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Cogs Call a Toon Truce?!

Sellbots love to seal a deal - and it looks like the Cogs have sent out Glad Handers to call a truce with Toons?!Cog truce

After all these ten-tastic years, are the Cogs finally ready to make peace?
Or is this another tricky trap from those geared-up goons?


We can't get a grip on this handful of a development... what do YOU think?

Posted on June 26, 2013 to:

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Puppy Dawg says:

We should befriend the Sellbots!!!

TheCogs says:

We are so glad to hear you say that. Let's shake on it, Puppy Dawg...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

I think those cogs are just trying to get our guards down so they can attack! I say we keep our seltzer and pies prepared for anything suspicious!

King Fireball says:

I ain't gonna fall for those guys cause they may tricky those gears up!

Rosie says:

I think they are just tricking us into a fight of the cogs.

Ginger ( 55 laffer ) says:

I think they send Glad Handers out to trick us because their name is GLAD HANDER.

master electrozapper says:

hmmm,well those cogs BETTER make peace or they will get BUSTED @[email protected]

Fangs Eletrcomash says:

I think the sellbots are trying to let our guard down and then BOOM! ToonTown is in their hands. Keep your guard up Toons and be safe.

TheCogs says:

Get a grip, Fangs Eletrcomash. We are only here to lend Toons a hand. Let's seal the deal, shall we?

- - end Cog transmission - -

Larry The Blue Dog says:

Whoa, no way! They're really surrendering? I thought us Toons were made for fighting Cogs, not making friends with them! But if this really is a truce, this could change the perspective on ToonTown forever! Maybe you could even become friends with a Cog- *gasp* -and their estates would be Cog Buildings and Dominiums,

Rocky says:

Lies. They're gonna pull a fast one.

Ginger Catish says:

Maybe the cogs know something we don't! Maybe they're calling a truce to help us when a new enemy comes! I guess we'll have to stay tooned.

TheCogs says:

Why yes, that's it. What you said, funny friend Toon. You see? We Cogs can be quite handy to you Toons...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Fuzzypounce says:

Wow! I can't believe this. They would ACTUALLY THINK that we would fall for this trick. I think its like " oh, hi, I'm a cog, and I want to be your friend." then BOOM, your gags are gone, even from the garden. BE PREPERED!

Rainbow Berry says:

I am shocked right now. I can't believe that those cogs are actually calling a truce! But, still I am going to keep my fruit pie out anyways, just in case.

Oscar says:

...Even if we befriend them, i'm still gonna end up doing VP >:D

Crazy Huddles Jumblechomp says:

I don't know... Maybe they're just trying to get their own Field Offices!

Fluffy Bananamuffin says:

im pretty sure that these cogs are still gonna be evil :I

Bonnie says:

Oh my! The cogs are calling truce?! I must be dreaming! But anyway, I'm not so sure if I'm going to trust them yet, after all, they could be helping us, or they could be thinking of ways to take Toontown for their not-so-toony ways. Whatever you do, I would recommend to keep some type of gag close by! I know I will.

ToonCouncil says:

Sounds like Toontastic advice to me, Bonnie! My seltzer bottle is staying within arm's reach...

TheCogs says:

You are one Toon we would be very glad to show our handiwork, Flippy. Now sit. Shake. Nice doggy.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Storm says:

I'm all for a REAL truce, but I'd keep our gags ready anyways! Who knows what tricks they're going to pull on us when we befriend them?

Emma says:

This has to be a trick! I'm not falling for any of their cog schemes! I have my organic wedding cake at hand and i'm not putting it away!

Miss Violet says:

I think that it could be that something is going to happen, or they are greedy METAL PEOPLE who want Toontown all for themselves.

MouseMan says:

I think we should give them a chance :)

TheCogs says:

Very glad to hear it, funny Toon friend. Care to shake on that?

- - end Cog transmission - -

Cajun Rabbit says:

I wish the cogs would turn on themselves! lol

Huskiesrock says:

It's probably a trick. It will probably be a mega invasion or something.

Wingedshadow says:

i smell a trick!

Reni says:

Let's knock em out.

Trouble says:

These cogs are tricking us! Don't fall for it people! Don't!

Captain Presto says:

No we shouldn't friend them. We shall fight on!!

Raven Featherswirl says:

No... This must not happen.. I'm gathering up a group right now incase it happens. But I hope it's just a trick!

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

I refuse to believe that these cogs want a truce! I'm sure they're planning something big.... I'm not letting my guard down!

Rosebud says:

Hah! I bet the cogs are just trying to make the toons lose the hand of gags and get less, enough to invade Toontown! Stock up on jellybean guys, This is a important mission! :D

Pierre Toppenspinner says:

By the looks of it, it looks suspicious. They picked the Glad Hander by my three theories which I think are right. 1. They picked the Glad Hander because of the name ' Glad Hander ', they like to shake hands. 2. The Glad Hander likes to trick toons. In the picture you see a Glad Hander saying " Put it there, Toon. " 3. They plan a Mega Invasion attack again like a few years ago.

TheCogs says:

Your theories are quite a handful, but we're glad to answer:
1. Glad Handers were sent to make the truce only because we know how to make a handy deal.
2. Just look at that giant glad grin. What's not to trust?
3. Why, that's ancient history. Let's get to the matter at hand, and seal this deal.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Max (106 laff) says:

Hmm... This is suspicious! Should we fight them behind their backs or call it a truce? What would happen if we did truce?

Princess Violet says:

Hmm... sound like trouble. When life give you trouble, make a poem! These cogs might be trickin' us, Is it really worth the fuss? Keep gags and beans prepared... This may be worth the scare!

Midnight Peter says:

Honestly if they really wanted a Toon Truce, The bosses would be the ones to call truce not their cogs

Vilot says:

I think, that if we do befriend the cogs, things are gonna get interesting....

TheCogs says:

Oh yes. Quite interesting indeed.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Fanta (52 laff) says:

I think those cogs are just trying to trick us! Just keep your gags full and be prepared for a nasty trick!

princess furball says:

I don't trust them why do they ick now after all these years to call truce? I wouldn't give up on all my hard work if I was a cog

Hugo says:

Truce? Nah, Toons Rules! Cogs Drool! Go team Toons! Don't trust glad handers.

Sir Skippy Crumbeflapper says:

If that happens, then it will be the end of the fun.

TheCogs says:

Not at all, silly friend Toon. Think of all the many fun hours Toons will spend working in Cog factories, repairing our gears and springs, and even running memos between bosses. You Toons are such speedy little runners after all.
We will be glad to sign a truce with you. Shake on it?

- - end Cog transmission - -

Das says:

No way. Nope. I'm not falling for it.

miss vicky says:

i wonder why the cogs would be ready to make peace be nice?

Owlstrike says:

Hmm... I don't trust them! We should keep our gags ready and our guards up! Who knows what those pesky cogs could do!

Apple says:

Toontown is so awesome! Is it going to get anymore fun?! Going to get more jellybeans! To the trolley! Close gag shops wouldn't be good :o Sorry if I can't defeat as many cogs as you :(

Earth says:

I can't WAIT to see what this is!

Fredrick says:

I bet they're just trying to plan a Glad Hander invasion...

TheCogs says:

Oh, Fredrick, you are one funny Toon. We would be glad to explain it to you better. Right this way, and I will gladly show you some of our Cog handiwork...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Pigster says:

A great idea! Also we shoud actually be able to become friends with cogs.

King Scooter says:

Those Glad Handers still look pretty hostile to me... I'm going to go ahead and agree that we need to keep our guard up, because this still does look suspicious.

TheCogs says:

Hostile? With that warm smile? Off-handedly, I'd say you were mistaken.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Loopy Furball says:

I have a feeling those cogs are up to something big... and it's not peace...

July says:

Toontown's the best game ever! Going to stock up on lots of jellybeans to defeat those nasty cogs. To the trolley, then gag shop I go!End of the cogs rulling will be near.. Good luck tricking us :)

Vil says:

Toontown wouldnt do that! Is it really possible? Gonna get those pies ready just in case. End that act right now Glad Handers!

Selena says:

I'm not falling for those silly cogs tricks!

Dr.Cat says:

I don't know if we can trust the cogs. I mean we been going at witch is better for 10 years! Now out of the blue they want call a truce? I believe them cogs programing could be changed right? Right? Did someone change their program? Anyways If this is true and I believe in the cogs to till the truth. I can't wait to see where this goes. It could end up bad for us toons or good for us. Either way we will be ready

Lucario says:

Wow, that's incredible! Maybe the Cogs do have a soft side. After all, the Cogs never invaded the Playgrounds, while the Toons took down all of the Cog HQs. I wonder if we can befriend the V.P. also!

seagreendog says:

I believe we should give them a chance, i'll wait until we can sign the treaty and see what will happen. Until then, we shall wait. In other words, Glad Hander, I hear your handiwork is amazing. Is that true?

TheCogs says:

Treaty? Oh yes! The treaty!
And yes, our handiwork is quite gripping. You Toons will find us to be very hands-on kinda Cogs.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Captain Mac Bumbersnoop says:

But Glad Handers, why do the cogs want a truce?

TheCogs says:

Why? I think the handwriting is on the wall.

- - end Cog transmission - -

Princess Melody says:

I'm not falling for it!

Kippy Whiskermarble says:

I think we should trust them. Maybe they will help us. If they don't and it's all a lie, we can take them. We have for years. They haven't taken over Toon Town.

Polk A. Band says:

Hmm. Well, according to history, a Toon created cogs for GOOD. Maybe something got swapped?

Vil says:

Toontown wouldnt do that! Is it really possible? Gonna get those pies ready just in case. End that act right now Glad Handers!

Rebel Leader John says:

I suspect a set up, we should keep our gags together in case the cogs try to lower our guards!

Snowfall says:

How can we know if your telling the truth? Only time will tell. Stay tooned, everyone!

Lefty says:

I dont trust GladHanders............

Chip McPounce says:

Hmm, maybe we should give them a chance, but keep the pies in hand, just in case! ;)

Mel says:

I vote we should befriend those Sellbots! I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

TheCogs says:

We'll gladly take you up on that, funny friend Toon. Let's shake on it... I have a very strong grip.

- - end Cog transmission - -

J.C Fumble Flapper says:

After a decade of us blowing them up they want to make a truce now! Have they finally realized their flaw in ways and joined out side? Maybe we can teach cogs how to be more fun and enjoy life more?

Drake says:

Well, cogs in my opinion aren't that bad. All they wanted to do was live in a fun-free office based world where the young cogs could grow up. Anyways, I am sure they know something us toons don't. Could this be a new enemy? Are the cogs frightened? I think we should definitely trust the cogs, but not with any toon secrets! ~Toons and cogs of the wo.. Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself. ~Toons of the world unite!

Disaster says:

Hmmm, toons being friends with cogs? That sounds like trouble! Glad Handers are tricksters! So I wouldn't trust them so easy, I am keeping a few gags with me.

Otto says:

Did you guys read what the Cog said to Flippy up there? huh uh NO WAY! Nobody talks to Flippy like that. Pies are gonna fly!!!

Miss Jellyroll Purplenugget says:

I want to finish my Lawbot task...why can't Lawbots take over? xD

Rusty Robogoose says:

They've planned a mega invasion.

Doctor Scooter Pinkergloop says:

I'm almost positive it's a trap!

Wonderwhatsit says:

I'm pretty skeptical about this-- I mean, listen to these: "Why yes, that's it. What you said, funny friend Toon." , "Treaty? Oh yes! The treaty!" , And, most ridiculous of all, giving away their plan-- "Not at all, silly friend Toon. Think of all the many fun hours Toons will spend working in Cog factories, repairing our gears and springs, and even running memos between bosses. You Toons are such speedy little runners after all." I don't know about you all, but I'm gonna stick to working up my gags and laff.

Samantha says:

Trick!! xD

Kippy Kookyquack says:

I don't trust the Glad Handers!

Weird Jellyroll Fizzlepop says:

I don't know if I trust these cogs! It seems suspicious!

Binka says:

Oh my, how suspicious! What created this turn of events? I must say a treaty would be nice, but, you ever know what these cogs have hidden in their business suit sleeves!

Super Pink [26 laff] says:

I think Flippy and all the toons should say no because maybe they could get your gags and steal them and we cant fight without our gags Imagime even if they take our precious DOODLE. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND SAY NO TO THE COGS AND SAY YES TO THE FUNNY GAGS.

Ugly Wacky Snorkel Burger says:

I think we should all get along!!!

Popcorn says:

HA! Wow cogs wanna be nice to us... NOT. They are just planning on taking over Toontown by taking us off guard. Toons of The Word Unite!

Crazy Candy McZapper says:

Even though fighting cogs with friends has been fun..I think after 10 years its time for a truce! Hopefully they aren't trying to pull a trick on us :(

Snuggley Ivy says:

I think that this is a trick. You how much much the cogs LOVE to tease the toons.

Sunny says:

"Strike a deal?" What's our end? Toontown? No way!

Master Max says:

Something is wrong here... Better keep my eyes on them just in case.

supergrooven says:

Those cogs are trying to trick us :/

furball baglesctoor says:

no! never! you will never have truce its a trap!

Tom Bumblecrump says:

they may actually be wanting to truce. but incase they are wanting to attack, we should always have a pie with us

Littlewacky says:

Surprise Surprise another scheme

Saoirse says:

Did anyone else see what one of the Handers said to Sir Skippy Crumbleflapper? They'll make us clean their sprockets and gears! No fun at all! I don't know about you, but i'll stick to what I do best-- Busting those robots to roBITS!

Zowie says:

Are the cogs gonna make peace? Or are they gonna trick us with there stupid goons!

Smash says:

Wow. Bravo. You cogs seriously make this too good to be true, at least give us more facts, we won't fall for Glad Hander's smile. We know the kind of stuff you Cogs do. I don't care what kind of deals you make, us toons will stick to our wacky cause rather than work for you. - P.S I would rather trust a Backstabber or a Flunky instead of a deal that comes from a Glad Hander.

Sweetie says:

No one really knows. Our long-time rivals could just be fooling us, or they may actually be asking for forgiveness and want to be our ally. Only time will tell what will happen. Perhaps if we did befriend the Cogs, they might become happier. Best to stay tooned in and see what rises from this point.

Electric Shock says:

Oh wow! That seems very interesting! I think the cogs are trying to make the toons fall for it so less cogs are defeated everyday, and they can make new cogs! Sneaky..

Lucky says:

i will make a deal with you glad hander the deal is to stop taking over toontown!

Omar says:

I don't trust the cogs! Its another trap, my heart tells me that!

Isabella says:

No. Don't truce; Cogs are no fun. How can we trust them after all they've done?

Rainbow says:

Hmmm. This is very fishy, they are going to set something up or they want us to join there side!

Midnight says:

From all that time, trying to get us Toons sad and ruining the fun. It down like this? I'm going to give you Cogs a chance but I'm watching you tricky Cogs.

Crazy Dusty Spaklegoober(80laff) says:

Well a truce is tempory meaning i think after 1 second they're gonna start a mega invaion

Kit Cat says:

Oh My! Cogs want a truce? Us Toons should keep some of our Gags near us might come in handy. This might get interesting.

Hyper Blast says:

50% trick 50% true I just cant decide!

Gracey says:

Maybe we could... Hmm.... But what about the other cog types?

lady jinxsnout (LJS) says:

I wonder what this could mean :l But i would want a cog to be my friend ;D

Stinky says:

What have those Glad Handers done that was so kind. I say we hit em with a couple of good gags and save Toontown without cogs in the picture!

Daffy says:

After ten "tentastic" years of Toontown, the Cogs are finally calling a truce? I don't think so. The Glad Handers are not smiling with jolliness, but with evil! I bet they are up to nothing good at all... There will probably be something like a Cog invasion in all the districts!

Cutesnout says:

It's a trick

lily says:

I think we should stand up for our selves and not call a truce. We toons need to save the day. No more cogs! Saving the day is what we do! Bad cogs. If you like this toon council post it please.

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I think they might let our guard down, then they will take all of our gags, then, THERE WILL BE COG INVASIONS, oh no! TOONS! THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY MIGHT BE DOING! What do you think about THAT Cogs?

Bubble sniffin says:

Sellbots are Evil cogs that try to make a good deal out of everything and those gladhanders are very trick so we should not make a deal with them so they can trick us like usual...

Princess Marigold Crunchengrooven says:

Oh no! Glad Handers are starting to roll in? I'm getting my Level 7 Gags right away!

Mr. Greenbean says:

Hey, cogs. I would make peace, but only if I see a paper thats signs VP's, CFO's, CJ's, and CEO's signature on a document that states the cogs will be nice. I will show it to the toon council and see what the do with it.

Noisy Lloyd Fizzlenose says:

Please, come right ahead! Have a visit with us! :p

Flip says:

i cant wait till the cogs are friends with us, unless its a trap to get us off guard and if were off guard there will be a HUGE Glad Hander INVASION!come on toons lets stay on guard and still be happy that they might be friends with us it will be COGTASTIC!!!

Super Max MegaSpeed says:

Don't trust them! Their tricking us! Just when we get to trust them, BAM they are going to invade us! Don't trust the cogs!

titus says:

maybe the sellbots are friendly, im choosing to befriend them

Midnight Maddness says:

Truce? Truce with the Cogs??? How can this happen? Toons, train your Gags so we won't be defeated. We are not going to let the truce happen. These Cogs have a nasty trick for us. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Kenny Toon says:

Well, I say, never trust a Sellbot, or a Cashbot, or a Lawbot, or even a Bossbot!

Skinny Chester Rhinobouncer says:

I agree with Puppy Dawg we should befriend the Sellbots. I would be cool to have some cogs on our side.

chestnut says:

liars. glad handers are liars. i knew there was something behind that fake like grin

Star says:

Are they INSANE!?

Sabrina says:

Oh gosh Maybe we could try to befriend the cogs... but i doubt that will happen.

Lemon juice popsicle says:

Oh no.... Glad Handers. I don't trust them.... They have good dental tho. But they're smile scares me a little so i say get out those cream pies!

Daffy MacBoom says:

Cogs calling truce eh? Alright, we'll play your game, but one wrong move and its a cake to the face cogs!.

Crazy Wacky Dizzyzapper says:

It would be cool to be friends with a cog! I'd become friends with a Flunky so he could do my math homework. XD

sir popcorn says:

I think those Glad Hander cogs are only trying to trick us into befriending them but when all the Toons are fooled...BOOM

loopy crazy wackybee says:

i dont trust them we should all stay together just in case they may try to control everything or take half or all of toontown!

Rainbow says:

I don't know which side to support. If we gave the cogs a chance, we don't know what could happen since we don't know the Future. They may be trying to convince us for now, but we will need more proof, and a Hand Shake Isn't enough Evidence! Until then, Be careful!

Rainbow says:

Did you ever think that there could still be things we don't know? If cogs were once created to be good, then what if their Memory was erased or what If they are being controlled? "Let's Shake on it," "Put it there, Toon." Something about this whole thing just doesn't seem right... We'll just have to see what happens next...

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

Oh, it's too good to be true. Think positive. But that's not stopping me from breaking out the best of my gags. Something big will happen soon. I know it!

Funny Quakers says:

I have all my level 7 gags at hand in case an emergency!

Crystal Chow Chow says:

I'm willing to take up the Cogs' offer, but it's still suspicious they send the GLAD HANDERS of all cogs... Considering they keep stealing Anna's cruise tickets.

Toons Unite says:

Come on guys, you would seriously believe that the cogs would call a truce? I mean seriously guys.... Have you seen a toon go sad?

Cranky Peppersocks says:

oh yes, im also keeping my highest gags stocked up :P

Silas says:

I think it's all a big trick!Do not fall for it.

Miss Furball (107laff) says:

I think they are tricking us... I mean in the comments the Glad Handers are acting weird. I think we should keep the guard up. After over 10 years now they want to sign a peace treaty!??! Yeah....Right..... Keep the guard up! 0_0

Thunderboom says:

We should really consider it. If we don't, the cogs will get angry and send out invasion after invasion.

sun flower says:

that cog cant talk to Flippy like that! I'm so going to throw pie at him

King Fritz says:

Oh I forgot to say something. THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Pearl Blubberwoof says:

Yeah, Cogs, let's seal the deal. :)

Supertoon says:

The Cogs were originally made to work for the toons. Build our buildings and do our HANDY work. Maybe all the seltzer bottle have reset them back to their "Helping Toons" Mode.

kit says:

working in factories is lame listen to me toons

kit says:

toon history said that scrooge mc duck made the chair man and the cogs he crossed the wrong wire

Qween Twikle Bubble says:

I Wish the Bloodsuckers would befriend us. they are my most favorite cog of all time. but glad handers are cool too. Any cog is willing to be a friend of mine! Even if they are a bunch of manipulative Machines... I'm ready. Are they up to the challenge?

bella says:

you never know what could happen we have been fighting for 10 years now and suddenly they call truce, i mean really? i don't know about others but im still up against you cogs

Little Violet Pinkerbumble says:

I would love to shake hands with you!

popcorn fizzle bocker says:

I think that it might be nice that the cogs want to have peace because it has been 10 years of busting I mean they have to become tired of it some time

Princess Freckles Fuzzytoon ( 107 laff) says:

Yeah and pigs can fly. I'm keeping high gags with me just in case...

Qween Twikle Bubble says:

wow. These hand related puns are driving me loopy.

Andrew says:

Not falling for it

yako ( 16 laff ) says:


crinklemarble says:

Hey guys! there trying to trick us! i just know it, they shared there tricky news on a comment in some different news... Well anyway, DONT BEFRIEND THESE GLAD HANDERS!!! there still evil/mean so just ignore them

Candy says:

I think they are just trying to annoy us toons to get us trapped but we are too good for those cogs...... Just keep fighting.....

Anonymous says:

Keep in mind that Cogs are created with the same mindset: to destroy Toons and Toontown with it. Considering this, Cogs aren't going to stop coming until something happens to the facility in which they are created. (Sorry if I'm a bit out of Toon; I've been around the Cogs.) However, it seems that Cogs are differently wired than normal robots, as over time we have seen them scheme up tricks to play on us, such as this obvious lure. I think that Cogs have the ability to learn, specifically from us. How this is possible I don't know, but then again, just about anything is possible.

Weird Stinky Jinxzilla says:

I think i would have my gags ready to use just in case.

Princess Rosie (71 Laff) says:

It's a trick. They wouldn't just randomly want to be our friend! Im keeping my birthday cakes nearby...

Sir Skids says:

I don't trust them. I'm sure that the entire truce idea is a scam. It sounds nothing like what a cog would do. I'll just have to keep a watchful eye on them.

Starles Night says:

i think it a trap to. i have more gags just in case!

Taffy Sparketoon says:

I'm not so sure yet.... It seems like a friendly idea, but, these are cogs we're talking about! They are very sneaky. They may seem like they are ready to be friends, but, I'm gonna keep a whole cream pie around just in case....

kevin says:

And the worst part about,you cogs send the sellbots to seal the deal! YOU COGS ARE THE WORST!!!!!

spongebob says:

i don't trust any matter how big the smile or story

Granny Winky Dinglenoodle says:

I hope us toons can make it! I'll try to keep gathering my wedding cakes every day! In case of going sad! I hope we work together and keep and eye on these sneaky cogs around these streets! Good luck everyone!