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Fall Into More New Accessories!

We hope you’ve been saving up those jellybeans –  Clarabelle has a brand new batch of accessories ready, just in time for autumn!

All new fall hats, backpacks, shoes and glasses are now available in Clarabelle’s latest Cattlelog.
You’ll find some really wacky and wonderful accessories in this batch, like Toon hairdos, helmets, and secret identity masks!


Halloween is just around the corner, and it's one of Clarabelle’s favorite holidays, so she’s included bunches of accessories perfect for Trick-or-Treating (or any time of year!).
Don’t miss the wizard and witch hats, cateye glasses, and bat and bee wings just to name a few!
Toons can now even wear Mickey’s famous band conductor hat!

Remember: If you don’t yet see these new accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry! The fall accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy the trunk first!


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Percy says:

Wow, these new accessories look great! I can't wait until my new cattlelog arrives!

spotty blubber snoop says:


Sparkz says:

Omg wow these look awesome! I can't wait to get my next catalog :D I love the kitty backpack <3!!!

trevor says:

OMG i seen ppl wearing these accessories its so cool cant wait to get them its gonna be toontastic. resistance salute

Ferb says:

Wait Did You Just Say Hair Is Coming... If You Did THANK YOU :D!

ToonCouncil says:

Check your Cattlelog for the Toontastic new beehive hairdo, Ferb!

Chedder Bolts says:

These new accessories are so toontastic! I can't wait until i can get them!

cute lemonade says:

these look so awesome i cant wait to get some!

ChipperDandysnoop says:

I am so ready for the new accessories. They look amazing and I am sure that I will buy a few of them :P

little salty whiskerboom says:

cool but none of my toons have there new cattolog :-(

ToonCouncil says:

Hang in there - you should receive your new Cattlelog with all the brand new fall accessories within the next few days, little salty!

Hola says:

THIS IS GREAT!!! but don't you think you have gone to far with Accessories... JUST KIDDING cause the more THE BETTER! plus there are more coming soon!!! and my catalog arrives monday

Grapes( 60 Laffer ) says:

Omg I cannot wait for my new Cattlelog :)!

Master Fluffy says:

I cant wait to see the SECRET IDENTITY MASK! It will look great with my jet pack and mabey i will be able to find a tux :)

Jacques Supernose says:

:O! These are some awesome looking accessories! This is so exciting, I cant wait to try them on soon when I get my next catalog. :)!

Maxie says:

Wow! These accessories all look toontastic! I can't wait until I get that catalog! I am so happy Halloween is coming soon!!! Can't wait to see what awesome costumes there is this year! Once again, I LOVE THOSE ACCESSORIES!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Glad you like them, Maxie! And you're right - lots of these new accessories are perfect for adding onto Halloween costumes, or even making your own one-of-a-kind combo!

Rainbow Sparklepop says:

Wow, cool! I'm happy about this! I'm going to buy all of them! :) Can't wait! I love accessories!!!! But I mean who doesn't?! Haha! This is toonstastic!!! Toons of the world unite!

Princess Poodle Doodle (107 laugh) says:

Oh my goodness, that was a fast change! I cant wait to get more jellybeans to buy all the new accessories! :)

Super Popcorn says:

now THOSE are great

Leah says:

YAYYY! I need some more jellybeans :)

knight racer says:

i baught some on my other toon right away love them cant wait to buy them for my other toons...

Noisy Petunia Wackybouncer says:

In Toontown I'll Be ANYTHING For Halloween. I'm Making A Black Cat!

midnight wolf says:

this is the BEST I LOVE ACCESSORIES!!!!!

Lady taffy flipperquck (110 laff) says:

I love the new accessories i can't wait to have some of them!!! :D

pancake says:

i love toontown accessories

jet says:

OH i will so buy that stuff. p.s toons of the world united

Lady Katswell says:

Its about time we got some "in season accessories!" I bet they'll all be Toontastic! Toons of the world, Unite!

Marason says:

i luv the kitty backpack can't wait to getz it <3

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Wow! I can't wait to see these! Do the accessories come seasonally?

ToonCouncil says:

That's right, Smirky Bumberpop. Like all Cattlelog items, the accessories are seasonal so don't wait to get those Toontastic new items!

Fluke says:

wow these look awesome! Can't wait to get them!

lily says:

These look awesome! I hope one day I can purchase a bracelet or a pair of earrings for my cat too!! Keep 'em coming, Toontown!!!

princess precioussmirk says:

this is very cool

Maxie Flippercorn says:

I can't wait to get the new catalog! The new shoes and hairdos look really cool!

Petunia says:

;) i love them and can not wait to buy some!

Isaac says:

Owoooo! That is awesome accessories! Fall ones at that! You are such gueinus, Toontown!

Andrew says:

That is AWESOME!!!!!! I can't wait to buy them!

Rosie says:

These are awesome! I can't wait for my new cattelog!

Dinosaur Chihuahua says:

This is so cool! Will there be winter accessories?

ToonCouncil says:

We'll have to check with Clarabelle on that, Dinosaur Chihuahua, but I think it's a pretty good bet... ;)

Master Fireball (105 laff) says:

Oh joy! This is great! I'm already jumpy inside!

Little Tubby Dizzenspeed says:

WOW it looks cool. i have seen people wearing these. I'D LOVE TO GET THEM! Toons Of The World, Unite!

Gag Master says:

Awesome idea! I can't wait for all the new stuff!!!

peter says:

i hope toon council loves this new catolg bcause i do.

Summer Eclipse says:

Oh my gosh!! I can't wait till my new cattlelog arrives! I better stack up on Jellybeans!

Kaitlin says:

OMG i am SOOOOOOOO excited for the new accesories!

SuperSpunky says:

I can't wait until Sunday to get my new cattlelog and walk around with the new accessories :D

Webby Debby (101 Laff) says:

Awesome! Thank you SO much for the new accessories. They're toontastic! Can't wait to buy them!!! Toons of the world, unite!

Crazy Furball Dandypoof says:

Wow! That is so neat. Although I haven't gotten my cattlelog yet, I can't wait to. Thanks to all you in toon HQ for doing so much for us toons! (Resistance salute!) TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! -Crazy Furball Dandypoof

Lady Marigold Lemonmuffin says:

AHH! These just look so awesome!!!! I can't wait to order some!!!!!!

mason says:

alright i cant wait to i buy them i am liking them already

Kidney says:

I love those new accessories but sadly I don't have membership to buy those brand new wonderful accessories on my other toon :-( But I'm looking forward to stocking up on beans for my new cattlelog :-)

Princess Rosie(23 laff) says:

Cool! They seem great!

Magic says:

Wow, these look toontastic!!

Dynoburger says:


Maddy says:

Flippy! Thank you so much!!! I haven't gotten my new cattlelog yet. But I can't wait until I do! Again, thank you so much!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! You guys are so creative.

Maddy(57 laff) says:

I have seen lots of people wearing the Rainbow wings.. And the hats... And the bows.. Haha I can't wait

Master Butch Rockenspeed says:

i want roman helmet O_o

Cream Caramel says:

This is SO awesome and its a cool fall theme! :D I hope theres more to come! Whats your favorite fall accessorie flippy?

Cookie Dough says:

Wow, I can't wait to buy them! You have really out done yourself Toontoown with all your AWESOME accessories!

Bizzy ( periwinkle rabbit 116 ) says:

No way! These accessories can't get any more wackier! :D

Toony Loony says:

AWESOME.......I can't wait for these new accessories! :D

max electroscooter says:

FINALLY NEW ACCESSORIES! i've been waiting for some.thank you clarabelle!

Aundrea says:

OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so happy!! I will be on the trolly all day!

Queen Jessica Jade says:

That is super duper cool! i can't wait to get my next cattlelog. I can't wait to get a new hair-do and a mask!

Big McMuffin says:

I can not wait. I may be the new toon in town, but i will be in style!

frankie stein says:

wow thats so cool! i love getting more accessories. i wish they could make some high heels for toons.

candy says:

now i can look more toontastic with these wonderful accessories! :) thanks clarabelle!

Pickles says:

Cool! Autumn is my favorite season and I LOVE the accessories!! :D Also if it's winter or spring are you going to make matching accessories as well? I hope so!!

Halloween says:

OMG, thank you so much! these cool accessories will now make me more "Halloween-ish" Thank you clarabelle or toon council!

Lol says:

Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! Seriously... exactly the items I wanted.

Princess Gwen says:

I've seen one toon wearing these new accessories, and they look TOONTASTIC!

PrincessCandy says:

This new accessories aree just fabulous i cant wait until they come in my cattlelog i am saving my jellybeans for them! :)

King Fireball (LP114) says:

COOL! i have a membership and i am going to use it when the cattlelog is here and ive never been posted

canon says:

the new accesseries are look awesome!!!!!!!! cant wait for my next cattlelog

Sir Oinkerton says:

Wow, I'm not a member right now and I already love these accessories! I hope to get membership and my next Cattlelog to try gear-up my toon!

Hot Chili Pepper says:

it looks really cool :D i like the pink bookbag and the yellow hightops

Prof. Jake Wildnugget says:


Madison says:


Sunlight says:

Cool! I have been waiting for new accessories ever since they wrote it in the Toon News!! I cant wait for a Halloween that will be Boo-tiful!

Green Mouse (104 laff) says:

I just got my new accessories today. They are awesome!!! Thanks for putting them on the Game :D

Cardian Kitty says:

I just got them in my Cattlelog! I love them, they're all so cute! I'm wearing the Rainbow Angel Wings and Spider Antenna Thingy... I think I look funny... a Spidery, Angel kitty :P

Lemontoon says:

Cool accessories!

Cyclops says:

I'm wearing the Fall accessories now! They look Toontastic on me! Just wait till my friends see them!

Pearl says:

These new accessories are TOONTASTIC!! :)

Princess Fancy McQuack says:

None of my cattelogs have them. I cannot wait to see them though! THANKS CLARABELL!

Little Furball Giggletwist says:

"Hi all toons! I am so excited for the fall toon accessories! I love toontown and how nice and caring every single toon is! :D Hope to see ya around!" -Little Furball Giggletwist

Sir Oinkerton says:

Wow, these new accessories are awesome! I especially want those Bat Wings! Lets just hope I can afford them :P

Fancy Supersticks (107) laff says:

YAY! I cannot wait until i get mine! thanks toontown so much! You guys bring a smile on my face everytime! (Except when the cogs make me sad) but i still get happy so thanks so much, i cant wait to show off me accesories to my friends! it will bring good laughs!

Prof. Dandybrains says:

Cool, new accessories! I'm going tio check them out!

Violet says:

GOT EM YESTURDAY SO EXCITED DOING BEAN TASKS ONLY JUST TO GET EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the wig its the Bee stuff i want :) Im thinking about being a Black Cat for halloween in real! :) So many costumes to choose BUT CANT PICK ANY

Rocco (103 laff) says:

Wow, I'm going to ride the trolley all day today to get alot of jellybeans for these awesome accessories!

Waldo says:

i love the wizard hat

Brittany says:

Hairdos!?!?!?!? Secret Identity masks!?!?!? Ya'll have read my mind!!!! Wow!!!!!! :D!

Coconut says:

One of my new toons has the accessories and i cant wait 'til all my toons my toons have them :D

Rocket says:

Thats really cool, im gonna see if theres some i like :D

martha says:

That's awesome! I bought ALOT of accessories! :D thanks, Flippy.

Ginger says:

These r like awesome! I think that in the next new set of accessories, u should come out with more colored bows to match more outfits. All the girls love them!

Super Skimpy Sourswirl says:

OMG These are so awesome I can't wait to become a member amd buy these accessories!!!! :D:D:D

sam says:

wow these new accessories are so awesome i can't wait to get them

Litlle Pancake Sparklenoodle says:


Justin says:

I love this stuff thats coming out!! I just cant wait get them :P

bingo says:

thats so cool i can't wiet

duke fireball says:

i want to earn jellybeans fast to buy these cool looks

cesar says:

wow it is cool

Pancake (37 laff) says:


Brennen(109) says:

OMG!! New Accessories! Thanks Toontown! Sadley I'm not a member anymore, but when I get my next membership, I will buy much accessories as I possibly can!

Little Wondermuffin says:

OMGEE! ToonTown ROCKS!! Best ideas ever!!!!

Little Skids says:

They are awesome! Thank you!