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Celebrate Toontown's Ten-tastic Anniversary!

Toontown Turns Ten
Toontown turns ten this Sunday, June 2nd!
To celebrate this Toontastic occasion, we invite ALL Toons to enjoy some cake on us... well, the cakecake's actually on you. On your shirt, that is!


Enter this special code in your Shticker Book to get
your very own anniversary cake shirt delivered right to your Toon's mailbox:

The party kicks off this Sunday with Toon Trooper jellybean madness!
Troopers TEO, TYCHO, TABITHA, TRAVIS and TERRY will crash public Parties on Districts that begin with the letter "G" throwing out loads of jellybeans this Sunday, June 2 from 10am - 11am, and 1pm - 2pm, and again at 4pm - 5pm! (all times Pacific Time)
new party hat
Host your own Toontastic anniversary party, and don't miss Clarabelle's all-new Ten-tastic Party Hat in the Cattlelog - the perfect party pairing for your anniversary shirt!

Wear your Toontown anniversary shirt with pride, Toons - a perfectly kooky kickoff to a sweet summer in Toontown. Toons of the World... UNITE!

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little jake says:

ooo yummy cake XD this is very toontastic :D happy anniversary :) I hope I can celebrate all those parties toons of the world unite!

Chester says:

Oh boy i can't wait! Happy birthday Toontown! :D

Crazy Tom says:

Happy 10th birthday toontown, hope I see the TOONTASTIC Toon Troopers

Chloe says:

Yay! I can't wait!! Happy anniversary. :)

ToontownPrincessNutty says:

I've already got my outfit planned and my bank empty for June 2nd! I'm gonna be wearing my Ten-tastic hat, my Ten-tastic shirt, the jamboree pack, the blue squared boots,and my aqua mask! Congrats for your 10th year! I hope Toontown continues on and on! I've got all the ten-tastic items! This 10 year anniversary will be incredibly toontastic and ten-tastic at the same time! I really like the new updates and I hope Toontown continues! Let's not worry about those pesky, hasty, cogs! Let's celebrate!!!

Nights says:

Toontastic!! Let the cogs bust up with our loud party music!! :D Happy 10th anniversary Toontown! :)

Midnightkit (62 LAFF) says:

Happy birthday! I got both the hat and the shirt.

Julian says:

Happy anniversary Toontown! :D Excited yeehaw

C.J, Superspeed says:

Happy Birthday Toontown.

Klonoa says:

Ooh! I can't wait!

Fredrick (121 laff dropless) says:

Woohoo!!! #tentastic!!!! I got the hat and I'm planning to get the shirt!! Maybe the toon troopers throw out the jellybeans at the party hosted by toons?

Moon Berry says:

Wow! Well happy birthday Toontown! I will be busy in the morning on Sunday (which I always am), but I'll try to make it for the last two times! But one question, is that time Toontown time?

ToonCouncil says:

Yep, those times listed for the Toon Trooper jellybean jubilee are in Toontown Time as well, Moon Berry! Toontown Time clocks can be found on each Party Gate inside Toontown, in your Shticker Book, and here on the Toon HQ page too. Have a Toontastic time this weekend!

Little Kitten says:

WOW! Ten years! Congratulations! I have been here for *counts fingers* ever since I can remember. All the updates are awesome! I hope ToonTown continues! Toons of the world, Unite!

Cool Lollipop Glittersprinkles says:

Oh, cool! I love the shirt! Happy Birthday Toontown! XD

Smorez (94 laff) says:

I cannot wait until I can come into Toontown and celebrate with jellybeans! I'm going to get my outfit done and my accessories ordered! This will be the best celebration ever! :D <3 Smorez

ursula gigglepocket says:

yay! happy birthday toontown! best wishes, ~ Ursula gigglepocket

Lady Gwen says:

Happy birthday, Toontown! I've been playing for almost 4 years now since I made my first account, and it's still my favorite game to this day! :)

Bella says:

Happy 10th Anniversary Toontown! I've been playing for four years now and they have been wonderful!!! I will definitely be at these parties and I hope everyone else will be too! :D <3

Vice versa says:

Congrats! Stay proud, Toontown! Disney is always awesome, celebrating is the custom here in Toontown. PARTY! Summer.... ITS COMING EVERYONE!

Eliza Bean says:

Don't forget to come to the Toon-planned party in Silly Rapids! Hope to see you there! :)

Funnybunny says:

Happy Tenth Anniversary Toontown! I've been playing since 2004, and I am truly happy to see this splendid day!

Awesome Friend says:

SO COOL! I will make sure Toontown has a toontastic 10th anniversary! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist says:

Yay! Happy birthday ToonTown! I'm going to save up my jellybeans to host a party in favour of the anniversary :D If I'm lucky, a Toon Trooper might come to mine!

Alvin ( 109 laff ) says:

This is awesome! I cant wait to get my party on lol! And eat delicious cake!

Jasmine The Present Fairy (82 laff) says:

Toontastoc! now i can get the party started

happy little monkey ( laff 137 ) says:

The ten years have gone by so fast! Have a toontastic tenth year! :D

Pony-Go-Round says:

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear ToonTown! Happy 10th Birthday to you! And many more....

Bunny Funny says:


Miles Tails Prower (114 laff) says:

I already have the hat and the shirt, im really excited for the toon troopers showing up on toontown!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Happy 10 Year Toontown! Lots of memories from this game. :)

Mister Loopenzilla says:

I made up a song for this special event! (to the tune of Happy Birthday) Happy Birthday, Toontown! Happy Birthday, Toontown! Bust the cogs and get beans, On Toontown's birthday!

Outlaw says:

OMG OMG OMG :D. Awesome!!! Happy birthday toontown <3

Princess Jellyroll says:

Ten Years already!? Wow I feel like ToonTown came out Yesterday! I'll be busier then a bee getting pollen on Sunday Then I'll need empty my piggy bank! I have so many memories on ToonTown! Happy Birthday ToonTown & It's Toon Troopers! ToonTown have a TOONTASTIC birthday! :D!! I need the hat for the parties!

Pierre Toppenspinner ( 47 laff ) says:

I'm in the mood for this, I can't wait also. Hopefully I'll be able to attend :)

Happy Slappy (110 laff) says:

10 years, such a long time! Happy Anniversary guys. :)

Spanky says:

Toontastic! Top Ten-year-old Toons of teh world unite!

Loon Y says:

awesome happy 10th birthday toontown

King Fireball says:

Happy B-day Toontown!

Cool Rainbow RockenPounce says:

Happy 10th bday!

Neku says:

I got the party hat by gift by a my other toon, but i dont have the shirt yet!

Righty Orangezilla says:

What a zany anniversary this is going to be!

Rusty says:

Amazing, 10 years. This game sure has grown.

Flipper says:

Wow, Its hard to believe I've been on this game since 2008. :O

Dandilion says:

Happy (almost) birthday Toontown! I'll be throwing my cake gag (once I get it) at cogs with pride! :-P

Princess Alisha says:

I Can't Wait I'll Be Ready For Jbs! My Jb Bank Needs Jbs In It! Happy Birthday Toontown! I've Been Playing This Game When I Was About 3 Years Old And I Well Celebrate This Special Moment When Toontown Was Created. I Can't Wait To See The Toon Troopers! Let's Celebrate!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!

Rainbow Berry (43 laff ) says:

Wow! The 10th anniversary already? This is really great! Happy Toontastic Ten Years Toontown! This will be so awesome! I can't wait for all of those fun, colorful, musical, and toontastic parties! I am already planning an outfit! Toons of the world, unite! ~Rainbow

duke pancake electromarble says:

happy tenth anniversary toontown

sweetie says:

The hat is really cute and so is the shirt but its all about Toontown's tenth anniversary!!!

super spike (62 laffs) says:

congrants Toontown!!!!!! you rock!!!!!

Good ol' Popcorn ( 108 laff ) says:

Happy Birthday Toontown!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sam says:

Awesome! I Love The Toon Troopers, And The Anniversary Shirt And Hat Look Like Awesome Items. I'll Get Them Right Away! ;)

Starry Nite ( 49 Laffer ) says:

I Just got the Toontastic Ten-tastic year hat it was so cool I can pair the hat to the shirt so awesome HAPPY 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TOONTOWN!! From: Starry Nite

Little Poppy says:

Cool! The Acessories on Cattlelog Would Be A Perfect Combo With The Toontown 10th Anniversary Shirt! Oh And Happy 10th Anniversary Toontown and TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Cupcake says:

Happy 10 year annuversary toontown 10 years of toontastic fun!

Rover says:

Congratulations, I can't wait. I really want a new emotion. Wait, Flippy, does this mean you were in charge for 10 years?

captin gram crunchy flip says:

YAY maybe something new will be added

Prince Lemonquack (56 laff) says:

Now i have another reason to hurry up and get the B-Day cake!

Furball says:

Happy anniversary!

Midnight says:

Happy b-day toontown and i got the shirt and i really like this game!! its so awesome its been on for 10 years!!!

Fabian says:

omg toontown i want that shirt hat and jellybean parties with toon troopers!

Sir Goopy Whiskerspeed says:

Woohoo! the anniversary of the greatest game in the WORLD! cant wait!!! Happy Anniversary to the Toontown Team, and everyone else!

Moonstream says:

I am SO excited! Toontown is such an fun and cool place, and ten years of so much fun is worth celebrating! All these fun adventures and toon friends are a blast! I'm even becoming a member soon, which makes it MORE exciting! Happy birthday, Toontown!

Ugly Corny says:

Happy Anniversary!

Stinkey Electrowig says:

Oh wow I have been playing Toontown since IT CAME OUT TOONTOWN HAS CAME A LOOOOOOOOONG WAYS! HAPPY ANIVERSARY TT. Oh and what districts will the jelly beans be thrown by the troopers :D thank you and reply, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Titanium says:

Yay I am so excited! The first day the new hat came out I was wondering if it was for the anniversary of toontown. Well, now I know it was. I am so excited for all the toontroopers to come. I LOVE getting the jellybeans they throw out. They are so amazing. :D

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I have played this game for about six years, and it finally made it's 10th anniversary! Happy Birthday Toontown! My gift to you is the happiness of toontown :D.

Z.Z. says:

omg happy b-day toontown!!!!!!! when I was looking in the news my brother won! the golf thing! :D and my toon! im so happy :p HAPPY B-DAY TOONTOWN I LOVE YA! TOONTOWN IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER! LOVE YA TOONTOWN! From : Z.Z. 55 laffer ( always will be )

Captain Kit says:

Who wouldn't want a shirt with a gag on it? :D

rocker says:

an enjoying moment!

Domino Mczilla says:

Happy birthday Toontown! I've had some great experiences on this game, and I hope they continue to happen. And hey, I wonder if the cogs are celebrating too? After all, they've been around for 10 years now!

Skye says:

Awesome! I would loooooveee to get a tshirt with a cake! Thanks!!!

Duck Tape says:

I'm sure to host a party this Sunday. Happy 10th anniversary ToonTown and I hope everyone has fun. Toons of the World UNITE!

Melody says:

I can't believe Toontown is 10! I joined in 2006 and time has gone so fast

cool popeen bumble says:

hi hope you have a happy birthday cant wait to get beans ! :D

Magical Crocodile says:

Happy Anniversary ToonTown!! I already got my toontastic Party hat now I'm off to get the shirt :)!! This is so exciting

Prince says:


PrincessBubblesFunnytoon(62 laff) says:

Happy Ten-Tastic Anniversary Toontown! I'm getting the shirt for all my toons and trying to get the hat ( gotta fish) Lets just party with toons and jbs! Here is a short say for happy b-day toontown..." Many more years to have some fun, many more years to brust some cogs,many more years of Toontown fun!!!!!" What do you think Flippy? Toons of the World Unite!

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

Happy Birthday, Toontown! I have been playing this game for at least five years, and I love it! Every update you have made is awesome, and I can't wait to find out what will happen next! -does Vulcan salute- Live long and prosper, Toontown.

King Cheezybrains says:

Whats up double digits? Happy early 10 birthday!

anita hug says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOONTOWN!!! i thought cognation would come out but never mind this is great!! i LOVE the hat :D

Jayden says:

Happy 10th Birthday Toontown! I've been playing you since 2007 and I must say, This game has improved. Well, enjoy your special day. I'm older then you!!! LOL

Righty Orangezilla says:

How much zanier can it get? Toons of the world unite!

Ned Lemonberry says:

Well, ive been here for 8 of those so.... HAPPY TEN! My celebration would be in 2015

Moonlight says:

I can't wait! Happy anniversary Toontown :D, it'll be TOONTASTIC!!!

Vanilla Swirl 20 Laff says:

Awesome! I Sure look Toontastic For this!

Blue Kitten says:

Happy Birthday ToonTown! Yet, I find t kinda funny you're giving US TOONS the gifts, when we should be giving YOU the gifts! Well, thank you so much for developing this game and keeping it running for TEN YEARS! Maybe in the future you will be able to create another similar game! Like... CogTown? Anyways, thank you to everyone on the ToonTown Development Team and admin!!

Kitnix says:

Awesome! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get all the new items! Make us toons look goofier day-by-day! Happy Cog Hunting! :3 ~Kitnix

Cool Max Beaniepocket says:

Congrats for ToonTown, i cannot believe its been 10 years, i wonder if the cogs will do something to crash the celebration?

Prof. Bert Dizzycrumbs says:

I LOVE the Troopers! Happy birthday Toontown! You rock!

Omar says:

YAY anniversary!

Sunbeam (49 laff) says:

I got the shirt and i'm loving it!

Furball says:

Hey there toons! I am really happy for your 10th anniversary, Toontown is still going strong after so many years, I hope this exciting adventure doesn't end soon. You rock Toons! ~Furball 59 Laff

Little Rainbow Sparkleswirl says:

I can't wait to party!!! Happy Birthday Toontown!!!! YAaaaaay

Paradise says:

Congratulations on keeping this game up and running for a whole ten years! I can remember the first time I joined in 2006... look how much has changed since then! This is a big accomplishment, Disney! Be proud of what you have done! You have made gamers all over the world enjoy the toontastic world of Toontown, and more keep joining every minute! Soon you'll be on the top charts! Keep it Toony!

Supertoon (Laff 54) says:

Wow, I can't wait but my membership ended, so I can't wear that new Toon Party Hat anymore. But I still can't wait!

Tiny Taffy says:

Cool! I haven't been on here in a while and now i'm back! This is toontastic!

Hall Of Fame ( 113 laff ) says:

Have a toontastic birthday toontown! :). Hard to believe it will be 10 year's I remember when it first opened!

Oshawot says:

Boy, I love this idea! We haven't had a code for ToonTown in months!

Princess Candy Flipperdoodle says:

I've been playing Toontown for about 7 of those 10 years! I still remember what Toontown was like back then! I miss those times.. Happy Birthday Toontown!

Scooter says:

I can't wait for toontown's b-day. HAPPY B-DAY EVERYONE IN TOONTOWN!!!

silly trixie says:

happy 10th birthday toontown ! p.s. can we have some of that cake Flippy p. p.s. I hope I see one of the toontroopers

Niknak says:


Snowflake says:

That looks like a tasty cake! I WANTS

Lady Sandy Peppertwist says:

Ooh! I'm so excited! Have a happy, Toontastic Anniversary! :)

Princess Lemontwist says:

Well, that means my toon is now a decade old, since I joined soon after Toontown was created. How awesome! :D Happy 10th year anniversary, Toontown!

Vice versa says:

This game has been awesome for 10 YEARS. And so on! Thanks Tooncouncil, Even for the TOONTROOPERS : Teo, Tycho, Tabitha, Travis, And Terry!!!!!

Midnight Charm says:

Excellent! I can't wait to go! It would help me keep track of the times if it was on the calendar though.

Little Blue rabbit says:

I have played many other games, but TT is the one I keep coming back to. Happy birthday, Toontown, and good luck for the future!

BallinForevaa says:

Happy Anniversary, Toontown. One of the best games ever.

Rachel says:

I cant wait for the day that toontown is ten!

Toti says:

Happy birthday Toontown! It's my best game!!

emilio says:

The cogs better NOT mess up the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasori says:

Wow... ten years. It seems like just yesterday I was beating my first cog building in Toontown Central. Happy tenth anniversary Toontown, and here's to ten more years of wacky adventures :D

Jessie says:

Thanks Toontown! I can't wait to celebrate your 10th anniversary!

Gizmo says:

Hats off to you guys at Toontown for creating and updating a game that has been able to last for this long AND counting. Keep up the good work! CANT wait till tomorrow! :D

cool knuckles wildzilla says:

Happy birthday!

Mister Graham Jeeperhoffer says:

It's been a ten good years! :D

Blue Da Chocolate Coconut says:

Happy Anniversary! This will always be known as my favorite childhood memory when i grow up. Im looking forward to seeing the jellybeans rain on us [:

Stark Creation says:

Wow, I have been on Toontown for 7 years, I feel so old! The fun has never stopped!! I love Toontown! This is going to be toontastic!!!

night light says:

This is gonna be fun! happy b-day toontown!

super boo boo beantoon ( 106 LAFF) says:

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday toontown happy 10 birthday toontown

Princess Sadie Weaselhopper says:

This is great! Happy birthday to Toontown and the Toon Council! Thanks for the free shirt and the amazing parties to come! I'll be looking forward to walking the streets in an amazing new shirt! :)

Tommy says:

Ever since Toontown started in 2003, I really couldn't wait for this moment! and It's FINALLY HERE!

yellowtoad says:

Yay happy ten years even though ive been playing for six :D love ya toontown!

Pretty Candy says:

Turns out Disney is celebrating with the Toontown Community too!

Sweet nightmare says:

OOO I'm excited for the 10th anniversary... First off I would like to say congrats to Toontown for there 10th birthday! I'm really excited for some jelly beans and i'm excited to party! Congrats Toontown!

Waterfall says:

Cool! :) xox

Katie says:

Im going to make as much parties as i can!

Fangs says:

Oh wow Toontown, It's your birthday huh? Well happy birthday. I've been here since the Beta was made.

princess says:

i love birthday i cant wait toon trooper throw jbs unite

tuff puppy ( 87 laff ) says:

cool I've been playing since 2009 on my old account and have a great 10th anniversary toontown

Zapzilla says:

Sounds Toontastic!

awesome emperor hoppy carrot says:

i love this game a lot flippy

Mr. Man says:

I keep seeing videos on how TT was so difficult back in the old days, and I always think: "Wow, TT has really changed!" Happy 10th Toontown!

Aloola says:

Happy anniversary ToonTown! It's going to be a blast! XD Toontastic XD

lil gum says:

I cant wait! Happy Birthday toontown!

Legendary Yellow Duck says:

Wow this is awesome i'm going to a party soon! Happy birthday toontown you guys all rock :)

Brittany says:

10 years!?! Dang,time flies! lol

Lighting (110) says:


Yellow Cat says:

Ooh! Toontastic! Can't wait for them to come :D Hope everyone can get into one trooper at least!!!

Ok says:

haha yay! love you toon council!

Willow says:

Happy 10th anniverary Toontown!! I always love seeing the Toon Troopers around! :)

Skinny Nickelzap says:

I love the toontastic anniversary the troopers are on districts with a "G"

Sunlight says:

I'm looking for you all right now! I'm so excited! (:

Sunlight says:

I just saw Tabitha!! She gave us jellybeans :) Thanks Tabitha, you rule!

Little Clover Funny Hopper says:

Happy birthday/anniversary, Toontown! Thanks to the programmers who make it better each day :) Toons of the world unite!

Taffy says:

can't wait to find them!

Super Max MegaSpeed says:

This is amazing! Happy Birthday toontown! thank you guys so much for this wonderful game! I would love to thank TOON TROOPER TEO for being so kind to all of us! Until next time :D. P.S. I love this game

Roxy says:

WOO HOO! i hope toon town has a blasting time and i hope no cogs show up and maybe if they do the present to toons will be gags! to fight the cogs with!

Violet Dreams says:

Happy Birthday ToonTown! This game has quite progressed through the years, before the silly meter, accessories, and even during the old commercials! This game has progressed very much. And I hope it continues to! :D Happy Birthday! And Happy Cog Busting! Now, time to have some cake! :3 ~Love, The crazy raccoon Violet Dreams owo

Toothless (109 Laff) says:

Oh boy! I can't wait to meet all the Toon Troopers! I will be wearing the Ten-Tastic Toon Party Hat and the Ten-Tastic Toon Party Shirt! I have my bank empty on all of my other Toons to get ready to get it filled again from the Toon Troopers! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TOONTOWN! Toons of the World, UNITE!

Bunny hop says:

Happy birthday Toontown! You are the best

Lily Lemonnodle says:

Its a good time to do a party on Toontown's Anniversary!

Big Chester Rhinoboom says:

Happy Birthday Toontown! 10 years of toontastic trolley-games, pies, and fun! Can't wait for the Toon Troopers, well more, I've already seen Teo! :)

Oscar says:

This shirt is so beautiful, the party hat is so cute too, I met Tabhita on a party, that was so fun!! Thanks Toontown

Rainbow Dash -65 laff says:

Yay! The parties are so fun! The shirt is also great! HAPPY ten-tastic anniversary! I didn't know toontown gone on that long and created then. :)

ducklett says:

my toon ducklett ran into toon trooper Tabitha and she used so amny united my bank is about to burst

ducklett says:

ToonTown is toon-tastic I hope one day that the cogs will take the hint until then let keep those cogs on the run besides i think that toons should hold a cog boss marathon sometime in the close future p.s this ten-tastic party is toon-tastic

Good Ol' Salty Giggletoon says:

I never miss out a good anniversary! Happy 10 year anniversary, Toontown! I hope there will be lots of more new tougher adventures to come over the next 10 years, because it's been a long time since we've had a new adventure! I've been waiting too long for another, and still counting! And I hope we get more Laff Boosts beyond 137, too! It's been YEARS since we've seen it's increase!

Farrah says:

I CANT FIND ANY and there's one more session left! I just hope I can find at least one...

Master Knuckles (66 laff) says:


Isabella says:

That was toontastic! I have a full bank and the Toon Troopers are super sweet! I saw all of them and I even got Tycho and Teo to say "I love you Isabella!" :). Teo even told me cheerleading is a sport... :). Thanks troopers and Toontown! Today was awesome! There's even another hour that will on on at four... Better spend these jellybeans! Also, I've been on Toontown for about 6 years and I cannot believe how much this game has grown. I hope to see it grow even more and stay for a long time! Happy aniversery, Toontown! Now,I'm off to spend some jellybeans!

Mew says:

OMG! I had a toon tropper comr to my party its toon tropper the cyan duck with orange feet whos short, Anyways all the toons left when he did i was sad yet glad at the same time :) And this shirt is EPIC.

yellowtoad says:

This is toontastic! i love toontown and ive been playing as long as i can remember! i can still remember my first toon was a horse!

Icey says:

I'm a long time veteran of Toontown, creating my first toon 8 years ago. I just wanted to say, that even though I no longer play this game, I still think it's fantastic that Toontown is still expanding. Here's for another 10 years! :)

Captain Popcorn Bumbleberry (109 laff) says:

Totally AWESOME got so many jellybeans bought everything in catalog

dandyfoot ( 60) says:

wow! i only got 1 toon trooper but still! SO EPIC! toon troopers need to come back every week or wonce a month!

Deputy B.D. says:

Happy Birthday Toontown, Thanks for all the good times, thanks for helping me forget my hard times, thanks for helping me grow up, thanks for helping me learn new things everyday, thanks for being there for me whenever I was down, thanks for every step to where I am now. Thank you, I will never forget you.

Captain Furball Bumbleberry says:

Awesome got a ton of jellybeans got everything in catalog you must be so jelly right now!

Sheriff Ned Electrospeed says:

It's been ten years ALREADY? Wow, I started in 2007, and I still play to this date. Happy 10 year anniversary Toontown! I hope you guys last ten more years!

Captain Peppy Soursprinkles says:


FireBall says:

I can't believe it's been ten full years since toontown came out. I'm really excited for all the new things that the new years will have to come. Hopefully Toontown will make it to twenty or even thirty years old. And Flippy, has there been some sightings of new cog HQ's? I'm worried they might have some sort of secret HQ that we don't know about yet. But that's something to worry about later. For now we should celebrate toontown's tenth birthday. -FireBall

Cookies N' Cream says:

Today was so much fun! I hope everyone got some jellybeans and the shirt!

Blue Elk says:

Yes toontown, yes

Miss Purrfect says:

I only met Trooper Travis, but that's okay! It was so fun seeing all the different parties people threw, even though a Trooper didn't come to mine :( Oh well! Can't wait for the next event toontown is going to throw! ~Miss Purrfect, Pink Cat, 53 Laff

Litte Fireball (94 laff) says:

Thank You ToonTown! :D I'm so happy and I loved the Toon Troopers! I got them all! :) Toon Council you have made my day now, time to mark June 6th - 14th as 'Double Jelly Week YAY!' :D I love you TT! :D

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I have made a poem. Toontown was born 10 years ago. We all shouted let's celebrate! Let's go! We made parties and Toon Troopers came. We we're going totally insane. The cogs celebrated with a cake in the face. Let's go on the trolley and play Tag chase!

Aloola says:

Amazing! happy anniversary XD!! Toontastic

Greendog (104 Laff) says:

Happy 10th Aniversery Toontown! Now Its Song Time! happy birthday to you happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear flippy! happy birthday to YOU! Toons Of The World UNITE!

Silly buzz Meganugget says:

Cool happy anniversary toontown. Am back to play toontown from year 2009.

Bubbles says:

WOW! way to celebrate your 10th Anniversary! i was so excited to see the toon troops! i saw Tycho twice, and Travis once! i got my entire bank full! thanks for this opportunity! it was TOONTASTIC! :D

Funnyflapper says:

this is going to be the best year ever ten years of toontown!

Brenda says:

Happy Birthday Toontown! I got the shirt, but i am not a member. I know the secret code of the shirt. I don't get the party hat. Well ToonTown is turing 10 and Happy Birthday ToonTown. Have a year! Thanks! :)

Miss Ginger (117) says:

It's been an awesome ten years. I hope Toontown continues for a very long time! :)

Queeny says:

I wish even my birthday could be like this.

Purpelle says:

My day was sure toontastic. We all had a great time with the toon troopers! Thanks!

SuperRufflewoof says:

I've had so much fun with Toontown, I loved the anniversary party! :D

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

Lol the cake is on us. Good one! I love the shirt and the hat. They are truly toontastic! I made my own party and Troopers came to it! They gave a lot of beans. I was sad when they left. When I got back, I had so many beans, I planned another party! THREE CHEERS FOR TROOPERS! ~ Cuddles Crinklemuffin

Ginger Zillergoober says:

That party was toontastic! It was great celebrating the 10th anniversary, meeting toon troopers, and filling up my jellybean bank. Thanks Toontown!

Fireball says:

Happy Birthday Toontown! I've been playing this game since it was opened to the puplic! I hope you guys have many more succesful years! Toons of the world unite!

Gracey says:

Excellent, Happy Anniversary Toontown! Hope to have many more years to come with this game!

Vanilla says:

I would like to express my gratitude for all the ten years to make Toontown a great game. In my opinion, Toontown is the greatest computer game to me. Every summer ( that's when school is out ), the thing I wanted the most is the Toontown Membership Card. Thank you, Toontown, for all the free stuff. I hope you will make Toontown even better

Rainbow Smash says:

Wow. Toontown running for 10 years!?!? THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

Little Kitten says:

YAY! Congrats! This has been an awesome 10 years! I hope you guys get more updates! :) Lets celebrate! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! TOONS OF THE WORLD, SPEND WISELY! TOONS OF THE WORLD, TOON-UP! TOONS OF THE WORLD GAG-UP! XD

Good ol' Corny says:

Happy birthday Toontown!

Random Crocodile says:

Wow! 10 years already? That's sweet! I have been playing for 3 years, and Toontown has changed alot in many entertaining and fun ways! This has been an absolute fun time celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our favorite game, Toontown! Thank you Toon Troopers for being a great help by giving beans! I have met Tycho and Tabitha! This, I think, has to be the BEST Anniversary EVER! Thank you Flippy, Toon Council, and of course, especially the Toon Troopers! Toons of the World, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Cheese N. Quackers says:

YAY! Toontown finally has an Anniversary! Toon Troopers, how could I thank you enough for helping the poor Toons and giving jellybeans? It was very kind! Thank you, Toon Council, for holding this anniversary! Toons of the World, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

princess wacko says:

omg loved it! its an amazing shirt I LOVE IT!!

Stealthy (55 LAFF) says:


Loopy Bebop says:

Congratulations, Toontown and happy anniversary. This is really great cause i've almost been playing Toontwon that long. Possibly 8 or 7 years. Well who's counting anyway. In a blink of an eye it will be 15 years. Toons of the world unite!

wittyspinner says:

lots of jbs :D

Enterprise (99 laff) says:

happy birthday tt! gl with your 10th year!

Master Flappy Biggenberry says:

YAY! the anniversary a shirt from code. awesome game!

Super Sadie says:

I had so much fun! My favorite trooper of them all was Tabitha.

Master Knuckles Maczap says:

Happy birthday toontown its been a great time from all the memories of this game when it all started :)

Angel says:

Happy Birthday Toontown! I have the shirt and the Party hat! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

Kt says:

I love the shirt with the cake on front and the Flippy on the back of the shirt