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Fill Your Acorn Acres C.U.P.!

November starts swinging with Toontown's annual Acorn Acres C.U.P. (Courses Under Par) Championship this weekend!

Acorn Acres CUP
The C.U.P. craziness begins this Friday, November 9 and runs through Sunday, November 11.

Members are invited to play Chip ‘n Dale’s MiniGolf to get the most “Courses Under Par” scores. The top ten Toons who achieve the most “Under Par” scores on each course, during each day of the three-day weekend, will win a Toontastic prize.


This year it’s a brand-new golfing outfit: an all-new shirt, plus new skirt for girls,
and new shorts for boys!

    new golf outfit

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coming soon!

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Posted on November 07, 2012 to:

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little lefty fuzzy jinks says:

This sounds like a lot of fun! :D i hope i win and hope other toons do to. :)

Omar says:

I hope I win!

Little Curly says:

Boy, I sure do wish I was a member!

Flip says:

Ahhh i want the golf outfit!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Those all-new threads sure are thrilling, Flip, and you can see exactly what they look like in the brand new "Toon News... For the Amused" inside Toontown right now!

Toothless says:

Finally! The C.U.P Tournament has returned! I will try my best and battle my friends against golfing! Good luck other Toons!

Neon Bud (Meow Flavor) says:

Oh my gosh! This seems awesome!! I can't wait to do it!

Daffy Preciousgoose says:

Perfect timing! I'm trying to max golfing so I will definitely be participating in this!

Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

This looks to be a very interesting contest... I will plan on attending it. Good luck to all the golfers!

Shadow Cat says:

Golfing is my favorite thing to do in toontown :) This contest is going to be fun! I wonder what the prizes look like :)

Miss trixie cheezyswirl: 55 laffer says:


Prince Petalpocket says:

Never went golfing in Toontown before. I think I'll tell some of my toon friends to join this contest! Wonder what's the prize, I hope it's a good golfing outfit! :)

ToonCouncil says:

Wonder no longer, Prince Petalpocket! Just jump into Toontown now and see for yourself in the new "Toon News... For the Amused!" It's Toontastic!

Violet says:

That sounds Toontastic! :)

Annee (117) says:

Oooh! I'm really excited about this, considering I LOVE golfing on Toontown! :D

The Aqua Magic says:

YES!!!!!! I am sure that i will gonna JOIN!

Lucky Ducky (17 laff uber) says:

Awesome! I will definitely be participating!

Mister Dizzy (106)laff says:

I really like to golf with my friends! I hope I can get that shirt and shorts!!! Toons of the world unite!!!!!!!

Walking Contradiction says:

Thats so cool I cant wait see how my golfing scores will be :D!

super spiffy doggensnoop (89 Laff) says:

wow i cant wait i wanna show off my golfing skills :XD

Blue Kitten says:

Sounds cool :) I might try to win it. Good luck to people who do try!

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

:D this looks awesome! im gonna golf so hard i break my golf club! it's a good thing i have my golf hat ready :D

ToonCouncil says:

Tons of Toons are looking spiffy in their golf hats, sunglasses, and fancy shoes over in Acorn Acres this weekend. You'll fit right in Toontastically, Rhubarb Fuzzyberry!

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

That's Toontastic! I've been practicing today! I can't wait to try on that mystery outfit when I win it!

Madison says:

Gotta putt for your right to GOOOOLF!!!! Haha can't wait!

Memory says:

I'll try my best to win the golfing outfit. :) I hope I win. Good luck to all! Hope you win! :)

Fireball (137) says:

And So it is here at last!

Blue ( 105 laff ) says:

this is my first contest ive ever done so i cant wait. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!

Loony says:

What's "Courses Under Par" ?

ToonCouncil says:

It's the object of playing MiniGolf, Loony - to sink your golf ball into the hole with the least number of attempts. Each hole is rated according to the number of attempts one should make to sink their golf ball, which is known as Par. Each Course also has a total Par rating. Contrary to most games in Toontown, with MiniGolf, the lower your score (under Par), the better!

Aqua Magic says:


faolan says:

im going to golf all weekend!!!!!

Cute Quackerz says:

I will get started right away! Hope I win!!!!! Good luck to all! Toontastic! :)

Hunter says:

So, do you have to get as many shots as you can under a par?

ToonCouncil says:

You've got the idea, Hunter. The top 10 Toons on each course, each day, with the most scores UNDER par will win!

Yes says:

May the best Toon win. I will be here all day long trying to win.

Percy says:

Im TOTALLY doing it! Ive never won anything so this is my chance! Im gonna work work so hard

Crazy Peaches (111LP) says:

Yay!!!! Me and my friend Secretly Siamese have been doing SO many courses!!!! I hope we win :) And I really hope it pays off! :D! Toons of the World, Golf Rocks!

Lucy says:

Wait, Par's or Under Pars?

ToonCouncil says:

Scores UNDER par, Lucy. After all, this is the Acorn Acres C.U.P. (Courses Under Par)!

Good luck golfing!

Brownie ( 107 laffer ) says:

I never did this contest before but im gonna try this year I hope I win and good luck to everyone :D

Pixie Love (118 laff) says:

I can't wait! By the way, can we make a par? Or does it HAVE to be under par?

ToonCouncil says:

To be one of the 10 daily winners on each course, each day of the 3-day event, you need to achieve the most UNDER par scores. Good luck on the greens this weekend!

Miss Meldoy Trickytoon says:

I really want that outfit! it looks so interesting! thanks toontown! I can't wait!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Just wait until you see the full outfit prize in the new "Toon News... For the Amused", Miss Melody! What am I saying?? You don't have to wait! The new "Toon News" is out NOW, inside Toontown today. Don't miss it!

rocking pig says:

can't wait to go and try win!

Brownie ( 107 laff ) says:

Wow! Im so excited I hope I win i've been working hard. Good luck to everyone!

Ghostly Night says:

Well, I hope I win and others also! Have fun! Toons of the world Unite!

Brandi Goober says:

well the golf courses can be hard but some toons can master the courses if they try very hard just like me. I do have trouble sometimes and get frustrated but i try and try to win and get a laff point boost and i really want the new golfing suit because it looks very cool!

Rit (106 laff red dog) says:

Woot GOLFING OUTFIT! I need something to wear when going golfing :D

Lollipop says:

OMG todays the last day uh i have to play a bunch today to win it the outfit looks good i hope i win flippy please tell me if i did my first c.u.p contest ive done i practice alot i hope i win and good luck to everyone else TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

anita winter break says:

Can't wait!! I hope I finally win something this year! :D

Lightning says:

Well, if some of you don't win, it's ok. Just keeping trying then, you'll get the hang of it.

silly lilly says:

ohh i wish i was a member so i could golf

Jordan says:

i played all day

Friendly Friend Maker says:

I'm a member. If I have time, I will enter the contest! See you all there.

Cutie Kitty says:

Good luck everyone! May the best win!

Kevin Officer's (15 Laff) says:

I hope my friend gonna win gonna golf clothes! I like golf this is really fun! :D

tiffany says:

i can not wait to golf in toontown i hope i win and other toons do to i never ever won anything on toontown