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Don’t Forget to Open Your Cannon Gift!
Fire off a 21-Toon salute with Estate Cannons – we’ll even buy them for you! Just go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER to receive 48 hours of cannon rentals at your Estate!
You don’t have to use all 48 hours, but if you do, you’ll probably be a REALLY great shot!

Posted on December 17, 2010 to:

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Bob says:

Wow , its toontastic !!! i love the cannon !!!

miss midnight blackstar (39 laff) says:

i opened my cannon gift, crash and burn! i even had cannon party thanks toontown!

ToonCouncil says:

Glad to hear you're having fun, miss midnight blackstar. Winter Holidays is the perfect time to have a cannon party!

flappy dizzyseed says:

do you need to be a member to get it plesae answer

bowwow says:

sweet ty for the gift toontown

Twilight says:

Whoa! CANNONS? This is awesome! So totally awesome! So let's see, getting something that normally costs 1000 jellybeans for free? No, I must've heard wrong..... No I didn't! A dream come true? Flippy, what is your highest cannon score?

Hero Of Time says:

Can we keep the cannons for ever??????????? Cuz I REALLYYYYY WANT TO KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hans says:

Yea i used it a few times already :D you guys i will recomend it because its the best thing in history!! I started toontown 1 month ago but IM LOVING IT (TM) :D TY FLIPPY!!!

Midnight The Badger says:

This is soooo awesome. I kinda feel sorry for toons however, being tossed around like ragdolls but hitting clouds and then whirling around in a circle does look fun.... O_O! LOL! Toons of the world unite! -Midnight The Badger

Drip-Drop says:

omg!!!!!!! i love the free 48 hours of cannons!!!!! thank you flippy!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

Little ned lemon splat says:

Omg That Is So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Gigglewig says:

Wow Toontown! That's SO toontastic!!! I'm gonna enter Winter right now! Thanks Toontown! Maybe I'll even invite some of my friends over! It'll be SUPER awesome!

ToonCouncil says:

A Winter Holiday party sounds like a lot of fun, Princess Gigglewig! With all those cannons, Toons are bound to have a BLAST!

Colonel Kippy Bizzenglop says:

Awesome!! it's like getting 1000 jellybeans free! Great winter holiday gift :)

Candy Dinglemuffin says:

yay! i'm so excited! Flippy i have a question for you: if you do a 48 hour party cannon code, and our time is up can we do it again? just curious

Lady Cuddles Hulasnoop says:

this is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My cannons are already gone ): But they were so MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yippie Crinklepretzel (23 laff) says:

Toontastic! I entered the code, then 2 days later I wanted more so, I entered it again! Yay! I had a BLAST!

Queen Roxy says:

This is so so toontastic! I got mine and it really works! I am so so happy. By the way, can you use this code anytime? Thanks tooncouncil. You rock!

Master Popcorn says:

Very cool. Who knows there could be another time where we can have something like a canon

captain max electrospeed and silly dizzy electrospeed and princess sandy electrospeed says:

yes!!! finaly i dont have to pay 1000 jellybeans, this is awesome

prof. c.w. says:

i write winter on enter code and it worked thank you filppy

Master Jake says:

I already got my cannon gift. It's so cool! Now i don't have to go searching for laff points anymore!

ToonCouncil says:

That sounds great, Master Jake! Now you can be a perfect shot at cannons!

lily says:

i got 4 or 3 toons and 2 got it and no you don't need to be a member flappy dizzyseed

Gary says:

Awesome I love cannons thanks!

C.J. says:

SWEET!!! It's awsome. Thanks Toontown. :) BOOM!!

Cool Ernie says:

WOW, that rocks!!!!!!! :D

cliff twiddletoon says:

i have not opened mine yet but i have a question,can you save your cannon as long as you want? please reply flippy

chance says:

This is so cool. I must of hit my head and I am dreming. I hope not. PS if you see this do it i wish i could

Ethan says:


ToonCouncil says:

You're welcome, Ethan!

Dottie says:

The Cannons are so fun I am having a BLAST.

Big Pancake 105 Laff yellow bear says:

Although I already have cannons on most of my toons, thanks for an extra set. Hope everyone enjoys them. ~ Big Pancake

funkitty says:

were do you type winter

Electro-Shock says:

Wow! this is awesome thanks toons! :3

Queen WeaselFoot says:

Wow! That's awesome! I've had cannons many times before on different toons! But getting them free, that's even better! AWESOME

cleo says:

i love it is so cool :)

PrincessCandyLemonPop says:

Awesome! I can't wait! The cannons are my favorite!

Cool Ginger Thunderbump says:

AWESOME and thnx! My high score(only one more toon witnessed it) is at least 9,000 -_- Still Flippy,do you have some pointers in doing this?

ToonCouncil says:

Keep practicing, Cool Ginger Thunderbump. And before you know it, you'll have the highest score EVER!

Silly CJ says:

Wow! What a great chance for us non-members to experience cannon fun! I wonder how long it will last!

Miss Bubbles Fizzleswirl says:

Umm you can enter the Cannon Code (WINTER) more than once in your schtiker (didn't spell right don't know how. :P ) ty it helps tho! XD

Fat Fluffy Crunchypretzel says:

this is toontatic!!!!!! i lobe cannons but i cant ever buy them because theyre so expensive...thankyou toontown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bagelmuffin says:

OMG! I'm about to open my present! Maybe I'll invite other toons... if they're lucky :P

Princess Melody says:

This is great! I can just put in the code, then WHOOSH!!! It comes through the mail and I didn't even have to spend any jellybeans! Thanks, Toontown! Toons of the world, have a blast!!! (lol get it? you can blast outta cannons? Get it?!)

thunderfidget says:

this is nuts!!! i don't have to spend a single bean! and flappy dizzyseed, you dont have to be member.



Quackers (yellow duck,44 laff) says:

thats awesome:-) now i no how important it is 2 read the "whats new" section. some poor toon could be paying 1000 jellybeans when he could b getting it 4 free U HEAR THAT!? READ THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

ToonCouncil says:

That's right, Quackers! Reading What's New tells you all the awesome, Toontastic things happening in Toontown. Don't want Toons missing out on all the cool stuff!

Nico says:

Hot Digity Dog!!!!! I LUV CANNOS!!=) What will the next pressie??? pleaze answer!!

Good Ol' River says:

Thanks toontown! Me and my son love it! We wish you a Merry Christmas! P.S. We want to thank you with a carol! Deck the halls with Seltzer Spray! Happy Winter Holiday!

Sweet Candy (137 laff slate blue dog) says:

OMG! OMG! since all of my toons r in the same neighborhood,we share it. -_- tho i had so much fun!!! i told all my friends about it. and then, guess wat? 2i, thats right, 21 of my friends came to see it! i put a smile on my face, cuz it was a busy neighborhood for 8 days. im still doing it! Thanks toon counsil. TYVM! TOTWU! ~ Sweet Candy ( call me Moondust, plz )

Gingerbread says:

That's just Toontastic! And just for the occasion, I wrote a holiday carol! Enjoy!.. May the Holiday Season bring you great cheer! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! ‘Tis the season for miracles—some small and some great! Get out the garlands and don’t be late! Sing out to the world, for all to hear! Embrace the magic of a New Year! ‘Tis the season to be blissful and jolly, So deck the halls with boughs of holly! May this Winter Season be joyous and bright, Spread some holiday cheer with some love and light! Beware the mistletoe and as we bid adieu, May your Holiday Wishes soon come true! Happy Holidays everyone! And to all, a good night! Love, Gingerbread.

ToonCouncil says:

That's a Toontastic holiday carol, Gingerbread! Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Coolnickelcrash says:

This looks like real fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

sydney says:

lol super cool to all of you out there happy HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Rainbow says:

RIGHTEOUS!!!! I usually don't have enough jellybeans for cannons, but now i can have them thanks to Toontown!

Princess Lily says:

Wow! I really put the code in and guess what! I did get 48 hours of shoting! It's so fun. All I did was put in the code "WINTER", and poof there it was. You should try it. But it's only 48 hours of fun, so start shoting before it's over!

Max DandyToon says:

this is so COOL!!!! i got the gift then i had a house party and then two days later i typed the code in again and it let me get another cannon!!!! ty TOONTOWN.

Little Bert Nicklefoot says:

This is AWESOME! 48 hours of free cannons!! One word to sum it up: Toontastic!

Melody says:

I love this I go to my home everyday to play! But i also feel sad when it's gone. I love to see other toons' high score because it's toontastic! I hope I get to use it again next year! I love to compete with other players because we always have so much fun! Toons of the world UNITE! Please post and reply Your hardworking toon, Melody

bulldog says:

heyyy im happyy noww i can get a cannon by just doing winterr so easy!!!!!!

Tooncast says:

I love cannons!!!

coral cat says:

If you want, when the cannons go away and you want to try again, Just put the code Winter again. In minutes, you will have as many Cannons as needed. ; ) trust me, I tried it.

ToonCouncil says:

You're a very helpful Toon, coral cat!

Rainbow says:

I ORDERED THE CANNONS TODAY!!! They just arrived NOW!!!!!! Me and my friend phil are already having a BLAST!!!!! Hee hee! They are SOO COOL! Flippy... why cant we just BUY the cannons instead of winning them?

Super Buzz ThunderJinks says:

TOONTASTIC! :D! I love cannons! I just finished my 48 hours! Thanks Toontown Online! U ROCK!

Petuina says:

Its a totally an awesome gift!

super alvin mac flapper says:

I got the cannons one time and then I got the cannons again! And when the cannons rent was over you could get it again by doing the code winter over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky says:

I already got it 2 times!It's really fun!I got 9800 once!

Princess (120 laff) says:

LOL these cannons are awesome!!!!:) I use and use them and the fun never stops!!!! :D

Brown Dog says:


Doctor Flapjack Wackyquack (105 laff) says:

AWESOME!!!!!! Icant belive they would do this for FREE!!!!!! GO TOONTOWN

sir yippe sourhopper says:

i love using the code .I used it 3 times.

josh says:


Tiger (18 laff) says:

the cannon was great! im not really good at that but i think i have improved!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!! ( and make those cogs go bye bye, maybe by shooting em outta a CANNON! )

Doggy says:

i fired myself out a cannon and i landed on my house then the pond lol

Vanessa says:

I GOT THE CANNON CODE! AND I HAVE IT! I TRIED TO GET MORE BY DOING THE CODE ON MY OTHER TOON but it did not work. :( Oh well. Ill try again soon. I was afraid of heights so i went on the cannon low but not that low, So flippy, What's your favorite holiday event? I like the night life event, i think the stars were beautiful. :) Please Post!

Trixie says:

Im Saving Mine For TOONMAS xD

Ladybug says:

Flippy? Do I have to punch the code in before Christmas? Merry Christmas to you Flippy!!!!!! Please write back!!!!!! I have never gotten a comment back from you!!

clary says:

WOW! I cant wait! thank you Flippy! I have never had my own party canon at my house before!

moonpaw says:

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O O_O :)

Woodstock says:

WHOA!!!! thats awesome! XD

Starry Knight says:

I got the cannons already! AND THEY ARE COOL! I held a party with my friends, and we had FUN! Hey Flippy? Are you gonna have a party with cannons? Happy Winter Holiday! Love Starry Knight

Khayden says:

I love to cannon!Its really fun bumping into the clouds and getting jellybeans!

Coconut Sparklemuffin says:

Thats sooo cool! Gonna try that right now!

Candy says:

Im SO saving this TOONTASTIC gift for CHRISTMAS DAY! It's the best thing EVER!!! TOONS of the WORLD UNITE!!

Amy says:

I love the cannons! I wanna keep them forever! I keep telling my friends to come over to my house! I'll tell more and more people about toontown! I'm having a BLAST! Toons of the world... UNITE! Sincererly, Amy

ToonCouncil says:

You're right, Amy! Toons sure are having a BLAST with the cannons!

Bo says:

thanks flippy this is awesome! I love the cannons!

King Lloyd says:


Victor says:

Wow that was awsome especially to heal my laff

Mandy says:

can you keep opening this or does it only work once?

Leonordo says:

you can use this code more than one time