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A Stylish Start to the New Toon Year

January accessories


Ring in your New Toon Year in silly style with the samba hat, miner hat, cop hat, feather hat, fuzzy winter hat, or pink boingy hearts.
Girl Toons can build up their bow collection with the sweet little blue-checker bow!


Awe-inspiring airplane wings look perfect with motorcycle boots. Or make your Toon friends green with envy in your green hi top sneakers or green star fashion boots – both look dapper with the dreadful dragon wings!

ValenToon’s Day is not far off, so stock up on lovely pink star fashion boots, winter boots, tennis shoes, and hi top sneakers. If red’s more your color, check out the red hi tops, sneakers, and fancy shoes.

Clarabelle also brings back another Toon favorite: Alien Eye glasses.
Scare those Cogs silly with eyes that are out-of-this-world wacky!

TOON TIP: If you don’t see these accessories yet in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry!
These new accessories will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Just make sure you buy and receive the trunk first, if you do not have one already.

Become a Member Toon
to wear and enjoy accessories
and all Toontastic Cattlelog items!


Posted on January 04, 2013 to:

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Mew says:

OOH I so want the dragon wings i cant wait!

Ava says:

:D Yay!!! Thanks Flippy! I wanted Some of these!! :) Toons of the world unite!

Frank says:

Wow! Can't wait to fill up my trunk. It's probably going to be BURSTING! with all the new accesories.

Short Mouse says:

cool! My cattlelogs coming today!

Little Peanut says:

Cool! So excited to try them out!

Musical Wallaby says:

Oh, how toon-tastic is this!? I love all of these accessories! Thanks for bringing the wacky spirit back to Toontown for the New Years!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

I've always wanted the alien glasses and the dragon wings! - puts on celebration shades - Now they return. Thank you so much Flippy and ToonCouncil. Keep uniting and we will get things more toony AND loony. TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!

Pokyo says:

I sure wish it is with the Cattlelog that will be arriving next. I can't wait to try them out! I hope its not that expensive... :o

Bobo the Wabbit says:

Sweet! I saw these in the cattle log today. I got to buy them with my new membership :)

Skipper Macbubble (110 laff) says:

Sounds awesome I can't wait i really want the alien eye glasses!

Cool Cat (48 laff brown cat ) says:

sweet thanks toontown

Clear Ocean, 54 laff says:

I want the awesome Dragon Wings! I have the Angel Wings already. Toons of the world unite!

Soursplat says:


black panther says:

TY TY TY LOL ive been waiting for this!! im gonna gift my other toon alien eyes motorcycle boots and dragon wings and the cop hat! TY FLIPPY HAVE A TOONTASTIC DAY and a happy new toon year! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

blue ( 105 laff ) says:

yay im happy these are back i love these ones!!!! mostly the alien eye glasses!!!! :)

Queen Violet says:

I want more bows for my collection! :D Can't wait until i get my new cattlelog!

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist says:

Yaaaay!! I already bought the airplane wings! Thinking about it, Alien Glasses are out-of-this-tooniverse! I'll buy them for sure!

Sir Crazy Funnysplat says:

I love the new accessories!

Prof. Dynamite says:

Wow these look great!! I cant wait to get my hands on those dragon wings!!

Jujunior says:

I love Alien Eyes glasses! You too?

Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

I bought the Alien Eyes to complete my toon-saurus costume! I also want to buy the cop hat, motorcycle boots, airplane wings,dragon wings, etc. Thank you for the new accessories! I may require a larger trunk though, if you keep coming out with these awesome accessories!

Omar says:

Great! More accessories! :)

William says:

Yes! I missed these accessories last year so I'm gonna get the this year! My cattlelog just came! :D I'm going to buy them all!

Silly Boo Boo Blubber Noodle says:

Yay!!! My New cattlelog came today and im going to try out those toontastic accessories!!!

poppenhoffer says:

Toons I come in peace. For I come with zany alien eyes that will scare the cogs silly. Also I have come to say HAPPY TOON YEAR! P.S. I have also brought some dragon wings so we can fly like a dragon. That was alien toon saying for I can`t wait to try on the new accessories and since it`s almost Valentoon`s day I might as well hope that it goes great for all toons! HAPPY NEW YEAR:)

George (63) Laff says:

I hope I can get Alien Glasses! And Those awesome red sneakers! Thank you very much Flippy! And workers for this Awesome,Epic,and Exciting Game!

Jake(90laff) says:

ooo I rly want the cop hat cant wait for my catalog! thanks !

Dandilion says:

Got too many jellybeans, don't know what to do with them. This is a perfect opportunity to spend them! The rest I've just been using to gift people!

Featherblossom says:

Oooh, I love the Blue Checkered Bow!

Kay says:


Sher says:

I always wanted those sneakers Thanks Toontown :)

Midnight Husky says:

THANKYOU SO MUCH TOONTOWN! My friend and I were walking around toontown and saw a toon with some of it on. We were asking where he got it because we missed alot of it. Now we both know!

lily says:

i love these! thank you toontown

Espeon says:

Whoo! I can't wait to show my toon spirit in these cool looking accessories Thank You Flippy!

Lily Paddlezilla says:

CANT WAIT!! I have been waiting for new accessories for a while!

boo boo googletoes (110) says:

yay :D

King Pickles Wackmuffin 108 laff says:

I'm definitely getting airplane wings! :D!

Big Slappy Banananose says:

:D This is so cool! I'm gonna get the hi top sneakers! But anyway, happy toon new year!

Edward says:

i love it so cool

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake says:

Ooh! Toontastic ill try gift my friends or my other toons when i have a load of beans Happy Tooning!

Princess Olive Jeepermash says:

Mabe they should make a costume that we can design ourselves!But Soooooooooo dying for those wings!

Black Hole says:

i just got the samba hat and the blue checker bow! i love them!! im getting the airplane wings next. i might get all of them! and for new toon year, im getting some emotions! i want to try my best to get all of them! Toons of the world unite!

Sarah says:

Wow! These are amazing accessories! What a great way to start off the New Toon Year! Toons of the World, Unite!

terry says:

i cant wait for my next catalog!!!! better hurry up and get some jellybeans from the trolley! :D

sparklemuffin says:

Wow, i want EVERYTHING! XD My trunck is already BURSTING with accesories! But i want more! thank you Flippy and toontown! you'll get alot of orders from me! ( you'll see XD )

Tubby says:

im going to save up for dragon wings!

Lexy says:

Wow! I'm impressed by these new accessories! If i were a reviewer i'd give them 5/5! :D

Sir Portal (blue cat, 109 laff) says:

These accessories are superb!!! Pitifully I can buy them only to New Toon Year...

Marc says:

Cool Clothes :) Thanks!

Scary (137 laff) says:

Ooo i can't wait to buy all of this amazing items! ... sadly most of them are expensive, who cares i can just CFO and hopefully get a bean unite but things still are hard!

Peppermint Wolf says:

Dear Toontown, I really want the samba hat, pink winter boots, pink converse shoes, pink star fashion boots, pink boingy hearts, and the blue checker bow. I hope that I can get those stuff this year! BTW, I think that the alien glasses are too boyish. I hope that Toontown makes more types of accessories through out the year. TYVM Toontown for making these accessories :D

Miss Furball (98laff) says:

I already bought The Samba hat and I am planning on buying the green heart boots and the pink heart boots! :D

trixieglitterbubble(70laffer) says:

yay!!!!!!! i already got the checker bow i am going to buy the red dot back pack with some high tops

Cliff Twiddletoon ( 106 laff ) says:

I can't wait... until THIS and membership LOL but anyways these look cool mhm

Lugia says:

this is going to be AWESOME! by the way happy new year p.s this is going to be the best year ever

Sadie says:

I think that these new accessories will be AWESOME!

terry says:

thats really cool! i cant wait to get them better go to the trolley to get some more jellybeans

princess halagoober says:


Polyphony Digital (80 Laff) says:

Happy New Year! I'll be happy for accept this accessories, YAY! :D

Daffodil Wackybocker ( 97 Laff ) says:

Wow! I will Definetly Expand my bow Collection with The Blue-checker bow! Toons Of The World Unite! :)

James says:

Yay! I'm sure to buy a ton of accessories for my trunk! Thanks, Toontown!

Little Peaches says:

Thanks toontown! I love these new accessories!

Fox says:

Woohoo! I can't wait for the accesories to arrive! I want my friends and I to have lots of accesories, Mines gonna be flooding with bows, hats, and shoes! Thanks, Flippy, ToonHall, And everyone else at Toontown! Toons Unite!

Peanut says:

YAY!!! This is toontastic!

Good ol Popcorn (87 laff ) says:

Cool! That looks soooo exciting what a great start to 2013

Shadow Master (19 laff) says:

Yay!!!!!!!!! The cop hat is my favourite accessory :-)

Jake Megatooth says:

Thank you ever so much toontown for bring back the accessories that i wasn't able to get. i just want to say thanks to Flippy and the rest of the gang. The police hat and the motorcycle boots will make the outfits i wear look a little bit classy. Hope you see me wondering the streets stopping cogs. i hope it will be the best day ever.

Wish Upon A Star says:

I got the dragon wings and the feather hat already. I love the new stylish stuff!

Daisyz N Flowerz says:

Me and my friends have matching outfits to celebrate! We even got the Alien Eyes together! :D

Neku says:

COOL new stuff!

noisy tricky pumpkin spinner says:

i cant wait to get them i want thethe dragon wings so much :)

stealthy (46 laff) says:

I got the membership, but i need to ride the trolley to get the stuff.

Amnesia ( 60 Laff ) says:

Nice! My cattlelog is coming today!! :D

bandit(laff107) says:

yay! the dragon wings i've been waiting for them sense last year

Wilbur says:

I wish i was a member. Then this cool gear would be mine!

Little Poodlecrump says:

Hooray, accessories better collect alot of jbs!

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

Clarabelle... You don't know HOW long I have waited for the airplane wings... My best friend Prince Fireball gave it to me, he rocks! Thank you SO much Clarabelle for bringing these back!