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Accessory Spotlight: Backpacks!

New fall accessories are here, including brand new backpacks -  with some out-of-this world items to wear on your back!

In addition to dragonfly wings, Toons can now also buzz around Toontown in bee wings, bat wings, and rainbow angel wings!


If some of these new backpacks sound perfect for costumes, it’s no accident! Slip on the insect legs backpack to spook your friends… or if you’re just feeling a little “buggy”.


Whether you’re a dog or a cat Toon, you’re in luck! Cuddle up with a stuffed pet whenever you wear your dog or cat pet backpack.


Which backpack is YOUR favorite so far?
Let us know!


Posted on September 15, 2011 to:

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Andy says:

so cool! im saving up for bee wings and the wizard hat TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Blue Cotten Candy says:

Cool! The little blue puppy is so cute. the cat is, OKAY... :D maybe you should make a, Bunny Backpack!

Eloise says:

Those Rainbow Angel Wings are amazing! They are my favoutite by far! I will be saving up now! Thanks Toontown, your amazing!

Shorty says:

My favorite backpack is the BAT WINGS!!!!! i can't wait to wear them! Thanks toontown for these toontastic fall backpacks :)

Spyguy (108 laff) says:

I love the JETPACK!!!! Its perfect for the super toon!

Blinky Poodlezaner says:

I LOVE the bat wings! :) my best friend Silly Chip gifted them to me before i had my cattlelog :D

Mechy says:

I love the bat wings but i was looking forward for the yellow convers

Vulpix says:

I like the rainbow angel wings! They're beautiful!

Chocolate Lab laff 15 says:

Defently, the Bat Wings with the Witch hat, I look so cool! I asked if I looked good in it and they said YES! :D THANKS ALOT TOONTOWN ONLINE!! Happy HALLOWEEN :D (DONT FORGET TO FILL UP ON SUGAR!) (Don't get a cavity though :P) See ya! Trick or treat.. SMELL MY FEET! >:O!

Zapper says:

Ooo! My favorite would definatly have to be the angel wings backpack! :D Its so cute! And would TOTALLY match with everything xD LOL

Smart Crocodile says:

They look so cool! I love them!

Chocolate says:

My favorite backpack aren't backpacks... They're the Angel Wings!

Super Popcorn says:

my favorite backpack is doggie backpack

Bananaburger says:

My favorite is the bug wings backpack. I have that plus the stuffed dog backpack. I really love the new toon accessories. There're TOONTASTIC!!!!

Martha says:

I really like the bee and bat wings!!! Thanks ToonTown!!! :D

paisly owl leaf says:

I'm having a hard time deciding! They're all SO great!!! thank you for adding all the new backpacks toontown! toons of the world UNITE

Penny says:

I love the bee wings! One of my friends bought me them and I'm wearing them all the time!

Patrick says:

my favorite backpack is the jet pack it is realy cool!

Super Sally SparkleBlabber says:

I just love the new accessories! They make me feel so stylish! I especially love the Rainbow Angel Wings! Also the Puppy and Kitty backpack is adorable! I hope Toontown comes out with more! Keep up the fun stuff!

Bizzy ( periwinkle rabbit 118 ) says:

My favorite backpack is the Bat Wings! :D

super zillerpop says:


Miranda says:

OMG! i LOVE ALL of them! i got the Bee Wings, Bat Wings, Dragonfly Wings, Rainbow Angel Wings, Pink Cat Backpack, Purple Dog Backpack. I dont have the Insect Legs Backpack tho... I am going to get it tho! :) by the way TOON OF THE WORLD UNITE! :D!!!! PEACE!

Snow shadow says:


Clover says:

I love ALL of the backpacks so far! My favorite has to be the Colorful Angel Wings! Also, are you guys going to come up with more backpacks? Thanks! ;D

Tubby says:

Wow! I'll certainly be buying some when my new Cattlelog arrives!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Cool accesories! :)

princess pepper doodle (103 laff) says:

i like the angel wings, puppy and kitten backpacks, bat wings and pretty much all of them!!! one thing i need to ask though. will doodles were them too???

Princess says:

These new backpacks are AWESOME!Just got the dog backpack caz im a dog. :)

Magic Andrew says:

Those backpacks are AWESOME!!

Lime Taffy says:

I have one thing to say. The Plush Puppy Backpack is so adorable!!! Toontown you come up with the toontastic stuff ever!

Kit the Kat says:

i dont know about anyone else, but i just L-O-V-E the bee wings and rainbow angel wings! :D (you guys are really fun and creative Flippy! :P)

Peppy Thundersocks says:

Bug backpack. ;)

Frankie stein says:

my favorite backpack is the dog backpack. id like to thank toontown for making all these cool accessories... if only they could make toon high heels! that would be cool

Grant says:

Wow! That is toontastic. I am going to buy some right away.

Princess Ruby says:

I love the Rainbow Angel wings. They look Awesome with my Tye-Dye shirt! I also Love the Bee wings. I know what I'm bee-ing for Halloween on Toontown! Thank you TT! -Princess Ruby :)

Brook says:

I REALLY like the plush cat backpack & the bee wings. ( do they count as backpacks? ) & the plush dog backpack is kind of cute. :) i LOVE them. by the way when are halloween clothes coming out?

Bumblbee says:

OH YEAH! Bring on the accessories! BACKPACKS! my favorite is.... jetpacks! bumblebee wings! (because my name and my clothes are bumbleblee) angel wings! and bug backpack! whats your favorite backpack flippy? Toons of the World Unite! Toons of the World Spend wisely!

Penny says:

Because Halloween is on it's way, the toon accessory I like the most has got to be the Bat Wings. Thanks Toontown for coming up with ideas like this, TOONTASTIC JOB!

lily says:

my favorite back is the angel wings they are sooo cute :) and also the cat back

cool rainbow says:

How cool is that! I may buy that! :)

bianca says:

i would like the rainbow angel wings because it matches my inner style!

Alayse says:


zz dizzen muddle says:

My favorite backpack is the Cat Pack! Im a cat, pink for short, and its the exact same color as me! its so cool! I think its the best creation yet! Have fun toons! Toons of the world UNITE!!!!!!!

Sammy says:

These are awesome! I love the bat wings and angel wings. :D

peaches says:

yay! i am so pumped for accesories! i love toontown!

Miss Violet Fuzzytoon says:

Backpacks are super cool! I'd like to have other backpacks with surprises inside too!

Pancake says:

My favorite is the rainbow angel wings Ther SO Pretty Lol

Lemon E. Sweet ( Yellow cat ) says:

I love the plushie backpacks! But every new accessorie is toontastic!

Pinky says:

Well. I Would Say The Spider Legs. With Them.. I Can Be My Fave Cartoon Alien.. With The Antennas Of Course! ~Pinky~

swift tail says:

ok first of all i like the bug and all those but they are too expensive i would reconsider the price thank you toons of the world UNITE! :)

Dark Sky says:

I can't wait to buy the rainbow angel wings! Toontastic job, guys!

CrazyFangs says:




Jacques Supernose says:

I like the dog backpack and the rainbow angle wings especially, but I like all the fall accessories backpacks too! There awesome! :)

Miss TwinkleFish says:

I love the rainbow wings.They represent me, and i can wear them with any outfit. Good job making the wings, i really appreciate the accessories you guys make.I always did wonder if we were gonna go barefoot all day haha

Duke Picklecorn says:

I like the jetpack the most.

Haley says:

I only have the rainbow wings my friend gave me, but im planning on getting the bat wings, the anntanae headband for halloween, and the cat plush backpack for fun :)

Weirdo says:

I think my favorite is the bat wings. They're Toontastic!

Mansy Bluecat says:


loopy bongo says:

i have the bee wings and bug headgear now im ready for a bee outfit lol! i love the bat wings too my other toon has the angel wings which are very colorful! but whatever is your style there all great! toontown has wonderful new things evertime i look go toontown!!!! Your toon friend- Loopy Bongo - TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!:D

super popcorn thunder toon says:

i like the dog pet backpack

Cupcake says:


lily says:

These new bags are Sooo WONDERFUL! Im getting one right now

Peace Girl (105 laff) says:

I like the bat wigs, and of course, the top backpack item, Rainbow Angel Wings!

Mama Dog says:

Whoa! Cool I'll start saving for everything now! :) They are amazing thanks for making them! I can't wait for the new ones to come out!

crazy fangs fuzzyfish says:

awesome i have to save up some jellybeans to buy all of them

Pepsi :P says:

i love the ranibow butterfly wings its so colorful :D

Elise says:

this is awesome! thanks toontown for the new stuff!!!

Kaitlin says:

I love the rainbow angel wings and the bat wings!!!!!! actually i LOVE ALL THE BACKPACKS!

Bright Sparkling Firework says:

I like the Rainbow Angel Wings. Is it just me, or were you listening to my thoughts, cause I have wanted those for EVER. :P

Evelyn ( 56 laff ) says:

Wow, it's kind of hard to choose one!! I'd say the Rainbow Angel Wings or the Plush dog/cat backpack!

Zowie Sparklesticks says:

That's so cool! I am so getting my Halloween cat bat wings! Can't wait!

Mr. Cool says:


princessbubblesfunnytoon says:

I love the cat and dog backpacks and the rainbow angle wings.

C.W. Funnydorf ( 109 laff) says:

Aww the dog and cat stuff animal backpacks are so cute :)!

Skipper Bananawhip (112 laff) says:

The rainbow wings are my favorite. They're pretty much the only ones i wear XD accessories rule! thanks Toontown! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

super spiffy doggen snoop (64 laff) says:

Yeah backpacks rule! My favorate backpack would have to be the really cool bat wings. I havent got them yet ,but I am saving up fof them. Alot of my friends are wearing them. I'm gonna look my tooniest ever and I can't wait till I have 800 jelly beans. TOONTOWN RULES!

Skipper Octonerd (100 laff) says:

I am really loving the bat wings, I can walk around toontown thinking im toontastic! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Emi says:

I love the cat backpacks they are sooooooo cute!

king peanut says:

awsome cant wait to get one of these!! :)

Ruby says:

That's so cool! I really like the angel wings!

Candy says:

OMG my fave backpack would have to be that cat backpack! its so cute! I also just LOVE the bee wings!! it's beautiful!

whitney says:

I love the new rainbow angel wings backpack! It matches with everything! Toons of the world unite!

Misskitty says:

OMG I Love The Angel Wings + Pink Bow Together! THERE AWESOME

nick (105 laff) says:

cool! the bat wings are awesome.

Universe says:

Love the Angel wings. :) Thank you toontown!

lue lue says:

Toontastic I want bat wings

loopy snappy(108) says:

awesome new backpacks!!!! im rly want the bat wings!!

Super Bingo says:

i bought the bat wings a few days ago and im gonna wear them with my vampire costume! :D

Andy says:

im also saving up for the dog backpack TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

little fluffy funnygloop says:

i like the cat and dog backpacks.