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Crunching Cashbots Invade!

Toon Resistance reports are confirmed: 
numerous Number Crunchers invade Toontown today!
Number Crunchers

Every year, those calculating Number Crunchers get extra hungry on April 15th. We're not sure why, but we are sure that their multiplying numbers always add up to a lot of trouble!

Toons, stand up and be counted –  don’t let those crunching Cashbots divide and crunch our numbers!

For invasion times and Safe Zones, see the Toon Resistance report in the new
Toon News... For the Amused!
inside Toontown.

Posted on April 15, 2013 to:

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Cookiez says:

I'm not suggesting that the Cogs are helpful, But these invasions sure do help my gags develop!

Queen Rainbow Featherjinks (55 laff) says:

OH YEAH i need ten number crunchers so woo hooo!!!!!!!!! But you guys that need help I wish you good luck now Toons of the world unite!!!

Foggy Doggy says:

Don't you know in here in TOONtown us toons should be tax deductible?! We're going to crush you number crunchers. :)

Mr. Rickey says:

I know why :P because its tax day!!!

Cupcake (i dont remember laff.) says:

Aw man!!!! i hate number crunchers i even got tried when i tryied to defeat one with a high toon he tooned me but then i got tried

Angel (15 laff) says:

Really? Number Crunchers? It had to be them didnt it. Cuz there so hard to defeat! Good luck everyone to try and defeat thoose crunchers! So Toons of the world unite!

Queen Lollipop Bananamonkey says:

Thank you very much! Mega invasion help many toons out so so much! We appricate the invasion! Thank you very much!! :D

Smorez (67 laff) says:

Number Crunchers! Wow! I need them for my task so this will help me! Toons of the world, beat cogs!

Omar says:


Lancelot thundermarble 106 Laff says:

I have a few ways to stop these number crunchers. Counter them with a cake, smash 'em with a safe, strike 'em with a storm cloud, and bash them with a big weight. Let's see those bad bots try and take us down! Toons of the world unite!

Cool Lollipop Glittersprinkles says:

Cool!!! I always LOVE mega invasions! But it had to be Number Crunchers?

Lil Daddys Girl (105 Laff) says:

Oh yeah! Invasions and double skill credit - can't wait to level up! :)

Quacker says:

Its because of tax day...

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

I'm Gonna Cruch Their Numbers! ;)

Little Peanut says:

Time to break out the wedding cakes >:3

Princess Fancy Feathersprinkles says:

Ugh, how about some Bean Counters? I need about a million of them, at least it seems like it.

Selena ( Lavender cat ) says:

Tax Day OBVIOUSLY you guys did that to uh.. AMUSE US? :D

lady jinxsnout (LJS) says:

we will destroy them and they will go KABOOMY!!!

Cool Chroma (54 Laff) says:

*chuckle* We'll be sure to defeat those silly little Number Crunchers! I've been through the coin mint TWICE, so I know how hard it is. If those Cogs think they can crunch us down, they should THINK AGAIN! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Mousey says:

Thanks for the Number Crunchers! I bet those toons who need Number Crunchers will be delighted!

poppenhoffer says:

Do you Number Crunchers really think you can add up your forces and take over ToonTown? Well think again! Beacause we are going to subtract your army and the divide the cog buildings you make in half!

JellyRoll LemonBump says:

I Saw Number Cruncher Invade! It Helped Me Get My Last Throw And Squirt Gag! Now I Can Get Them By Getting 500 Points. Its Hard To Get 500 Points But Its Not. Just Try Your Best To Get 500 Points!

King tricky funnytooth-55 laff says:

Just in time to bust out my new banana peel and rake gags.Toons of the world, gag up!

wilbur says:

hmm maybe they know its tax day today... Oh my I forgot to pay my taxes wait never mind im not a cog.... oh wait I got to get some gags! toons of the world unite!

wilbur says:

hmm maybe they know its tax day today... Oh my I forgot to pay my taxes wait never mind im not a cog.... oh wait I got to get some gags! toons of the world unite!

master says:

i need 500 cash bots so this should be helping

Yellowtoad says:

wow they must be coming cause of tax day now i just hope they don't put taxes on our accessories :O!

Prof. Popcorn (76 Laff) says:

I need about thirty Number Crunchers, I wish every Toon good luck with bashing those Cogs!

Rosebud (110 Laff) says:

Number crunchers.. Hmm, I might do some crunching on those numbers. I'll add those numbers up to my lure and get hypno goggles >:3

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot ( 78 laff ) says:

I did a ToonTask that had to let you defeat 30 Number Crunchers. Fighting the Number Crunchers was fun! Low toons need to stay in the Safe Zones at all times today.

Jasmine The Present Fairy says:

Yes! Now I can finish my toon task! Thanks!

magical crocodile says:

Oh no! I better fill up my gags and get going I better get some friends too! toons of the World Unite!!

Silly Ricky (69 laff) says:

Thanks I needed to deafeat 75 cashbots.

Jasmine The Present Fairy (70) says:

Oh you Number Crunchers, you can't defeat me and my friends. Your numbers are too tiny. I can beat you in a pie! Go cry to your C.F.O. and say "Those toons are coming after you!" We will be READY at ALL TIMES. You can't crunch our laff. We are growing Stronger. Give up you Silly munchers

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Time to let my cream pies fly! Lets get hoppin'!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Toons of the world, unite! We can beat these crunchers!

Enterprise (91 laff) says:

Number crunchers invade? so what I got an organic birthday cake that will bust your counting bolts with laughter! Plus, this will help me train my drop and lure. YAY!!!!! :D

Twilight Tornado says:

It is great destroying these Moving Caculator Number Crunchers! My new toon Twilight Tornado can help devolp gags quickly so he can tackle any cog!

Floss (59 laff purple dog) says:

uh oh! Not the number crunchers! i Betta' get em outta here before they crunch the numbers outta' my laff!

Princess Domino ( 299 laff ) says:

I defeated every single number cruncher in toontown central! Remember Toontown is fun!

Doctor Cranky Wackyflap says:

I think i know why they invade: It is Tax Day, and taxes are crunched numbers.

Chickenwingbaseballhead says:

Of course they invade on April 15th. It's Taxes Day!

Crazy Candy LemonBubble says:

I hope this goes by quick.

captain crankyfuzzysnooker says:

those Cogs are high leveled so use your strong gags

Duke says:

At least it's not a Robber Baron invasion! That would be scary!

Jaden says:

i love the details in the cogs! i think this will be so fun!

Hop says:

Hmm... Well crunchers weren't that bad. I need to train sound, so something small like cold callers would be nice, so I can go in the Brrrgh and not have to worry. lol

Mysterious says:

I don't need any for toontasks, but there is always gag training! :) Bring it on number crunchers!!! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Prince Lemonquack says:

( reply to Lancelot Thundermarble ) But i don't have those gags yet! but i have a trick up my sleeve... LURE WHOLE CREAM PIE COMBO!!!

Lighting (110) says:

Well it's over but the battle rages on.......