting... very clothing like... i bet that's it. i wonder what desine they have.

Captain Buzz Electrogadget says:

Maybe you guys have some new, special, field house shirts and skirts/shorts! That would be really cool!

zowie says:

great!i want the water balloon by DEAFITING THE COGS!!!!!!!

Daddyeo says:

WOW!!!!:D This is great! What is it Flippy? Will you let us hold more level seven gags? will you let us have a closet that holds more clothing?Will there be a Operation: Storm Cashbot?:D PLZ tell us toons what it is Flippy!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!

crazy zippy fumblefish ( 109 laff ) says:

i dont know how i came up with this anwser but ill take a guess and say new outfits!!!!!!!

Dr. Mark Mouse says:

Hmm.... I wounder what it could be. maybe a new gag? or new clothing?

Scooter says:

Lol Couldn't make it any more obvious. Shirts and Skirts!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ezekiel says:

All I want is to keep the 16 slots we have in our SOS part of our Shticker Book. It helps to have more room for these SOS cards. And since I VP a lot, that would really help me.

ToonCouncil says:

That's ALL you want, Ezekiel? Well, you can have it! (But that's not the surprise ;)

Super Coconut Funny Bubble says:

hmm... for saving jokes over 10 should get 20 jellybeans and over 20 should be one extra gag like in the boss bot golf cources and over 30 should be times two skill points and 50 over should be double gag attack. thanks for looking :)

Lilshorty says:

I think they will give the people who do good job on destroying field offices will get a laff point boost...

Skinny Chirpy Lemonmudle says:

Maybe they're gonna plan a party or something and everyone will have free party shirts and stuff!... :O

Austinn says:

I predict some cool new cloths in the future HOPEFULLY I NEED A NEW LOOK and HOPEFULLY it will be Cheap! Maybe in the next clarabell catalog?

Alainnah says:

Hmm maybe a closet that holds 12,000 clothes like that jellybean bank... Or maybe you will hold a contest to create more outfits. Maybe you will come out with another way to get clothing tickets like fishing for them. Whatever you do I'm sure its bound to be toontastic!

runner says:

i think you will give us some laff points but tell us your secret. GO FLIPPY!

Deputy Lloyd says:

New clothes! :D

Super Frizzy Dynotoon says:

I cannot wait to see what reward we will get. I hope it is something really good, like NEW GAGS!

Porkchop says:

give us a laff Boost?

Harvey says:

You could give us some jellybeans

Pretty Twinkle says:

Hmmm.? Maybe another one of those awesome party things??? XD. Oh w8 maybe not... -thinks hard- -fights cogs- O_o that didn't help.... AHHH!! -waits for day to come- ._.

Antony says:

I think the SKIRTING is supposed to be a major hint....A code maybe!

Pretty Twinkle says:


Dippy Rainbow Fuzzycrash says:

If its an outfit I might just explode with happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doorknob says:

Bigger wardrobes? Yes, no, maybe so? Please :D?

ToonCouncil says:

It's definitely either yes - or no - or maybe so, Doorknob!

bananazilla says:

maybe like a shirt or shorts for a certain amount of field offices like operation storm :) thats just my idea! ( please answer )

Captain Dizzy says:

OMG! We're gonna get new clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger Wonderfink says:

I think you've got new clothing for us toons "up your sleeve"... Oh no, I'm out of breath! I'm pant-ing!

duke popcorn says:

Idk what tt has up they're sleeves? Wait ik they have THEY'RE ARMS LOL!

Silly Paddlewhip says:

I'm not too sure what's been planned for us, but HATs off to everyone's hard work!

Snowy Snowflake says:

new clothes maybe? or a special weekend? or um the day you make the ideas toons suggested real in the game? or uh wow this is a mystery! i can't guess which!

Princess Popcorn says:

SHIRly it has to be something amazing. I can't wait, but I'm sure we will find out SHORTly!

Rainbow says:

Hmm, I wonder what is up in Flippy's sleeves..... I know! I think it might be a shirt saying, "Are you toon enough to save a Field Office?"

Super Hound says:


Loopy Pickles Fuzzyphooey says:

Hmmmm... Maybe you have some clothes up your SLEEVES? :)

ToonCouncil says:

You may be on to something, Loopy Pickles Fuzzyphooey!

Cheese says:

Wow i wonder what Flippy is planing for us maybe a new gag or something anyways cant wait to see what it is!

GiggleHopper. says:


Bumberpop says:

I know!!! Maybe a toon up phrase like the ones you get from the CFO!

Colonel Purplegoober says:

A shirt. With a waterballon on the front.

Sir Cranky DoggenWoof says:

you should give us the ability the eat fish and when we eat it we grow big and strong and can defeat more cogs.

Princess Petalpounce says:

Maybe you should let it free! It needs air, let it out. Well, maybe the toons are breaking the task into steps, you now what I mean? Thanks!

Queen Flippenzapper says:

I was thinking about that. I think T-shirts. It would be cool to get a new activity like mini golf and the speedway.Toontown Rules!!

sirscooter says:

i think we will get jellybeans for each cog we destroy

Jakob says:

I think it will look like flippy or Minnie,Mickey,Donald,Slepping Donald,Daisy,or Goofy.

ToonCouncil says:

Like a me-shaped Jellybean, Jakob?

Trixie Purplebunny says:

I think that we'll either get a larger wardrobe or new clothing.

Good Ol' Mc Zilla says:

Maybe a shirt or a skirt?? P.S.Toons of the world unite!!

good ol' lefty wackysticks says:

this is hard hmmmmm can we get a bigger freinds list? or mayybeeee a gag boost! no no i have no idea i cant wait to find out!!

Sofie says:

I think you guys are going to relase skirts and or shirts because we have been crushing Mover and Shaker Buildings! Toons of the world unite! -Sofie