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Cold Callers Come A-Callin'
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BRRR-ring! That's the call of the most chilling of Cogs – the Cold Caller!


The unseasonably wacky winter weather seems to be calling forth these frosty fellows in force. Invading Cold Callers plan to put Toontown in a deep freeze on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 at these times:
              2am - 5am         12pm - 3pm         6pm - 9pm      (all Pacific Time)

If you'd like to avoid the icy invaders altogether, the Resistance Rangers have melted these Districts into safe zones:

Crazy Grove

Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

Silly Valley Zany Acres


The Toon Resistance recommends keeping your Squirting Flower gags thawed out and ready. After all, water melts ice and rusts robot parts!

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Noel says:

These Cold Callers caused enough trouble when I was a young toon. Let's bust them!

Meow Meow says:

Im ready for these invasions!

prof.gradios says:

i think we should kaboom all of these cold callers and get them back to their base where they belong

queen amy says:

Lets destroy these cold callers with our gags!!!!

Queen amy says:

lets bust these cogs!

Princess Sandy Jeeperhopper ( 76 laff ) says:

These Cold Callers are about to get a freezing of their own!

Bignose says:

These Cogs won't stop, will they? Even in the end, they continue to wage this war with us. Why can't we all just get along? Oh well, send in the safes!

Sir Skids says:

They're not too hard to fight but they can cause trouble to toons with small laff points. I may not be a toon ranger but that doesn't mean I can't help those in need. I'll do whatever it takes to keep toons smiling.

Lady Sandy Peppertwist says:

Cold callers, ah such sweet memories. DESTROY THEM! Cogs drool and toons rule! Toons of the World Unite!

Anaengelna ( 100 laff points trap less ) says:

Cold Callers? Piece of cake i can bust them up in my sleep! Alright Toons get your pies all warmed up, we got a cool situation on our hands.

Electrocrash says:

Let's take down the Cogs one last time! Toons of the world, Unite! Those Cold Callers won't know what hit em'

Melody says: says:

Cool! also thanks for telling us the districts that are safe!

Electrocrash says:

Let's take down the Cogs one last time! Toons of the world, Unite! Those Cold Callers won't know what hit em'

Bubbles Sparklenerd (88 Laff) says:

Ha! I could bust those good for nothin' cogs in my sleep! Ready your gags, toons!

Scientist Domino says:

Cold Callers? Is that all you've got, cogs? I want to actually have a challenge! They must have a plan... This has to be a cover-up for something bigger. Toons of the world, Unite!

Chris ( 137 Laff ) says:

Cold Callers? I can take them down any day, any time, any where! I could develop my smaller Toons gags, Though. Gag Training! I might also help other smaller Toons in Toontown Central. Try to take us down, Cold Callers!

Super Toon Laff ( 109 ) says:

Toons of the world unite!

Mousey says:

Looks like I could sure use a helping hand with invasion bonuses in Cog Headquarters. Thanks!

Tas says:

Ha, time for a good seltzer in the face.

Fluffy (41 laff) says:

Im ready Cold Callers!

Cheese Cake says:

These invasions are a great time to stock up on some stock options and jury notices!

Little Buzz Fuzzyslam says:

You bet your buttons these Cold Callers will be creamed by cream pies!!!

Omar says:

Cold Callers? HA! That will be easy!

Moon Berry says:

I'm gonna get PLENTY of merits during these invasions! :D

Cutie (17 LAFF) says:

Oh my! Cold Callers! :-0 :0 =0

fat coconut crunchy bubble says:

man these cold callers really need to CHILL OUT!

noisy popcorn zippengoose says:

Lets bust those cogs!

Super Tom (104 laff) says:

I've had enough of these cogs and their silly invasions and evil cog plans! We ALWAYS foil them!!! Won't they ever learn? Not from what I'm seeing. It's time to show them the TRUE meaning of fun..., with high-flying pies and cakes, slippery bananas, and, best of all, our squirting flower gags! Who's ready?

Sea Green Mouse (Sir cheesetoon) says:

Deck the halls with squirting flowers, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to bust some cogs, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Master Spotty Dingleklunk says:

Brrrgggh! I was frozen by this Cog one time!

Baron Fancy Snifflenerd says:

i LAUGH at Cold Callers! Bring it on Popsicles!

Princess Ladybug says:

Looks like we've got an easy situation on our hands! Time to battle some cool-tempered Cogs!

Midnight says:

Time to stock up on some gags for these invasions :D Toons of the world unite!

Toon (53 laff) says:

Wow Flippy! Those cogs wont let up will they? Well I'm almost done with obtaining trap from those pesky HQ officers and will soon be able to show those Cold Callers

Mister Batty Trickyteeth says:

The cogs won't stop. Toontown's last days will have cogs to fight. We can do it! I will miss you toontown! Cold Callers are easy to fight.

Vans ( 136 ) says:

Double gag points tho <3

Grannyjeeperdoodle (59 laff ) says:

Wow! This is perfect for my toontask! Defeat 31 sellbots in the Brrrrgh! THANKS FLIP O BUDDY! Btw toons load up pies seltzer bottles hypno goggles and more for these nasty little cogs who still have revenge on us! Come on toons dont give up we can do this! P.S sorry this was too long

Deputy Oscar Electrohopper says:

This will also allow Toons to get the Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, and Stock Options to face some last-minute bosses before the game closes. Genius! I never thought I'd say this, but... Thank you, Cogs!

Tim says:

you've heard it Toons lets get those Cold-hearted Cold Callers.

Purple Kit says:

Let's send those pesky Cold Callers back to where they belong! Or, in-fact, put an end to 'em once and for all!!!

Cheezypop (52 laff) says:

These cogs never learn, Do they? I'm ready to bust some cold cogs!

Meow Meow (135 Laff - Trapless) says:

Good that there's invasions! I can train gags on my smaller toon now!

Teardrop (111 laff) says:

Highly likely that some higher cog is controlling these weaker cogs from the shadows, like a puppet master. At least these invasions will help with getting double points from those bullion mints.

Flapjack says:

These Cogs won't stop, will they? Even in the end, they continue to wage this war with us. Why can't we all just get along? Oh well, send in the safes!

Fat Peanut says:

Those rotten Cogs! I'm ready to bust open their metal suits with my Cupcakes!

Ozzie says:

Sure, these cogs may not be so tough, but we need to keep on our guard, just in case some higher cogs are pulling the strings! Remember the Glad Handers from earlier?

Miss Tina says:

im going to throw pies in your face cold caller!!!!! :-)

Doctor Wally says:

This is great for buildings and i can now do a level 5!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 114 laff ) says:

These guys used to cause trouble for me when I was low! I'm armed and ready with gags. Watch out, Cold Callers!

Maximillian says:

We need to stop these cogs. They are trouble.

Freedom Flag (63 laff) says:

Okay, I'm ready, Toon Resistance! Let's do this!

Furry Paws says:

Knock-Knock! Whose there? Cool! Cool who? Cool are you going to battle? THE COLD CALLERS!

Sierra says:

Let's bust those Cold Callers!! I wish TT didn't have to end though..

little tom thunderchomp says:

this is cool. bring them cool callers. yeah!

domino mcton says:

didn't see THAT coming o_o

King Max says:

Bring it on you cold hearted cogs...

roxy says:

yay! I love cold callers :) toontown is so fun! I heart toontown!

roxy says:

YAY! time to squirt some cogs!!! toontown is so fun!

master lloyd says:

it is the last month of toontown and i wont let the cogs ruin it! we will defeat you cogs!!!

Super Skippy Dandy Screech (75L) says:

Well then... let's thaw these popsicles.

Artemis (105 Laff) says:

Ha! I laugh at Cold Callers. Once you've been around long enough to get higher gags, you start thinking of level 1 cogs as children cogs! Bring it on, you Mr. Hollywoods! I know you're behind this!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Time to buy some gags!!! :D

Azure - 110 Laff says:

Cold Callers? Ha! You're joking, right?! Oh wait, it's real? Ha, that just made me laugh even harder! Time to break out those birthday cakes!

Rosie Rhino Spinner says:

Cold Callers wont ever get away with it this time! It's time to bust those cogs with our gags! Toons of the world unite!

Shadow Angel says:


BigBonzo MacCrash says:

We can do it!

Sheriff Super Fun Toon says:

The cogs need to be WARMED!

Miss Bonnie says:

Another mega invasion? That's OK, I know what to do.

princess whiskers says:

ugh cold callers we will get yall cogs!!

Sable says:

this will be fun. :P

king fire ball ( 78 laff ) says:

wow this is a great way for me to get points for gags double points yay!

Lolipop Lemon Swirl says:

WOW! I was training drop! Now i can! lower cogs, Never missed, Double points! :) Thanks!

ricky glttersnoop says:

after that i saw an invasion full of cold callers and another inasion of them wow

twilight ( 65 laff ) says:

black cat??!?! never been one before XD

Skylight says:

lets get 'em!