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Cattlelog is Winter Holiday-tastic!
The Cattlelog is full of Winter Holiday shopping cheer! Make the floor of your Estate look like ice. String lights everywhere. Put candles, trees, or wreaths inside, and snowmen and SnowDoodles outside. And deck yourself in T-shirts and shorts covered in snowflakes, scarves, and candy cane hearts.
Of course, if you’re having a bad day fighting Cogs, you could also buy a SpeedChat phrase that reflects your mood – “Bah! Humbug!”

Posted on December 22, 2010 to:

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Claws says:

Woot! 1st comment LOL okay! i love christmas! :D ITS GONNA BE PURR-FECT! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ~CLAWS ;)

Captian Hulanose says:

I love kepping items from other Seasons! :D

Stinky says:

Yay winter cattelog has come it's the best

Princess Popcorn Thundermonkey says:

I really really really really really really really really LOVE this time of year!! Good luck with your new items all toons of ToonTown! :D! - pink colored mouse, Princess Popcorn Thundermonkey

Electra says:

Winter holiday decorations go just fabulous with my Halloween wallpaper!

Funny Kid says:

The best things is that they're cheap! I'm in a SnowDoodle buying mood right now...

Doctor Tom says:

Hello, everybody! The cattlelog is full of so much good stuff, I want to buy all of it! But I Can't do it without running out of beans.... I'm going to be at a Toon Trooper Party ASAP.

ToonCouncil says:

Sounds like a great idea, Doctor Tom! There are always trolley games if you need jellybeans in a rush!

Woof a saurus says:

I've bought almost ALL winter stuff from the catalog using my jellybeans from toon troop partys! Merry Christmas from ~ Woof

Dove says:

Cool! I cant w8 till i get my items! Happy Holidays to every toon and all of ToonTown helpers! Keep on busting those cogs! - Dove, Singing above

princess sally poodle bubble says:

ok here it goes loool im sorry im on late toontown just rocks but the cattlelog has many things all toons. i got almost all the new stuff in the cattle log and u can get ur christmas trees and put presents under the tree. this toontown holiday will rock toontown!! lool ok bye and sorry for long post if its long lol. ps - happy holidays and have fun on christmas day and eve when u get ur presents merry christmas toontown!!.

Slappy Weaselsplat says:

The new catalog is great. Keep up the good work, Toontown!

Monster Mash says:

I think the outfits are really awesome and the SnowDoodle looks cool in front of my house! :D

lady bingo says:

omg my house is off the chain!!!! my floor is igloo i have a tree in frount of my fire place on top or a mat lol wit couches and chairs ssurrounding the tree and fire with to of those circle thiniges (for got waht their called lol srry) on each side of the fire palce lol ty!!!!!!!!

Super Sniffy Electroboom says:

I love christmas and of course, its WINTER HOLIDAY ON TOONTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats my favorite holiday and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

king alvin wonderbounce says:

Bah humbug! i have no idea what to buy my house is full! ooo i know ill spread cheer & give gifts! oh & flippy...... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Princess Pearl says:

Haha, sweet! Since I'm saving for a doodle from Donald's Dreamland, I'll get my other toons to gift it to me! Happy shopping!

skinny snappy says:

I have played toontown for 3 years and these look like the best cattlelog items yet! THANK YOU FLIPPY UR TOONTASTIC

Dog-O-Matic says:

toon-tastic! thats why i love winter holiday! keep throwing pies at the cogs! we will show them whos the boss or i could say toon-boss...keep it up toontown! :D. ~Dog-O-Matic

Little Penny Giggletoon says:

Whoa, snow cool! ( get it, snow cool haha ) I have a little way to show toon spirit during the holidays, heres a couple tips: 1: Give some gifts! ( you will probably get some back :D ) 2: Go caroling! ( you may get a snowman head :O!!! ) and 3: be nice and people will be nice to you! Happy holidays! :) Bye!

ToonCouncil says:

Those are some great tips, Little Penny Giggleton! It's sure to make the Winter Holidays absolutely Toontastic!

Princess Trixie Wonderflip says:

Wow! I got a maxed bank from a Toon Troop party earlier, (Which, by the way, are awesome!) and bought almost the whole Cattlelog!!!! ~PTW~

Boingmoot says:

Jingle bells cogtown smells, flunky laid an egg! Oh what fun winter holiday is hey! How do you rate the song flippy? I would like a reply of the song. Happy winter holidays! from boingmoot. Oh and one more thing, winter holidays is toontastick!

Carly says:

Yay! I'm sooo excited. I love saving up for cool items that are worth it. That's why i'm always on to see the new items! Please Reply! Carly. <3

Prof. Buster Kookymuffin says:

I love the new winter catalogs :D. They are awesome and I bought a lot of things from these catalogs. I almost wasted 2000 jbs!

Flower says:

How do you guys come up with so many toontastic ideas??? I wish I could come up with something that great. And, I hope everyone has a very, Merry Christmas filled with joy! :D Toontown, you rule :-)

colonel jaquese dynophew says:

thanks toontown for making sure that the holidays are toontastic. merry christmas everyone

Colonel Skids Nuttytwist says:

Cattlelogs are so AWESOME!!!!!HAPPY WINTER HOLIDAY,Toontown!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

Happy Winter Holidays, Colonel Skids Nuttytwist!

masterpancakenicklefliper says:

AWSOME BETTER GET ALOT OF JELLYBEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary says:

Ive got the jellybeans and I'm ready to get some cool stuff!!!

Pearl says:

YAY! i bought a Christmas tree, a wreath, some clothes, wallpaper, and a whole bunch more! my house is full! in the picture there is a sled, is that in the cattlelog too? signed, Pearl (orange cat, 44 laff as of 12/23/10)

Noah says:

Today is December 23! Perfect day to get Winter "Cattlelog" items!!! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good battle!

princess rainbow purplemuffin says:

I love the christmas decorations and the clothes in the cattlelog and everything in toontown thanks and merry christmas

Sparkle says:

Toontastic! I'm practically killing my bank for all this stuff. But I still know to spend wisely! :)

Good Ol' Duke says:

Thanks Toontown. I love it. I will buy everything from it XD! The snowdoodle ROCKS. i have one. i didnt think it melted. O_o. Thanks Flippy and all the toontown council. Happy winter holidays to you all. and Merry Christmas.

Fun Luvin' Dawg says:

Deck the hall with the silliness.Fa la la la la la la la la.Hope toontown has a merriful christmas and a the happiest new years.Lets get rid of those cogs for the holidays!Toons (Or snowmen toons)of the world unite!

Rosethorn says:

Wowza! So many wintery things to choose from! I've already bought a TON of wreaths, a tree, and TWO SnowDoodles! :) I decked out in holiday clothes and i even have a snowman head! The only thing I still need is the speedchat phrase. If i were Mr.Scrooge, I'd even be amazed at all this, but we all know the only thing he'll say is, "Bah! Humbug!" :D

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

I've done it all, Flippy! And to top it all off, I'm gonna see if I can throw together a New Years Toon Party! When the clock srikes 12 and its the new year.... BAM!!! The fireworks get launched!!! And your'e invited too, Flippy!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! *goes fishing in a desperate attempt to get jellybeans*

ToonCouncil says:

That sounds Toontastic, Queen Spunky Wonderseed! I bet your party is going to be AMAZING!

Slippy Twiddleswirl (57 laff purple dog) says:

WOOOT! I am one of the first ones! :-D So anyways i love the winter wallpaper and flooring. I have the igloo and ice cube flooring from last year and kept it in my house all year long. LOL!

Misspuffyskirt says:

The holiay catteloge was so cool I bought christmas tree, the color is green and it shines blue an red lights!It is amazing.I am going to buy more amazing stuff in the catteloge and if I don't have enough jellybeans, I will go on the trolley and get more. Happy Holidays,Misspuffyskirt

Zowie 83 laff/ Zach 45 laff says:

omg!!!! i got it ansd its awesome. i got like every holiday item. its like a christmas is going on at my house. ty toontown for all the christmas stuff. merry christmas to everyone and toontown ppl who made it.

Yippie says:

AWESOME! X3 I'm going to try gifting all my friends something christmas-eee I hope they enjoy it!

samantha says:

that looks great i have to get some things from the catalog for my house!!!! :)

ginger says:

im so going to by that ' bah! Humbug!" phrase

Yoddler says:

Ive loved the cattlelogs to begin with but this is SOOOOOOO GREAT i just love decorating my toon's home!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

I bet your Toon's house looks amazing, Yoddler! Happy Winter Holidays!

Bah Bah Black Sheep says:

Its SO toontastic! I can't wait for Christmas and New Years! And to celebarte with some of my toon best friends and my real family! :D -Bah Bah Black Sheep TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! :D

Mikey says:

Toontown holidays are great i have wonderful times caroling with my friends P.S i wanna make a shout out ot my friend skoot skoot for helping me threw things that were hard for me Thanks Skoot Skoot i really owe you one

Tiger says:

this is an awesome cattlelog. i used my 6800 jellybeans from caroling (a special thank - you to toon troop tasha for all those jellybean - ups!) I got clothes, a tree, a wreath, igloo florring, and more! my house looks way too cool for an 18 laffer! MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ~TIGER~

PinkClover says:

Really? Wow, So impressed!!! lol Flippy, Im a HUGE fan of U !!!!!! PLZ reply, Thank u ur time!!!!!!!!!!

Little Biscuit SuperBurger says:

:D! 3rd COMMENT! Anyways I love ToonTown! My favorate time of the year on ToonTown is Winter! I already have my Christmas tree and wreath! Even my lights! Rock On ToonTown!

Emily says:

I just got some Icey floorthing,Wallpaper that makes you shiver,and a SWEET snowman!I also have a tree with decorations on it,and a wreath in front of the door.LOL the speedchat phase is funny.Flippy,what else am i missing?

Rusty says:

Cool! this is gonns be epic!!!!!

Dottie says:

I have a Christmas Gag Tree and a SnowDoodle. Happy Holidays Flippy and ToonTown.

ToonCouncil says:

Happy Holidays, Dottie!

cool boo boo says:


Rainbow says:

LOL "Bah! Humbug!" thats funny! I got a cute Snowdoodle and he is melting right now! I also got a snowman for backup. My doodles run from my Snowdoodle cause he is cute and large.I think i will buy some more winter stuff to make my house look wintery!Me and my friend phil are buying lots of stuff and i REALLY want to do my best to decorate my house.I might throw a winter party on Christmas Day.Flippy,why did you mention "Bah! Humbug!"?